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Ruth Mosholder is spending her summer on the Appalachian trail.  Working wtih a crew to preserve the trails.  A few years ago she wouldn't have been able to do this kind of labor in her 60s.  Ruth has made her health a priority and has gotten great results at Bay Athletic Club.  We can't wait to share her story on the 6pm WBKB news on Monday, June 3rd when our "60 Second Inspiration" stories return all month long.  Don't miss it!

Wolverine State Credit Union celebrated finishing their Corporate Fit Challenge earlier this week.  The group had fun showing up to workouts and cheering each other on.  The Inchworm was Ashley Rios and the Biggest Loser and Challenge Champ was Billie Burns.  If you would like to get your workplace involved in a Corporate Fit Challenge email

It's been a buzzing month of BAC Rewards!  We love celebrating your fitness milestones.  We offer BAC Rewards to all members who are consistent with their workouts.  When a new member hits at least 20 check-ins during their first two months they get a "BAC Feels Like Home" t-shirt.  

At 100 check-ins you get a BAC backpack and at 200 check-ins you get a BAC windbreaker!

PS--congrats to our first windbreaker recipients Gretchen Kruse and Amy Kieliszewski!

Questions? Contact our membership director Courtney Holmes at
Community Outreach

Ella White preschoolers got to take a field trip to Bay Athletic Club in May. They did an obstacle course in the BAC studio and took a tour of the facility.
Sarah Morrison met with the Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union North Alpena branch in May to talk about the power of positivity in our lives.  She shared lessons on how to increase happiness and  cited studies that show success happens when we seek out ways to be happier. TIP: Check out the book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor . 
Team BAC had a blast hanging out at Thunder Bay Junior High one day last month.  They took over PE classes with teachers Erin Andrews and Rick Voltz. 

More than 250 students enjoyed a circuit style workout using kettlebells, agility ladders, TRXs, BOSUs, paddles and a Yoga station. 
The kids worked hard. 

PS - Erin and Rick, we can't believe the work you do every day! WOW, our kids are lucky to have you.  

If you would like BAC to help with your community event or field trip use this form to apply.
Beachbody at BAC

We LOVE seeing you at the Club. We KNOW that the energy, variety of workouts and accountability we offer at BAC changes lives. Hands down. 

We know you are also looking for ways to stay active when you are not at the club. You can enjoy a quick workout at home or on-the-go with our friends at Beachbody.

Owner Trina Gray and her husband Jeff love classes and workouts at BAC and Bay  Urban.They also use Beachbody on Demand (an on-line workout library) when they travel or are juggling kids sports and activities! Workout with no boundaries. Here they are in a hotel workout room in Florida doing LIIFT 4. 
Be fit   anywhere, anytime! 

With BOD, you get hundreds of workouts, unlimited for a year. You can workout with your smart phone, iPad, laptop or smart TV.  On the road or at home? This works.   

Questions about getting BOD All Access through BAC? You can get it solo or packaged with a month of Shakeology ON SALE, including a FREE Shaker Cup and food plan! 

Check out the link above to go directly to the BAC Beachbody account or simply REPLY to this email and we will get you set up. 

Shakeology of the Month
It tastes like dessert, but acts like a multivitamin!

Why Shakeology?
We all struggle with food prep and getting all the nutrients we need in life every day. Shakeology solves both of those problems.  It literally fills the gaps in our daily nutrition. We still advocate eating clean, colorful, whole foods for your daily meals. Shakeology is a multivitamin in a meal.

It is quick, convenient and filled with vitamins, minerals, superfoods, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and protein. It is NOT a diet shake or a quick fix. It is whole food nutrition. 

Need Shakeology at home for YOUR family? FREE shaker cup with purchase! 

You can order a supply for home at:

by Kelly Lake

Pesto Zoodles with Grilled Vegetables and Chicken       
-4 zucchini, washed
-2 chicken breast halves
-Pesto sauce, 6 to 8 ounces
-Campari tomatoes, one pound
-Mushrooms, one pint
-Baby spinach, one bag
-Shaved parmesan
  Special equipment: vegetable spiralizer, skewers
Cut the ends off all zucchini. Using your spiralizer, process the zucchini and lay the zoodles out on paper towel. Sprinkle with a small amount of salt and allow to sit for at least 15 minutes. The salt helps remove excess water which will help keep the zoodle firm after cooking.
If using wood skewers, make sure to soak in water for 30 minutes so they don't burn on the grill. Load the mushrooms and tomatoes onto the skewers. Season the chicken with your favorite rub or simply salt and pepper. Grill the chicken and when you flip the chicken for the first time, add your vegetable skewers to the heat. The vegetables are done when they are softened.
When the chicken is cooked, allow it to rest as you assemble the final dish. In a large heavy pan, turn heat up to high. Add spinach and zoodles and cook for about two minutes or until the spinach is wilted. Stir constantly using a wood spoon or tongs. Turn the heat down, add the other vegetables and pesto sauce. Gently fold the zoodles and vegetables into the sauce and turn the heat off when combined completely. Plate and top with sliced chicken. Serves two.

Trina Gray, Bay Athletic Club
June 2019
Team work makes the dream work. 
One of my greatest joys at BAC is seeing our members reach their goals. We exist so that you can  exist  better.  We love to help you lose weight, get off medications, find strength, reduce stress, meet new  friends and live a healthier lifestyle... not for a season or a month, but for life. 

To accomplish this mission of creating a happier and healthier community, I have looked for people to help carry out the mission. From high school students, to college students, to working parents, to stay at home moms, to retirees, TEAM BAC is a caring, committed, fun and down to earth group of amazing people in our community. 

Did you know that many of our teammates started as members on their own journey? Others started on our team because they went to college for exercise science. All are welcome at our table. We help people find their talent and share it -- from yoga to Pilates to TRX to boot camps to greeting members at our front desk. You never know what might be in store. 

We are always happy to  welcome new teammates. If you have a passion for fitness, if you want to share it with others, reach out to our Chief Operating Officer Lara Torres. She is kind and genuine. I'm grateful to have her at the helm of this ship with me. She's a rockstar. 

People often ask why don't ever advertise for positions on TEAM BAC. Over the years, we've attracted the right people and we've noticed passionate people at the club.  We find room for the right person with good energy and drive! We look for people who like being on a team are flexible, fun and love fitness. 

PS - Here are some pictures from our recent BAC POWER HOUR. This is our version of a quarterly staff meeting and it is always festive. We shared some club updates, heard a lesson on happiness and had a poster contest to promote our upcoming Summer Adventure Boot Camp
for the entire month of July. Mark your calendar! Tons of workouts and accountability to accommodate all levels and all schedules.

Trina Gray,  Owner, BAC and Bay Urban Fitness 

Owner, Bay Athletic Club 
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  • Our most popular camp EVER kicks off on Monday, June 3rd and ends Thursday, June 27th
  • Ladies, it's a must-do camp experience. Get stronger on the inside and out in a safe, fun and empowering setting. Mothers, daughters, sisters! 
  • Meets Mondays and Thursdays, choose from 11am or 6:30pm
  • Camp led by Beauty coaches Trina Gray, Amy Schultz, Cindy Limback, Tracie Granata, Sarah Morrison and Amanda Freeland.
  • All Beauties are treated to five free Shakeologys to use throughout camp, too!  This is our gift to you ($25 value)!  Shakeology can be your lunch or dinner after camp and will give your body a dense dose of superfood nutrition.
  • Cost is $50 for BAC members and $75 for non members
  • Sign up by calling 989.356.5600 or emailing
Calories are an important piece in making sure we are living well and not gaining weight, yet, calories are not all equal in terms of nutritional value.
For example, if one person is eating around 1400 calories a day and their food consists of skipping breakfast, drinking soda, having fast food for lunch, snacking on chips and candy in the afternoon and having a frozen meal for dinner with barely any water...they are most definitely not healthier than someone who is eating around 1800-2000 calories a day consisting of eggs, toast and fruit for breakfast, a turkey wrap with lots of veggies and hummus for lunch, an apple with almond butter for a snack and chicken, sweet potatoes and a salad for dinner with lots of water.

We do need to be aware of calories but more important than how many calories we are eating is where those calories are coming from.
Here is a general guide to help you figure out which food groups to choose from first for your best chance at getting your calories from healthy sources:

1) Produce: All fruits and veggies will give you lots of fiber, nutrients and minerals for a low calorie intake.
2) Lean meat and protein: All seafoods, chicken, turkey, eggs, beans, Shakeology and non-meat options like tofu will fill you up and keep you full longer which will help you eat less throughout the day.
3) Whole grain/quality grain products: English muffins, breads, pastas (whole wheat), brown rice, quinoa, lentils, farro, oatmeal are great options for getting in micronutrients and staying full.
4) Healthy fats: Avocado, coconut oils, extra virgin olive oils, and fish will keep you satisfied while keeping calories lower than white bread/grain products
5) Snacks: Nuts/seeds, whole wheat crackers, raisins, homemade granola or energy bites, nut butters, tuna pouch, kale chips are all healthier options than sodas, chips and candy
6) Beverages: Water, carbonated water, plain tea/herbal tea, coffee or kombucha will help keep calories lower than fruit juices, sweet tea, sweet coffee or sodas.
*Dairy should be considered an accessory or a protein source, not a main food group

Overall, watching your calories does matter for maintaining a long term healthy weight but, what you eat matters more.

FOOD SWAP: Breakfast is often a meal that is overlooked or it is a meal where pastries and sugary cereals are the main meal. Instead of a sugary cereal try homemade granola (did you know Neiman's here in Alpena has great options for this?) with Greek yogurt or on its own and instead of a cinnamon roll, muffin or bagel try a whole wheat English Muffin with almond butter and cinnamon. It will curb your sweet tooth while adding healthy calories to your day.

We offer a 3-pack of personal training for $95.
You can mix and match your sessions to include personal training for fitness and/or nutrition coaching with Amanda.  
Email to get more information to get started. 
We are offering an extra incentive to Alpena Public School employees as the school year ends.  Make YOUR health and fitness a priority this summer. Why not you, why not now?

Get a NEW summer membership (June 14th to August 24th) for $99!  This gives you access to BAC and Bay Urban Fitness as well as our group fitness classes and a Get Started Right appointment with a personal trainer.  Connect with for more information or just stop at the front desk to sign up. *Not for existing memberships. 

Mark your calendar for three fun Pound Parties coming in June!  The first one will be our Sweat for a Cause on June 14th (details below).  The second one will be on Thursday, June 27th at 5:30pm in the BAC Studio, in place of CIZE.  The third will be the following Friday, June 28th, at Bay Urban Fitness at 5:30pm.  All of these workouts are a free bonus class to our members.  The cost is $10 for non members.

In June, we have Sunday evening 5 PM Urban Box classes open to all.  Please sign up ahead of time. To maximize time on the bags, class is open to 20 people.  If you sign up, please show up to be respectful to others who want to attend! Call 989-356-5600 or email to get signed up.  
Wraps are available for purchase for $8.00, gloves are provided.  

We are excited to raise money for the Science Olympiad with our June Sweat for a Cause workout.  Mark your calendar for Friday, June 14th at 5:30pm.  We will host a family POUND PARTY at Bay Urban Fitness.  That means ages 10 and up can jump in!  A donation of at least $5 is appreciated!

BOXING 90: Friday, June 21st at 5:30pm
  • 90 minute sweat session 
  • uses the Title Boxing bags
  • wraps for purchase, gloves provided 
  • punch, bob and weave for all levels 
  • burn mega calories and chisel your mid-section
  • space limited to 20 people - hurry! 
  • led by Eric Koss 
  • $10 members/$20 non-members
  • sign up required 
  • 989-356-5600 or email
YOGA 90: Saturday, June 22nd at 10am
  • 90 minute restorative practice  
  • take your Yoga practice further 
  • enjoy a variety of restorative poses for all levels 
  • feel renewed, centered and rejuvenated 
  • led by Cheryl Mack
  • $10 members/$20 non-members
  • sign up required 
  • 989-356-5600 or email
RIDE 90: Sunday, June 23rd at 8:30am
  • 90 minute endurance ride
  • tons of fun and a challenging workout
  • themed ride featuring the new IC5 bikes 
  • test your physical and mental toughness 
  • space limited to 19 people - hurry! 
  • led by Tracie Granata
  • $10 members/$20 non-members
  • sign up required 
  • 989-356-5600 or email