BREWSTER DAY CAMP |July 18, 2022 | Vol. 42 | Issue 13

Hello BDC!

We are heading into Week 3, and gearing up for an AMAZING Green and White themed week! On Friday, tent groups will participate in Brewster Day Camp's 2nd annual AMAZING Race competition. It's the Green Team v. The White Team as campers and counselors use their brains and their team building skills to complete group tasks around campus!

This past Friday was Creative Arts Day. We welcomed local artists to camp, and were AMAZED by the work our campers produced! If you haven't already, be sure to ask your campers about their artistic experiences last week.

BDC Reminders:

Please send your camper to BDC in sunscreen. There is sunblock at camp, in the office, at the bathhouse and in the Nurse's station, if your camper needs to reapply throughout the day. We also recommend keeping sunblock in your camper's backpack or cubby.

A huge shout out to the BDC Parking Lot Team - they are doing an AMAZING job! These staff members are trained and determined to keep everyone safe during drop off and pick up times. Please be sure to watch and listen to their directions while using our parking lot.

If you are coming to BDC for Friday morning assembly, please drop your campers off, and come back to park after 8:45. Thank you!

This week is sure to be full of camp spirit and fun. We look forward to celebrating the colors of camp with tons of Courage, Hope Good Spirit and Peace!


Morgan Chase
Co-Director, Brewster Day Camp

Will Mason
Co-Director, Brewster Day Camp

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do AMAZING things."
~Joe Namath

It takes courage to try new things. This crew had an AMAZING time learning a choreographed dance with Alex from the Cape Rep Theater! Alex joined us on Friday morning for Creative Arts Day, and was so popular with campers that he will be back for Choice Block every Thursday!
Campers created a new BDC mural with Art Head, Erin Dubis.
Look for these hand prints on campus this week!

Sailors Hill Head, Robin Moynihan, wore a creation of her own on Friday - a "robin" costume! Campers are always AMAZED by our staff's ability to be silly and creative, and they love to join in the fun!
BDC campers loved the peacefulness of building nature sculptures with their counselors during Creative Arts Day.
LOOKING AHEAD: Week #4 is Tie-Dye Week at Brewster Day Camp! We will explore and celebrate color throughout the week, and every camper will make a tie-dye shirt, provided by camp, to take home!
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