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3M, Chemours, Johnson Controls Step Up Lobbying Effort Ahead of PFAS Regulations
Burning Battery Pack Causes Emergency Landing at Logan
FAA to Simplify and Ease Aviation Fire Suppression Standards
UTC Showing Large Revenue Increase in 2nd QTR Due to Rockwell Collins Acquisition
Fireball Engulfs Elon Musk's Mars Prototype (Dramatic Video)
Sprinkler System Test Floods San Fran Subway Station
Vehicle Fire Sets off Suppression System
Fire System Discharge Causes Hospital Outage, Lawsuits
Second Billionaire Hedge-Fund Activist Opposes UTC-Raytheon Merger.
Inoperable Fire Suppression Systems Leads to Extensive Damage, Investigators Claim
Fire Suppression System Malfunctions; Incident Under Investigation
Response to Data Center Fire Delayed by Biometric Locks
NAFED Honors Craig Voelkert, Fire Protection Legend
Most Popular Stories from June 2019
Mergers and Acquisitions

data_centersHeat Waves, Data Centers and Fire Suppression Systems


By João Marques Lima
Data Economy

In a worst case scenario, during a heat wave, a data center could face downtime as a result of several circumstances including IT equipment overheating, UPSs coming alight, electrical systems failing, power outages and other events.

In extreme scenarios, a data center building could fall victim to a wildfire and be consumed by flames, something hard to prepare any building for. It is also important to highlight that a fire in a data center could lead to the loss of life, as it has happened in several occasions in the past.

According to Capitoline, between 2008 and 2018 there have been 53 data center outages globally cause by fire. This works out as an average of over five per year and the sample only counts with publicly recorded major outages caused by fires and does not represent the total number of data centers affected by fire in the period.

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3M, Chemours, Johnson Controls Step Up Lobbying Effort Ahead of PFAS Regulations
3M Co. headquarters in Minnesota. The firm is lobbying Congress on PFAS contamination legislation. Glen Stubbe/TNS/Newscom

By Ariana Figueroa and Timothy Cama
E&E News reporters

Several companies that make, and in some cases use, a class of toxic chemicals found in drinking water are boosting their lobbying efforts as lawmakers home in on policies to deal with the substances.

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Burning Battery Pack Causes Emergency Landing at Logan
Portable charger. Source: Vasile Cotovanu/Flickr

By Fabienne Lang
Interesting Engineering

Virgin Atlantic Flight 138 had to make an emergency landing into Boston's Logan International Airport, after a passenger's seat caught fire.

The A330 Airbus had recently taken off from New York's JFK Airport and was heading across the Atlantic to London's Heathrow Airport when a fire erupted in the cabin.

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FAA to Simplify and Ease Aviation Fire Suppression Standards

By Melina Druga
Transportation Today

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published a notice in the Federal Register seeking comments on a proposed regulation change that would modify fire protection on airplanes.

The change would replace existing fire protection testing standards and allow companies applying for airworthiness certificates to demonstrate compliance with the standards without conducting the tests. Companies also would be permitted to provide independent verification of the materials' flammability characteristics.

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UTC Showing Large Revenue Increase in 2nd QTR Due to Rockwell Collins Acquisition
A view of Pratt & Whitney's geared turbofan, its next generation commercial engine. UTC reported a double-digit increase in revenue, due largely to its aerospace businesses, Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace.

By Stephen Singer
Hartford Courant

United Technologies Corp. on Tuesday posted a double-digit increase in second-quarter revenue, powered by its acquisition of aerospace manufacturer Rockwell Collins Inc.

The conglomerate increased its profit forecast for the year on strong performance by its aerospace business.

Profit for the period ended June 30 was down from the same period in 2018, due partly to charges related to restructuring. Still, the Farmington-based manufacturer of aerospace parts and components, elevators and cooling and heating equipment beat Wall Street estimates.

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Fireball Engulfs Elon Musk's Mars Prototype (Dramatic Video)
A fireball engulfs SpaceX's Starhopper rocket during a test-fire on July 16. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut

By Dave Mosher
Business Insider US

SpaceX filled the South Texas air with the roar of a Raptor engine. However, Elon Musk's rocket company also set off a fireball that briefly engulfed the rocket ship that the engine was attached to.

The rocket, called Starhopper, is a squat, six-story prototype of a larger interplanetary launch system known as Starship that's being designed to take people to and from Mars. That system (and its prototypes) will use a new rocket engine called Raptor.

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Sprinkler System Test Floods San Fran Subway Station

By Cristina Rendon and Christien Kafton

SAN FRANCISCO -- Water began pouring through the Embarcadero Station early in the morning. Muni said it was testing a fire suppression system which worked perfectly, but, the drainage for the water did not.

"We found two areas where the pipe has leaked, and we're putting clamps onto those sources to ensure that we can stop the water leakage,' said Paul Rose from the SFMTA.

Water poured through the Muni station and down into the BART station below.

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Vehicle Fire Sets off Suppression System
Olean firefighters check over the engine of a vehicle that caught fire at the Kwik Fill on Main Street. The gas station's fire suppression system blanketed the area in a white powder.

By Tom Dinki
Olean Times Herald

OLEAN - The Olean Fire Department extinguished a vehicle fire at the Kwik Fill on Main Street, but not before the gas station's fire suppression system blanketed the area in white powder.

The engine of a red Kia Sedona minivan ignited into flames at approximately 4:40 p.m., causing a Kwik Fill employee to activate the fire suppression system, said Olean Fire Capt. Patrick Zink.

However, the minivan was not parked under the gas station canopy and the dry chemical agent did not extinguish the flames. Firefighters then arrived on scene and used a handline to extinguish them.

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Fire System Discharge Causes Hospital Outage, Lawsuits
Source: Thinkstock

By Fred Donovan
HIT Infrastructure

Sutter Health failed to put in backup health IT infrastructure prior to a massive network outage in May 2018, despite being warned about the risk, charged Stuart James, former chief information service operating officer at the health system in a lawsuit filed July 24 in Sacramento Superior Court.

James alleged that he submitted a 124-page report to Sutter Health's chief technology officer detailing the need to install backup infrastructure for its electronic health record (EHR) prior to the network shutdown, the Sacramento Bee reported.

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Second Billionaire Hedge-Fund Activist Opposes UTC-Raytheon Merger

By Richard Craver
Winston-Salem Journal

After supporting breaking United Technologies Corp. into three companies, a second billionaire hedge-fund activist has come out in opposition to the proposed merger of UTC and Raytheon.

The megadeal, announced June 9, is valued at $120 billion. The new company has a proposed name of Raytheon Technologies Corp. and would be based in the Boston area. UTC shareholders would own 57% of the combined company.

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Inoperable Fire Suppression Systems Leads to Extensive Damage, Investigators Claim

The Daily Journal

From the Daily Journal archives

Fire investigators have determined the cause of a fire that damaged a restaurant in downtown Palo Alto over the weekend.

The blaze, which burned Saturday at the restaurant Zibibbo at 430 Kipling St. began as a cooking fire as kitchen staff prepared a dish, fire department spokeswoman Barbara Cimino said.

Flames spread into a nearby duct and melted wires that would have activated the restaurant's fire extinguishing system, according to the fire department.

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Fire Suppression System Malfunctions; Incident Under Investigation
The fire suppression system at the Vineyard Transit Authority headquarters discharged, leaving the fuel pumps in a coating of white. (Rich Soltzberg)

By Lucas Thors
MV Times

Fire officials were at the scene of the Vineyard Transit Authority where the automatic fire extinguishing equipment released a white powdery substance on the pumps where the buses are fueled. The VTA headquarters is located inside the Airport Business Park.

According to Edgartown Deputy Fire Chief R. Andrew Kelly, it appears to be a malfunction and could be a wiring issue, but the incident remains under investigation. The fire suppression system contains BC powder, which is a dry chemical agent used to suppress fires, Kelly told The Times.

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Response to Data Center Fire Delayed by Biometric Locks
Getty Images

By Sebastian Moss
Data Centre Dynamics

The server room of Ghana's Ministry of Health headquarters in Accra caught fire, completely destroying all the equipment within it, as well as another office.

A security guard tried to open the door when he saw smoke emanating from the server room, but could not as all the entrances were locked and could only be opened by biometric fingerprints - it appears he was not on the list of approved people able to open the doors.

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NAFED Honors Craig Voelkert, Fire Protection Legend
July 2019

The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) recently honored longtime Amerex team member and industry icon, Craig Voelkert, with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Craig exemplified this significant honor through his dedication to progressing the fire suppression industry. His commitment to innovation and industry engagement led to product advancements that are critical elements of life safety.

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victaulicVictaulic Acquires Globe Fire Sprinkler
Victaulic, which produces mechanical pipe joining systems that are used in fire suppression, said it has purchased a Michigan-based fire-sprinkler company. Financial terms were not disclosed. (MONICA CABRERA / THE MORNING CALL)

By Anthony Salamone
The Morning Call

Victaulic has acquired a family-owned fire sprinkler manufacturer.

The 100-year-old Forks Township maker of mechanical-pipe-joining systems said it bought Globe Fire Sprinkler of Standish, Michigan.

A news release did not include terms of the deal. Victaulic spokeswoman Megan Longenderfer said the combination of the two companies' technologies and employees will enable Victaulic to bring more value to its customers in the fire sprinkler industry.

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core_and_mainCore and Main Acquires Long Island Pipe
Steve LeClair of Core & Main Dilip Vishwanat/SLBJ

By Greg Edwards, Reporter
St. Louis Business Journal

Core & Main, a $3.2 billion distributor of water, sewer and fire protection products based in Maryland Heights, said it has completed its planned acquisition of Long Island Pipe Supply Inc., a large provider of fire protection products and fabrication services in the Northeast.

It is the seventh acquisition by Core & Main since it became an independent company in August 2017 and "the largest by far," Core & Main CEO Steve LeClair said. Financial terms of the deal, which was announced in May, were not disclosed.

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summitSummit Acquires Chaparral Fire Protection

Chestnut Post

SEATTLE -- ACT Capital Advisors, a leading middle market mergers and acquisitions advisor, is pleased to announce the sale of its client, Chaparral Fire Protection Inc., to A-1 National Fire Co. LLC dba Summit Companies and a member of SFP Holding, Inc. The acquisition closed on June 24, 2019.

Chaparral Fire Protection designs, fabricates, and installs fire sprinkler piping systems for commercial and residential structures. The Company also provides inspection services, fire extinguishers and miscellaneous fire and life safety services for its contractors and other customers. The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, with an additional office in St. George, UT. Chaparral is licensed to do business in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado.

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rapidBoyne Capital Acquires Rapid Fire

By Boyne Capital
Cision PR Newswire

MIAMI -- Boyne Capital is pleased to announce that it has acquired Rapid Fire Protection, a full-service fire protection solutions firm specializing in the design, installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire suppression and alarm systems across the Midwestern and Western U.S.

Headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota, Rapid Fire has served the fire protection market since 1993, working closely with developers, owners, and operators of large-scale facilities, including commercial and government buildings as well as multi-family and mixed-use residential properties. Additionally, the Company's industrial services division develops custom-engineered fire suppression solutions for critical asset and special hazard applications across a variety of end markets including petrochemicals, mining, aviation, and agriculture. Visit www.rapidfireinc.com for additional information.

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churches_assuredChurches Fire Acquires Assured Fire (UK)

Assured Fire & Security

Churches Fire is a national supplier of fire safety services, with around 30,000 sites across the country, while Assured Fire & Security offers a range of fire safety and security solutions to over 5,000 sites across the UK.

Churches Fire's aim is to enable UK businesses to better protect their staff, visitors and assets by reducing the risk of fire through long-term partnerships. Churches Fire has over 25 years' experience, offering a full range of fire protection services such as Fire Extinguishers, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting and Suppression Systems.

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cssHuron Capitals' Sciens Acquires Critical Systems Solutions of St. Petersburg Florida

By PR Newswire
Yahoo! Finance

DETROIT -- Huron Capital announced its fire service and integrated solutions ExecFactor® platform Sciens Building Solutions ("Sciens") has acquired St. Petersburg, Florida-based Critical System Solutions ("CSS"), a provider of full-service, comprehensive life safety systems and products.

Critical System Solutions was founded in 2005 and specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of fire detection, security, access control and sprinkler systems. CSS services the commercial, retail, industrial, educational, hospitality and healthcare markets with its dedicated team of experienced and highly-trained professionals in the fire and commercial security industry. The company has also received accolades from Notifier by Honeywell, the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems, as a two-time recipient of its Diamond Award, which recognizes outstanding sales and service.

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pye_barkerSea Coast Fire Acquired by Pye-Barker

Pye-Barker Fire & Safety

Pye-Barker is proud to announce the acquisition of Sea Coast Fire, Inc. in Miami, FL. With this addition, we establish a new branch in this thriving market and expand our marine suppression capabilities in South Florida.

Owners Paul Barry and David Byerly started in the fire protection industry in the early 80's. The Miami natives became familiar with their area's unique fire safety demands as they learned the industry. This inspired them to start their own company in 2002 to fill the need for better marine fire suppression solutions. Through unmatched customer service and expertise, Sea Coast Fire established customers worldwide and set the standard for marine fire protection in their market. They are the primary fire protection provider for the booming boat and yacht industry in Miami and service customers from the Key West to Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale to Tampa and the Caribbean. 

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Most Popular Stories from June 2019

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