Summer 2022 Newsletter


Data and Tech Dominate Conversations at the IMPI Parking Conference

After attending the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI) conference in New Orleans this summer, we thought we might share some key takeaways from the event that will shape the industry over the next few years.

It was no surprise that new developments in technology and data were on every attendee’s mind, especially given the focus on app based and contactless transactions over the last few years. Both end users and suppliers are looking for technology-based innovations and cloud driven solutions. There is no appetite for simply going back to the way things were, pre Covid.

Since many industries have recently adopted a hybrid work model, parking administrators are looking for more flexible permitting options. Gone are the days when permits are issued on a yearly, semester or seasonal basis, and on-demand, contactless purchasing is now the expected model.

As human mobility and transportation patterns have changed over the last few years, it has become essential to have better data models ready to analyze patterns and predict future usage. City transportation departments, municipalities and larger public facilities like universities and hospitals have recently improved their methods for aggregating, understanding, and predicting parking needs. The parking industry and its manufacturers  are working together to use that information for meeting customer demand with adaptable solutions.

Other useful applications have emerged and helped the parking community through cross technology application sharing and partnerships. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video monitoring analytics along with electronic sensors and customer-vehicle software apps, have helped align people, places, payments, and security. In short, people still want their own cars, and as long as they do, there will be a continual need for parking technology ingenuity. The parking industry is prepared and ready to provide! 

Customer Spotlight

Braid Mill

Braid Mill provides commercial space for co-working along with private offices. They bring together creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to build a tightly-knit collaborative community that supports and empowers its members to elevate their crafts, products, and services.

i2 Security designed and installed integrated security systems starting at the perimeter parking entrances with barrier gate access control for tenants and a video intercom system for visitors. Building security systems include external/internal door access control and video surveillance systems. Cloud based systems are being used to keep Braid Mills initial hardware investment and ongoing costs for maintenance down.  

The Water Cooler

Meet Nick Maynard-Sharifnia

Nick has joined i2 Security Solutions as a Installation Technician.

Nick lives in Philadelphia and when he's not working Nick enjoys taking his dogs on hikes and building computers.

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