A nordic summer is again our reality.....Ula Slides, Sjoa surfing & Rauma Drops
2021 Pandemic Options......
Lockdowns, vaccine rollouts & closed borders, this pandemic has been slow to fade. Our high hopes of spring in Soča and then Valsesia appear to of slipped away, with restrictions in place aplenty. This year's Valsesia River Festival is cancelled too. Still we are extremely keen about kayaking, running white water, sharing this with other paddlers and helping them through our coaching.....

....So happily our season is to start in Telemark, Norway with a full programme aimed at local paddlers and those whom can travel freely to Norway. Teaching Trips in Sjoa start from July with the coaching only option. Throughout the season both one2one, group and private bookings as also welcome

As we have staff in destination at both the French Alps and in Valsesia, Italy, both coaching and guiding can be arranged upon request. There are some scheduled tours and courses on offer too, both one2one, group and private bookings as also welcome.

In September, our early autumn Soča programme has a range of dates and trips for many different levels of paddler. See below for an outline of our summer ahead.

May to September 2021:

Also see Gene17Kayaking's clinics at Sjoa River Festival 2021.
Super Sjoa Summer
In 2020 we focused our endeavours on our summer home in Norway. The staycation summer for many, meant we welcomed many new Norwegian paddlers to our clinics and courses. For this summer we hope to build on this momentum, with our all new Norway Tours added to the summer programme. These 5 day tours are in prime destinations at when optimal conditions are normally present. Starting in Telemark, then Voss, Sjoa and finally Valldal, we offer both creeking and river playing themes on different tours. For the 2021 summer, we'll offer....

We hope to see you in Sjoa.
Waking Up series
This spring, our Head Coach & Palm Brand Ambassador, Simon Westgarth has written a 3 part series of Waking Up for the season. Over the series of articles, there are reflections on the joy of the first paddle of spring, the opportunity of renewal and how to break old habits. There is of course some coaching concepts embedded along the way in these articles, however the approach is for every paddler whom takes on the fresh start, whether after lockdown, in early spring or after an injury. The articles are:

  • Waking up – the first strokes of spring
  • Waking up – the opportunity of spring
  • Waking up – breaking old habits (to be published shortly)