The Generations Homecare System Newsletter
Summer 2022
Here's the Scoop
2022 is well underway and the team at Generations is hard at work. Here are some of the exciting enhancements now available for Generations users:

  • New and improved help system
  • Optimizations to state-approved EVV interfaces
  • Various tracking and documentation tools, including features built specifically for COVID-19
  • A new payroll export to PayPlus, LLC

Additionally, we are happy to be back in person and attending conferences. We are having a great time connecting with industry professionals and discussing what Generations can do for their business. We hope to meet you at a conference soon!
Electronic Visit Verification Updates
As Generations continues to roll out state-approved EVV interfaces, we have also created some new content to educate others on the topic.

Our team recently released a video sharing everything you need to know about EVV and more importantly, how to get started. We also published a blog post covering the basics of EVV.

If you have any questions about Generations EVV, please use the button below to visit live chat.
What's New on the Blog?
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