BREWSTER DAY CAMP |August 1, 2022 | Vol. 42 | Issue 15

Hello BDC!

It's August...It's Week #5...It's Olympic Week, and Brewster Day Camp is full of ENERGY!

We are coming off of an incredible week at Camp - we tie-dyed and experimented with color, we sent campers to Water Wizz for the first time this summer - and since 2019! - we hosted our Annual Camper & Counselor Talent Show last Thursday evening, and we brought back BDC After Dark on Friday night - WHEW that week took a lot of ENERGY!

This Friday is Olympic Day - an epic, full day camp experience at BDC. Remember to get plenty of sleep this week, drink lots of water and bring all of your Good Spirit and positive ENERGY to camp on Friday! You will find out early this week what BDC country you are representing during Olympic Day so that you wear the appropriate color to match your flag! Let’s GO!

BDC Reminders:
If you are coming to BDC for Friday Morning Assembly, please drop your campers off and come back to park in our lot after 8:45am. Thank you!

Have you been to Family Swim yet this summer? Come cool off in our pool from 5:00-6:00pm Monday-Friday!

Here's to the ENERGY our campers and staff bring to BDC every day, and as always, heaps of their Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace!


Morgan Chase
Co-Director, Brewster Day Camp

Will Mason
Co-Director, Brewster Day Camp

“We can bring positive ENERGY into our daily lives by smiling more, talking to strangers in line, replacing handshakes with hugs and calling our friends just to tell them we love them."
~Brandon Jenner

BDC Swim Meets are full of ENERGY - from the competitors, to the ribbon writes, to the fans cheering on their peers!
Program Director, Ian Hamilton, was back to his old stomping grounds on the BDC back field last week! Ian, our Archery Head in 2021, was able to make a guest appearance on the range.
BDC brought a ton of ENERGY to the Camper & Counselor Talent Show on Thursday! A huge shout out to all of our incredibly talented campers and staff who participated!
Tie Dye week was a huge success! PROPS (Public Recognition Of Praise and Support) to Art Head, Erin Dubis. It takes ENERGY and patience to run such a successful activity!
LOOKING AHEAD: Week #6 is CARNIVAL WEEK! Tent groups spend Friday morning creating and participating in various carnival style games and activities. Keep your eyes peeled for BDC’s Trusty the Clown and their CHGs+P beads!
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