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Community Spotlight

Amber Witte, Branch President, Pinnacle Bank, Cleburne, Texas

Alumni Spotlights

Elizabeth Hinton

Greg Steele

Program Spotlight

Emergency Medical Services and Fire Protection Technology

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Community Spotlight

Amber Witte, Branch President, Pinnacle Bank, Cleburne, Texas

Amber Witte grew up in Cleburne, Texas. She is a former Hill College student and is currently the Branch President for Pinnacle Bank in Cleburne.

She began her education at Hill College in high school in the dual credit program. After high school, she attended Texas Tech University. After two semesters at Texas Tech, she realized that she wanted to be closer to home and moved back to Cleburne to attend Hill College.

“Hill College gave me a great opportunity to take my basics and gave me time to decide what I wanted my career to be without the added cost of tuition at a four-year institution and added living expenses,” she said. 

Amber had ambitions of going to law school after being involved in youth government in high school and working at a law firm in Fort Worth while taking classes at Hill College. Her other passion was journalism. After doing research, she decided to apply for Texas Christian University’s (TCU) television and film studies program. Mr. Gilker, her psychology professor at Hill College, wrote her a letter of recommendation and she was accepted. She received her bachelor’s degree in television and film studies in the spring of 1995.

During her time at TCU, she assisted with various television and film shoots, worked a baseball All Star game, and had the opportunity to work in the media center at the World Cup games in 1994. She also received an internship at NBC5 in Dallas. 

After graduation, Amber was engaged to her now husband of 28 years. They eventually returned to Cleburne. Mike, her husband, went back to school at Hill College later transferring to Tarleton State University. It was during that time that she began her career in banking. 

When asked about her mentors at Hill College, Amber credits Dr. Richard Elam, who taught government and history. “He taught me the love of learning again. I lost it somewhere along the way and let other priorities consume my life. I ended up taking every class he offered. He had a true talent for getting students to engage.”


Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Hinton

Elizabeth Hinton, Assistant Hospital Administrator, Texas A&M University Large Animal Hospital

“I honestly did not have a professor I wasn’t fond of. Paul Harvey was a phenomenal professor and instilled a love of history in my education and life in general.”

Elizabeth Hinton received a rodeo scholarship from Hill College out of high school in 1994 and went on to graduate from Hill College in 1996 with an associate degree in psychology. 

After graduating, she enrolled at Sam Houston State University with the goal of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in child psychology. Due to family circumstances, her grandfather became terminally ill, Elizabeth moved home to help her father care for him, withdrawing from Sam Houston.

It was during that time she considered pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. She received a student worker position at Texas A&M’s Large Animal Hospital as a surgery technician. That experience changed her future. She decided to pursue a career as a veterinary technician.

In 1998, a year after she began working as a student, a full-time position opened in the Large Animal Surgery Department as a surgery technician. She was offered the position and went on to become the supervisor of the Large Animal Operating Room. After that, she assumed the position of Head of Surgical Services for the Orthopedic and Soft Tissue departments. 

Elizabeth has since continued to advance in her career, moving on to take over the Central Sterile Supply Department, which is responsible for all the surgical equipment, and the Equine Sports Medicine Department. In 2023, she was promoted to the Assistant Hospital Administrator, where she oversees all staff and service areas of the Large Animal Hospital.

When asked about her time at Hill College and how that experience prepared her for her professional career, she said “I worked with Dr. Pam Boehm, who was a licensed professional counselor at the time and who went on to become president of the college, as a student worker. She taught me a lot about integrity and professionalism. She always followed through with her promises and is one of those people who you instantly respect. I was recently able to introduce my daughter, Kasey Jo, to Dr. Boehm, at a basketball game.”


Alumni Spotlight: Greg Steele

Greg and Michelle Steele at their Hill College graduation in 1995

“My experience at Hill College allowed me to grow and mature as an individual in a smaller setting so that I was able to understand what the expectation would be of a student in a four-year institution. The professors there made learning fun and offered guidance so that I was able to be successful in my more advanced education.”

Greg Steele is a Hillsboro native and graduate of Hill College. He is currently a Technology Development Representative and Field Researcher for the Crop Science Division of Bayer, a multinational life sciences company.

After high school he had ambitions of attending Texas A&M University, like his older brother. However, he wanted to stay closer to home after graduating and take time to figure out what career path he wanted to pursue. He made the decision to attend Hill College and get his associate degree, allowing him to take time to consider his options.

During his time at Hill College, he met his wife, Michelle, who was a student and softball player there. 

Upon completing their associate degrees from Hill College in the spring of 1995, they both went on to Texas A&M to pursue their bachelor’s degrees, Greg majoring in rangeland ecology and management and Michelle in education.

Greg credits Hill College with allowing him the time to advance his education while also allowing him to grow as a young adult. “My experience at Hill College allowed me to grow and mature as an individual in a smaller setting so that I was able to understand what the expectation would be of a student in a four-year institution. The professors there made learning fun and offered guidance so that I was able to be successful in my more advanced education.”


Program Spotlight: First Responders, Emergency Medical Services and Fire Protection Technology

The first responder programs at Hill College provide comprehensive training for individuals interested in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Fire Protection Technology. These programs train students in all aspects of emergency services, including firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics. 

The Hill College EMS program offers students the option to either choose a certificate program or an associate of applied science in the areas of emergency medical technician, emergency medical responders, or advanced emergency medical technician (paramedic). 

The Fire Protection Technology program at Hill College is nationally ranked and offers comprehensive, hands-on training to prepare students with the skills and physical training to enter the field. The program meets all the requirements of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection through hands-on training and more personalized classes, these programs not only provide the necessary training for the job force, but also emphasize key life skills such as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, adaptability, work ethic, life-long learning, time management, analytical thinking, and social skills. At all levels, students are trained to provide life-saving support of civilians in emergency situations through classroom instruction and hands-on clinical trainings.

Firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics are some of the most dependable emergency responder members of any community. The graduates from these programs provide essential services for the communities they serve. They are also often exemplary members of society, exhibiting care and respect for citizens, patient advocacy, high standards in ethics and morals, and a true desire to serve those around them. 

For more information on the fire and EMS programs, visit

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