Summer 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the world Mattson!

Brian and I would like to introduce the newest addition to the Kane Family, Mattson Dakota born on May 10, 2017.  He is such a sweet baby who loves to be cuddled and loved.  Big sister Brielle just adores him and loves to help out Mommy whenever she can.   We are blessed to have two amazing healthy children. 


Since the birth of our son, I’ve taken on a different role.  One that I’m not use to, which is being home with a 3 year old and an infant who needs to be fed around the clock while still working from home to some extent.  I have a huge appreciation for stay-at-home moms and dads.  It’s no joke!  For me, working is easy.  Of course there is some stress along the way, but there is a routine and a sense of consistency to the day.  I am responsible for one person on the clock and that’s ME.  Being out of the system and pulled into a different routine has been challenging.  But, part of this change has allowed me to look deeper into my purpose, my WHY.  I think about what can I do to be the best in the present moment and that is to be the best ME.  The best ME for my children, husband, business and for ME; we only get one shot, right?


So, what does this mean?  I need to embrace the change.  I’m embracing all the little changes in Mattson, like his hair coming in and his first smile.  I’m appreciating how my daughter loves when I sing to her to bed knowing it will not last forever.  I’m just soaking it all in.  I don’t want to take it for granted and I must enjoy the present. 


Physically I need to bring it!  When it comes to working out, it’s going to be time management and effectiveness.  I want to be able to move and feel like I did prior to having Mattson and be able to handle both of them with ease.  I want to show them how strong Mom can be and be a role model for them. 

Mentally I need to bring it!  I need to focus on working smarter and becoming more productive.  Most people like to be in their comfort zone doing the same things that they have always done.  Well, it’s okay if what we do now is different from what we did before.  I can appreciate this moment in my life where I can step back and see there are more effective ways of doing something.  It's during these times that our motto, “Change is Now”, is right on point.  We have to embrace being uncomfortable.  “Fear is not real”, a quote from the movie “After Earth”.  I cannot tell you how many scenarios I’ve played in my head that NEVER actually happened due to fear.  All the wasted moments I spent because of fear.  “Fear exists only in the minds of people who choose to experience it.”  We need to embrace the unknown and the changes to be able to enjoy life in the present. 

I thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable and taking this opportunity to share what has not been easy for me.  Thank you to my children Mattson and Brielle and my husband Brian for loving me for just the way I am.  

Train as a team and get ready to dominate the playing field!

Meet once a week as a team of 3 or more athletes with one of our highly certified coaches. We will coach your athlete through a custom designed program for their specific sport.  It is not just about practicing the skills needed for each sport but building a durable foundation of strength & conditioning that can help your athlete excel on the field and recover faster.  

  emPOWER Lifting!

Since implementing the emPOWER program at Evolution Fitness, I have been able to share my passion for powerlifting with the other members.  It was amazing to see such a strong interest from other women at the gym who aren't afraid to pick up the heavy weights.  Watching these women progress through the program and hit personal bests has been such an awesome experience.  I have been able to push them past their limits, and not only see progress in their strength, but body composition as well.  While the program has slowed down during the summer months, I am anxious to pick up the pace again once the fall rolls around.  I would love to see more and more women joining the program.  Since becoming pregnant, I have continued my lifting routine, even though I haven't been able to go as heavy with the weights.  Once I deliver my son and I have recovered, I cannot wait to rebuild my strength and follow along with the other emPOWER women!

 Villanova Strength & Conditioning Internship

As many of you know I have been interning with the Villanova Football team during the summer. I had the opportunity to observe their offseason workouts and learn from the head strength and conditioning coach at Villanova. Through this process, I gained insight with implementing a strength training program and orchestrating a large group training session. When the football team is lifting there are about 35 athletes in the gym all lifting at the same time. It is important that the head coach communicates with his assistants before we start so that we understand the goal of each exercise and how it fits into the overall program. He also keeps his cues short and tries not to over explain exercises in the hopes that the athlete can figure out how to do a certain exercise through movement reinforcement. My job is to ensure proper mechanics are being utilized during the lifts in order to keep the athletes safe and free of injury. One thing that the football players do very well is lift with confidence.  I think that is something everyone should incorporate into their own workouts! You are all very capable people and you can all benefit from getting excited to lift and really attack your sets. It is important not to over think things and try to keep your own cues short and meaningful so that you do not end up confusing yourself. Let's get excited to lift and make strides to be a better stronger YOU! 

Did you know that EvoFit has a Farm Co-Op with Dutch Meadows Farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania?  For the past several months we have been ordering organic, non-GMO, grass fed, pasture raised and/or raw products from the farm and boy is it delicious!  Every two weeks, you will receive an email with the current offerings, select your items and submit your order by noon on Sunday to Brian’s email. Like magic, a truck full of goodness appears on Tuesday.  The farm offers change per season but they have everything …eggs, yogurt, beef, chicken, soap, raw cheese and bacon, yes bacon! Sunday, April 2nd is the next order which will arrive April 4th.

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Mattson's photos courtesy of Bridget Horgan Bell.  See her links below