Take part in our yummy summer fundraiser!

Want to enjoy a great meal and help CFCS raise money at the same time? We hope you do! On Monday August 13th visit any of Blue Ribbon Barbecue's three locations - n o coupon or flyer required. Just mention the CFCS "FUN"-raiser when you order, and 20% of your purchase will be donated to our nonprofit agency. They are open from  11 AM to 9 PM.

Meals may be purchased for dine-in or takeout. No order is too big or too small... however online orders cannot be counted toward the fundraiser.  Visit in person or call for takeout from one of  these fabulous Blue Ribbon Barbecue restaurants:
              •     342 Washington Street, Dedham MA        Phone: (781) 312-2583
              •   908 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington MA    Phone: (781) 648-7427
              • 1375 Washington Street, West Newton MA     Phone: (617) 332-2583
All funds raised will be used to support the recruitment and training of permanent, loving families for youth in Foster Care in Massachusetts.
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Huge Thank You to hard-working teams from  @UnitedWayMABay  and @EzeSoftware  who spruced up several of the young men's rooms.

Many thanks to Green City Growers  for donating plants to Putnam Place's therapeutic garden. All 8 boys have been diligently watering and enjoying the peaceful space.    @GCGrowers

Teamwork was the word of the day when the folks from Markforged, of Watertown, volunteered with Lauren and Jen @unitedwaymabay  to spend some  time  beautifying the young ladies' residence at Teens Learning Choices (TLC).  CF CS thanks you for all  your hard work and great smiles !
Click on Aleenah's photo below to see her  full profile and those of other kids who are awaiting adoption:

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Red Sox Outing a Huge Hit!

Nothing says "summer" like BASEBALL!

Game Day at Fenway Park
Although the Sox did not win over the Detroit Tigers this time, that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the 100+ CFCS Red Sox fans who attended the Developmental Disabilities Program outing.  One client had the opportunity to   have his picture taken on the field
and was shown up on the Jumbotron!

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provided in our DD Programs, 
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CFCS DDP Services
Celebrating Reunified Families
Since 2010 we have recognized  June as 

Reunification is a topic that touches many of the individuals served by CFCS.  When children must be removed from their families to ensure their safety, our social work staff's first goal is to reunite them with their biological caretakers, if and as soon as possible.  Returning children home often requires tailored, intensive services to support a safe and stable family; so  when parent and child are able to reunite, it's a cause for celebration. 

Among the variety of services offered, our  Family Support and Stabilization  (FSS) program works with parents, children, and other members of a family to prepare for successful reunification.

About a year ago, Lisa S., a 14-year-old, was exhibiting risky behaviors in the community and refusing to attend school. Her mother, Mrs. S., decided to turn to the court for help, and filed a motion known as a Child Requiring Assistance (CRA). 
After multiple interventions, Lisa was placed in a residential program where she lived for 7 months. At the end of her stay, Lisa was referred back to CFCS' Family Support and Stabilization (FSS)  team for further supports. Our case workers continued to guide her progress, helping her transition back into her mom's home.

The FSS team also worked with Lisa's mom in preparing for her daughter's return. Case workers assisted Mrs. S. in setting up clear, realistic expectations and developing tools to support Lisa's needs. The team continued to provide emotional support for Lisa after the move, encouraging her to pursue her passion for art and find the motivation to do well in school and at home. FSS also connected Lisa with long-term community supports, so she and her mom could continue to receive assistance moving forward.

After 3 months of working with our FSS case workers, Lisa is now attending school, doing well, and communicating with her mom. She has made so much progress that, not only is she thriving at home, but her CRA status was dropped by the courts. The MA Department of Children and Families closed their case, as they were no longer concerned about Lisa's well-being.

This summer 13 of our families have reunified with FSS support
CFCS' Executive Director Bob Gittens on NECN's The Take
In case you didn't get to see it before, here is a link to something worth watching! On Friday, May 25th, our own Executive Director, Bob Gittens, appeared on NECN's The Take with Sue O'Connell. The Take, a series providing analysis and commentary of the day's top news stories, invited Bob to discuss the recently passed laws in Oklahoma allowing private foster care systems to reject same-sex couples as eligible caretakers. 

But while some states are in favor of such discrimination against LGBTQ couples, our fearless leader assures viewers that CFCS is doing just the opposite. In fact, for years now CFCS has made concerted efforts to recruit caretakers from those very communities: same-sex couples, single parents, and individuals from faith-based groups of all backgrounds. 


You may also be interested in this article from The Rainbow Times:

Help our Kids Make Happy Summer Memories
Sadly, many children don't have the opportunity to create fond summer memories. 

Your gift to CFCS helps provide our kids with experiences that are essential to healthy growth and development, building confidence, and establishing identity. 

Those of us fortunate enough to have had such positive childhood experiences know how important they can be. This spring, please consider a gift to CFCS that helps provide our youth with the opportunities they deserve: a happy childhood and the chance to grow into a thriving adult.

Gifts of any amount will make a positive impact. Below are a few specific ways your dollars can make an immediate difference:

Help our kids make the happy memories they deserve:


Questions? Contact us at  donate@helpfamilies.org or  617-876-4210 

Here is part of the CFCS Team!
Back row, left to right: Colleen, Noreen, Jean, Beckey, Bob, Nanci, Jenn, Brenda, Kaesta, Diane;
Front row, left to right: Kim, Susan, Courtney
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