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Let's look at this past quarter...

We continued to dig deep.

As a reminder, our team decided to take the year of 2022 to sit down and really focus on key concepts in the early care and education world. We kept it going with our limited series theme, Let's Dig Deep, this time taking on the term "toxic positivity." If you haven't seen this latest installment just yet, we encourage you to make the time to watch. Click here to do so now!

[VIDEO SERIES] Let's Dig Deep: Toxic Positivity

And in case you weren't aware of this little initiative of ours, we invite and encourage you to check out our YouTube channel - not just for the Let's Dig Deep installments, but for the multiple other videos you will find that we hope you'll find valuable as well.

DCRC YouTube Channel

We released our 2022-23 calendars of virtual trainings and free webinars. That's right, friends! Believe it or not, we have scheduled our virtual trainings and free webinars for the 2022-2023 school/program year. From August 2022 to June 2023, there are multiple offerings of professional development with our team. Be sure you take a look at both calendars, sooner rather than later! There are a handful of trainings that only offer a limited number of spots, including our FLIP IT Virtual Train-the-Trainers and our Building Your Bounce Virtual Train-the-Trainers. Follow either of the buttons below to see what's on deck!

Virtual Trainings 2022-23
Free Webinars 2022-23

We created and published this shareable video overview about the DECA Program.

ICYMI (in case you missed it), our team put together this brief video that aims to provide an overview of the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) Program. It's great for those totally unfamiliar with the program and wanting a quick introduction. It may also serve as a way for you to introduce it to, and gain buy-in from, team members and/or parents and families. Check it out!

[VIDEO] An overview of the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) Program
Watch now

Let's look at the now and the future...

[IMAGE] DECA Program free slide deck

A free slide deck explaining the DECA Program. Similar to the video shared above, we wanted to provide you all with yet another resource. This PowerPoint presentation is designed to help you introduce and explain the DECA Program to others (colleagues, parents/families, funders, etc.). We invite you to download this slide deck and to use it as you see fit!

Download slide deck

Note: There are talking points/notes in the notes section of each slide.

[IMAGE] Big Conversations with Little Children book

New blog post:

Big Conversations with Little Children.

Children throughout the country are facing mounting mental health issues, and parents and educators need to tend to children’s social and emotional well-being, primarily by being fully present and knowing how to engage in challenging, age-appropriate discussions, even with toddlers. Young children need guidance to make sense of the world even with topics that are difficult for parents.

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Resilience-building resources. While physical/hard copy resources remain unavailable for purchase from the DCRC Shop, we want to make sure you know your options! We still offer numerous free resources (including several in Spanish), you can still purchase any of our online/digital resources, and you can purchase many of our physical/hard copy resources from our publishing partner Kaplan Early Learning Company.

Free Resource Library
Online/Digital Resources from the DCRC Shop
Physical/Hard Copy Resources from Kaplan

Schedule professional development with us. As you engage in planning around professional development for your staff, we'd love it if you would consider scheduling us to deliver one or more of the high-quality trainings we have to offer! You can view our training topic options by age group (infant/toddler, preschool, adults), or you can view by DCRC resource (the DECA Program, Your Journey Together, Building Your Bounce, FLIP IT, etc.).

View topics categorized by age group
View topics categorized by resource focus

Once you review these options, should you have an interest in professional development for your program, complete our Professional Development Request Form. Start the ball rolling and schedule us today! Curious to know what you're in for if you book us? Check out this video to see the content- and fun-filled time you and your team members can have. We hope to get to work with you soon!

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See you in October for our Fall Resilience Quarterly!

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