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Since my May newsletter came out mid-May, it sure seems like June came along quickly.  I like being on schedule.  It makes the month seem longer.

In this issue:
  • Mystery Rya Kit from Decades ago
  • New Mailbox saves me trips to the Post Office
  • Luna Moth Wine Glasses
  • YES!  Ample T-shirts at Art in the Park
  • NEW for me:  Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention
  • Still time to sign up for my rya class at Common Ground on the Hill this summer at McDaniel College
  • Update on my BOOK!
I'm so happy to have just replaced my LARGE mailbox with an EXTRA Large Mailbox. What a difference in getting orders out without making trips to the Post Office or scheduling for special pick-ups. Life is good.


Detectives Wanted: To Solve Rya Mystery 

For you "older folks" who have early rya experience under your belts, can you help solve this mystery of where this rya came from?  Yarn I' ve never seen before!  Backings woven in a way I've never seen.  I posted this in my blog last month, received some great comments.   Check out the "who Dun it" details .  There has to be someone out there who has made one of these and can fill in the blanks for me.

Look at this unusual combination of yarn types all wrapped together in skeins.

It isn't possible to post comments here on the newsletter, but feel free to comment on the blog


Glass Painting to Share with You!

I know, I know, I am not painting glasses anymore.  Well, on rare occasion I do.  And when I was asked very nicely to paint the luna moth (See May Newsletter) on white wine glasses, well, I just decided to make time to do it.  It keeps my artistic eye and hand sharp.  So you know who your are if you ordered these glasses.  They will be waiting for you at Art in the Park.
Luna Moth on White Wine Glasses


T-Shirts at Art in the Park?
June 6  10-4:00  
Westminster City Park:  Turn from Main St onto Longwell Ave at the light.
After announcing in my last newsletter that my hand-printed T-shirt shows are going to become more rare, several of you panicked and asked if I was going to stop making them.  Well, life is short and I can't do everything.  So what I think I am going to do is let this year be my last to feature shirts in all the shows I do.  I will probably cut down the number that I keep in supply by reducing the color selection to just the most popular colors.  I still have tons in a huge variety of colors.  Fear not!

Y es,  I  s ti ll ha ve  an incredible amount of both hand-printed and silkscreened T-shirts.  At Art in the Park I will have over 30 different designs for you to choose from.  Please help me clear some space in my studio by taking home a shirt or two!


New Show for me!  
Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention at Carroll County Farm Museum 
June 13;  9 AM - 7 PM
Now you are probably wondering where that came from....I post all my upcoming shows in the right-hand margin, and you never saw a mention of this one.  The reason is, I just felt like applying last minute and they accepted me.  Go figure!  

You see it takes hours of work to load my van for a show.  The van will be reloaded at the end of Art in the Park, so why not leave the bins and baskets in the van for one more week.  Plus I get to hear fantastic fiddling music all day and sell some more shirts.  So if you miss me at Art in the Park, just come out the next week to buy your shirts, listen to some really fantastic music, and say HI to me!

Fiddlin' folks are very friendly and down to earth people.  If you come to this event, you will have fun...promise.  Bluegrass, Appalachian music... fun for the whole family.



Common Ground on the Hill.

For the past 16 years I have attended the Traditions Week(s) of Common Ground on the Hill as a "camper."  For a whole week each July I have immersed myself in the arts with talented instructors from all over the country and the world.  Through a multi-cultural curriculum of every imaginable genre of the arts my world has been broadened in more ways than I can describe in a short blurb.

This year during Week II, I will be teaching Scandinavian Rya Rug-making Monday - Friday, July 6-10 from 9 AM - 11:45 AM. By the end of the week, you will be well on your way with confidence to complete your rya.  A s of today (6/1/15) enrollment is at 5...about half full.  I just bought quite a few 16" x 30" Norwegian Rya backings as perfect starter size projects....Come on! Sign up! 

I strongly suggest that you take a good look at their online catalog.   Click here.  Why not sign up for a full week (or two!) of classes.  Let me know if you have questions, but register through their web site.  Don't live nearby?  They have the college dorms to house you and the dining commons to feed you....come have fun meeting people and learning new skills.
Dinner cooking at Common Ground on the Grill from last year


Wondering About my Progress on the Rya Book I am Writing?


Yes, we are making progress.  Pulling it all together at the end has its challenges.  I have sent several chapters to my photographer/book lay-out man and he reports that it is looking good.  I am thankful for your patience.  I am turning down many requests for art work so that I can focus.  This is one of the most challenging projects I've ever worked on.  It is coming along and you won't be disappointed.


And again, you read to the end.
Thank you!


You are the best.  Share if you know someone who enjoys this sort of thing.  Thank you.


Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


Save the Dates!

Art in the Park
Westminster City Park
Saturday, June 6
10 AM - 4 PM
Great Local art from local artists and great food  served this year!

Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention
Carroll County Farm Museum
Saturday, June 13
9 AM - 7 PM

Common Ground on Hill
I will be teaching a class in Designing and Creating a Rya Rug. July 6 - 10th.
Out-of-towners, why not make a vacation of the experience?
 Room, board, music, arts--week long camp

Hot August Music Festival
August 15th at Oregon Ridge in Cockeysville, MD
I will have my shirts for sale. Read article in the newsletter regarding shirts.

The Mistletoe Mart
Church of Ascension
Westminster, MD
November  12, 13, &14 
And YES I will be featuring my shirts at this show.  (Possibly my last t-shirt-featured show.)

Carroll County Artists Studio Tour
December 5 & 6
10 - 5:00
Drop by Byrdcall Studio or any one of the participating studios in Carroll County to see the studios and stuff we use to make the art we make!

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