President's Letter

Dear Members, Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends

Have your say in the 2025 Congress Program.

The IAWMH 2025 World Congress on Women's Mental Health will be a landmark conference! It will be our 10th congress and will celebrate 24 years of the Association's existence and will be its first congress in South Asia ! 

As we start preparing for the congress we want to know what you want out of the conference in terms of its format.

Please take 3 minutes to complete this survey and let us know what you would like the conference to look like.

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As we look ahead to the 2025 Congress it's helpful to look back at IAWMH's past and future. Click here for The History of IAMWH: How it All Began and Where We're Going

Best regards

Prabha S. Chandra MD, FRCPE, FRCPsych, FAMS

IAWMH President

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“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.”  Kofi Annan


Psychotropic Medications in Pregnancy and Lactation

IAWMH is pleased to open registration for a Self Learning Module on Psychotropic Medications in Pregnancy and Lactation that will earn 15 CME hours, accredited by American Association of Continuing Medical Education (AACME), upon successful scoring of the knowledge assessment test upon completion of your study.

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These extensive modules were developed by Dr Gihan ELNahas, IAWMH Secretary, and

Prof of Psychiatry, Head of Liaison Psychiatry Unit, Head of Women Mental Health Program, Head of Tobacco Control and Cessation Unit, Chair CME Committee, Institute of Psychiatry-Ain Shams Medical School, Cairo, Egypt and Florence Thibaut, M.D., Ph.D., IAWMH Immediate Past President, and Professor of Psychiatry, University Hospital Cochin Paris,, Sorbonne-Paris Cité University, France. IAWMH is grateful and appreciative to Drs. ElNahas and Thibaut for the countless hours spent planning, preparing and creating these modules.

IAWMH Members will be Complimentary. Non-Members registration will be $149, $99 LAMIC discounted fee.

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Prof. Donna Stewart Medal

The IAWMH leadership is delighted to announce the Prof. Donna Stewart Medal for Excellence in Research in Women's Mental Health in recognition of Prof. Donna Stewart, CM,MD, FRCPC who co founded the IAWMH.

Donna Stewart graduated as Gold Medalist in Medicine before her residency in psychiatry. Her interest in women’s health, mind-body relationships and social determinants of health led to her appointment as the world’s first Chair of Women’s Health in 1995. In 2001 she co-founded the International Association for Women’s Mental Health and became its first elected President. In 2004 she was appointed a [Distinguished] University Professor at University of Toronto across multiple disciplines and the School of Graduate Studies. As a Senior Scientist at Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, she has been awarded over 100 peer-reviewed research grants and published over 500 scientific papers. Dr Stewart has received numerous awards including the Order of Canada (2014), the country’s highest civilian honor.

The Medal will be awarded in March 2025 in Bangalore, India at the 10th World Congress for Women's Mental Health.


IAWMH Immediate Past President Florence Thibaut and IAWMH Secretary Gihan El Nahas recently published two papers, click on the title link below to view them.

Perinatal Psychoactive Substances Use: A Rising Perinatal Mental Health Concern

Women’s Mental Health and Lessons Learnt from the COVID-19 Pandemic

IAWMH Past President Marta Rondon was awarded in May the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry. This was in recognition of her "outstanding contribution in the field of Women's Mental Health." IAWMH Member Dra. Elena Levin was also honored with the award.

Looking for news from our members!
As we are preparing IAWMH Newsletters we want to highlight our members'
activities, awards and news. Let us know what's happening that would be of interest to
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New Initiatives in Women's Mental Health

The Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network (VAMHN)

The Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network (VAMHN) is a network of international individuals and cross sector organisations aiming to reduce the prevalence of mental health problems by addressing associated violence and abuse, particularly domestic and sexual violence. VAMHN was founded by Sian Oram and Louise Howard who are based in the United Kingdom.


The VAMHN brings together and supports research by experts from a range of disciplines, sectors, and backgrounds - some with lived experience, others with expertise from the work that they do, and survivor researchers with both. As an interdisciplinary cross-sector network, one of the main aims of VAMHN has been to provide a space to connect like-minded members and facilitate collaboration.


The VAMHN runs a number of free events and activities including: providing grants of up to £25k through annual competitions, and training bursaries of £250; hosting meetings, lectures, and conferences; developing new resources, including an online research database; disseminating the latest findings and funding opportunities; identifying priorities for future research.


VAMHN’s activities for the upcoming fifth year will center around the theme of Coercive Control. Coercive control sits at the heart of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence, but also plays a central role in many other forms of violence and abuse. Around the world, too little is known about the mechanics and nuances of this highly manipulative form of abuse.


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