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Summer 2023

Greetings From Michigan

This is not an AI-generated script. With that said, realize Large Language Models (LLM) are poised to flip the switch on how we communicate with one another. Some would say we are at the precipice of our industry as evidenced by the shift from in-person care to the hybrid approach of people and tech. In light of a tight labor market, tools such as LLMs, remote monitoring, and telehealth visits do fill a void. Still, they cannot fully address other Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), such as loneliness and hunger. A service that is too heavily reliant on tech could have the opposite effect, resulting in the absence of relationships. Knowing how to blend human elements with technical tools will result in the most success in health outcomes and job satisfaction.

Generations Homecare System is committed to providing you with the best platform available to manage the care you provide. Ask about our 5-day onboarding plan and see why over 800 agencies worldwide have relied on us as their trusted technology solution. We may be a technology company that is hyper-focused on system design and data security. Still, at our core, Team G genuinely cares about the impact its clients make in communities around the world.

Lisa Ferden

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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Streamlined Solutions for Your Business

Generations Homecare System understands each and every day looks different for homecare providers. This is why we keep you and your care team in mind while developing innovative technology. Here are some of the ways Generations helps users enhance daily operations:

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View confirmed shifts in real-time, easily update all schedules, track service hours, and more.

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Caregiver Search

Easily schedule from your pool of qualified caregivers, including applicants, using Caregiver Search.

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Ensure exceptional care and improved outcomes with access to a variety of HIPAA-compliant documentation tools.

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Generations Homecare System remains committed to providing agencies with secure technology that helps them deliver quality in-home care through a suite of secure tools built to streamline daily operations such as scheduling, billing, payroll, and more. 

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