Summer At Bro/Sis
Members of our B-Fit Camp spent a day training
to be NYC firefighters with FDNY
Summer Day Camp in a Robotics Class
International Study Program In Cuba
Bro/Sis has a comprehensive line-up of summer activities that combines adventure and exploration, immersion into the arts and sciences, and leadership building - all designed to keep our youth, ages 8 to 18, stimulated and engaged.   Below are highlights from the summer programing we offer. 
Our Summer Line Up
Summer Day Camp
Next week, children in our Summer Day Camp will participate a week-long sleep away camp experience.  This is a grand finale to six weeks of summer adventure full of educational and fun activities with weekly themes that include science, arts, sports and fitness.  

Summer Liberation Program
Last week, members ages 14 to 17, started our Summer Liberation School, where they will spend the next four weeks broadening their understanding of the interconnections between self, community, power, oppression, and liberation. 

Young women in our Women at Work summer program are interning at a range of cultural and community- based organizations, deepening their understanding of  activism and the arts, and participating in a 6-week course at the New Museum inspired by the work of Simone Leigh. 
College Advisory Program - Transition Day, Bootcamp & Career Day
On Transition Day, graduating seniors will receive laptops and a basket full of goodies as they head off to college.  This month, rising seniors and juniors will participate in our College Boot Camp, where they will receive support in the college application process. Career Day will bring together youth from across Bro/Sis programs to learn about a range of career options.  

Environmental Program
Members in our Environmental Program learn about sustainable living through management of a community garden, building rain water harvesting systems, composting, and visiting urban farms, waste management centers and solar power plants.  They also run our Hamilton Heights Youth Market that provided 30,000 pounds of fresh food and vegetables to over 1,500 community residents last year.  This year the market operates every Wednesday from 10am to 5pm through November.   
Through participation in a wide array of workshops on healthy lifestyles, site visits to gyms, parks and yoga centers, exposure to healthy foods, and daily sport-oriented training, young men develop a greater understanding of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 
Remix Media
Teens in our Remix Media program are envisioning future careers by learning about the extensive field of media and technology arts.  They participate in workshops led by top public relations firms, community based organizations and government officials at City Hall to learn about how messages are communicated to the public through the use of various media platforms. They are also creating articles to revitalize Reality Check our youth created blog.  
International Study Program
Last week members of our International Study Program returned from their month long study abroad experience in Cuba.   Members explored the cities of Havana, Cienaga Zapata, Cienfuegos, and Santa Clara.  They met with Cuban government officials and US diplomats , performed community service with farmers, and learned Cuban cultural traditions from musicians, dance troupes and Afro-Cuban griots.

Members of Remix Media at City Hall
Members of the Environmental Program at the Hamilton Heights Youth Market

Members of the Environmental Program at Governors Island

Members of Summer Day Camp at Wild Seed Apothecary
The Brotherhood/Sister Sol
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