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Summer News   July 2022   Vol.14 No. 2
Thank you to the many
customers, colleagues and friends
who have been with us along the way. We are grateful for your support. August 11th officially marks 40 years since H&A was founded. The reason David Winston started the company and the evolution to where we are today is a good story,
and one we’re proud to tell!!
In this Issue
  • Botanical of the Year Finalist: Hawthorn Solid Extract™
  • AHPA Herbs We Love: Hawthorn
  • Big News Coming Soon
  • Immune Support
  • Coming Events
  • Staff Picks
  • David Winston's Students: Where are they Now? Nicole Smith
  • Media Update
  • Sales, Deals, Rewards and More!
  • Herbal Jeopardy Contest
  • 2022 Herbal Salon Schedule
  • Herbalist Training Program Information
Botanical of the Year: Hawthorn Solid Extract™

We’re absolutely thrilled that our Hawthorn Solid Extract™ is one of three finalists in the Botanical Products of the Year category for the prestigious NutraIngredients-USA awards. H&A’s line of Adaptogens won this award in 2019. 
If you don’t know the product, David Winston’s Hawthorn Solid Extract™ provides the cardiac benefits of Hawthorn berries in a delicious functional food. Winners will be announced in a virtual ceremony on July 13th

AHPA Herbs We Love: Hawthorn
Speaking of Hawthorn, we sponsored that herb for AHPA’s 40th Anniversary Herbs We Love series. When we asked David what we should say about Hawthorn, he, of course, gave us more than there was room for in the AHPA piece, so we’re sharing it with you:

Big News Coming Soon
We’ve been in our current location since 1995 but we’re going to have some big news to share with you in the coming months.

Stay tuned! 
Immune Support
David Winston, RH(AHG) has developed several products that are geared towards addressing different aspects of Immune System Support.

"People who know little about herbs often incorrectly assume that any immune support herb stimulates immune function, but that is not at all accurate or helpful. As our knowledge of the immune system and herbs grows, we gain a greater understanding of how herbs can affect and enhance immune activity."  

"I find it better to use terms with greater specificity that give a more precise sense of an herb’s actual actions and effects, which helps us to use the appropriate herbs and herbal formulas to address immune issues with greater efficacy and safety."

H&A Coming Events
Natural Products EXPO EAST 2022
September 29 - October 1
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia PA
In the last few years, we’ve all learned that anything could change at any time, but as of now we are planning to exhibit at Expo East, our first trade show in two years!

Booth visitors will be treated to free samples of select David Winston formulas, and can enter to win daily prizes, such as H&A’s coveted "Build Your Herbal Library” baskets, loaded with David Winston's recent books and Herbalist & Alchemist products.

Attendees should visit the booth to register for the drawings. 

AHG Annual Symposium
October 21-24
Bethesda, Maryland
The American Herbalist Guild will hold its 33rd Annual Symposium October 21 – 24 in Bethesda, Maryland. David will be teaching a pre-symposium intensive course: The Ten Tastes: the Energetics of Herbs.

Staff Picks
We thought it would be fun to share some of the staff favorites:

Chris Marchello | Assistant Customer Service Manager: Marshmallow is a unique and soothing extract. I use it on those days when the Gastrointestinal Tract needs a bit of calming.
Hannah Lee, Marketing Assistant: – "As an aspiring herbalist, I enjoy using my knowledge of herbs and their synergies to combine simple extracts. For example, if I don't have a compound formula on hand for stomach troubles I can combine Yarrow extract with Chamomile glycerite and other extracts to support digestive health. It's fun to experiment and combine the herbs depending on what we might need that day. As always, I trust David Winston's formulas which are designed so perfectly to address specific issues. But in a pinch, I can combine high quality herbal extracts myself to get the job done."
David Winston’s Students: Where Are They Now?
This quarter we are sharing an interview with Nicole Smith, who, in addition to being a graduate of David’s Herbal Studies course, is the Customer Service Manager at Herbalist & Alchemist. The photo she shared to accompany her interview features her adorable dog Gem.

Nicole & Gem
Media update
David Winston did a wonderful video interview about adaptogens with Wilson Lau for his Herbal Explorations series. Wilson is the President of Nuherbs, and the third generation of his family to lead the company founded by his grandmother. Nuherbs is one of our suppliers, and we think highly of them.

David provided a lot of a great information for this Nutraceuticals World article on adaptogens. We’re so glad they asked, because articles on adaptogens should always be as accurate possible, and David literally wrote the book on them.

Whole Foods Magazine asked David's input on Women's Health.

Sales, Deals & More
My H&A Wellness Rewards
(Wholesale Accounts Not Eligible)
New Awards recently placed on accounts.
Check your Active Promotions to see if you earned a discount!
Herbal Jeopardy Contest - Summer Edition   

Answer correctly & you will be entered into a drawing to win an H&A "Coupon" worth $50.00 towards future purchases of our quality products.  
Our Spring Contest Winner was Brianne A. from California, but Congrats to all who answered Cramp bark, botanical name "Viburnum opulus".
David Winston's Herbal Salon 2022 Schedule*   

Wholesale customers: Want to deepen your herbal knowledge but don't have much time? Spend an hour a month in our Herbal Salon. 
An exclusive educational opportunity for H&A wholesale customers, David Winston takes on a topic and provides in-depth information on the effects of various herbs, including those in his targeted formulas. You have the opportunity to ask questions as he teaches. 
  • Open to Herbalist & Alchemist wholesale accounts
  • Online once a month on Wednesdays at Noon - Eastern time
  • Practitioners or health food store employees who wish to receive an invitation, contact

Remainder of 2022 schedule:
  • August 3 – Dental/Periodontal
  • September 7 – ADHD
  • October 5 – Insulin Resistance/ Metabolic Syndrome
  • November 2 – Anxiety
  • December 7 – TBD
*Dates and Topics are subject to change 
David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies  

Want to learn more about herbs? The next two-year course starts September 2022. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to study herbs in depth. David and his amazing group of teachers are top of line. David's past students use their training in a variety of ways: clinical work, research, hospital care, product manufacturing, retailing and educating. 

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