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Summer Berries—Fresh from the Farm and Garden!
Summertime is berry time. There is nothing like the fresh, bright flavor of in-season berries when added to dishes and desserts or enjoyed on their own.

We always start with fresh berries. And, our produce aisle is a happy place this time of year—bursting with color and sweet flavors. So, come down to the store! And, there are so many wonderful products that highlight berries and berry flavor. Here is a list of our recommendations.
We all know that berries are great for breakfast, maybe sprinkled over some yogurt or on top of a bowl of cereal, but we also have some yummy breakfast products to help you switch out your morning routine.

Seitenbacher makes a classic, organic musli that is imported from Germany.We love their Raspberry Blackberry flavor. And, if you are into granola, try either The Granola Guru Mixed Berry Vanilla Granola or Nuthouse Granola Slow-Roasted Blueberry Crumble Granola. They are both delicious!

Sconehenge bakes some of our favorite English Tea Scones right here in Berkeley. Their Blueberry Scones are delicious. And, if you have a litte more time in the morning, whip up a package of Sticky Fingers Bakeries Raspberry Scone Mix. They are so fast and simple to prepare!

Here are two choices from The Republic of Tea. Their Pom-Berry Black is a fine black blended tea with an extra boost of caffeine. And we love their Blackbery Sage for herbal mornings.

And for something different, try a glass of Rosa Brothers Strawberry Milk. It is local, super-fresh and naturally flavored (and colored with beet powder).
Jams & Preserves
There is no shortage of berry jams and preserves in our store. A few of our current favorites are Stewart & Jasper Orchards Marionberry Preserves and Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves. And,
Agriscilia Organic Blueberries and Goji Jam. And, Gibson's Golden Blackberry Honey is wonderful on toast or in tea.

Dried Berries
If you are looking for wild blueberries, Patience Fruit & Co's are organic and delicious! We also recommend Amphora's packaged, soft white mulberries and Stoneridge Orchards Organic Mixed Berries—a medley of blueberries, cherries, and cranberries.
Girard’s Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing is a San Francisco staple that we can recognize from dining in Bay Area restaurants. it is perfect for when you want to bring a touch of fruitiness to your salads. And Newman's Own Raspberry Walnut Dressing adds a fruity and nutty flavor to your salads.

Balsamic Vinegar
Balsamic and berries is an amazing combination—whether added to a salad or drizzled over some Loard's Vanilla Ice Cream with fresh berries. We recommend two, one local and one imported. O Oak Aged Balsamic Vinegar is dense, complex and sweet, and aged under the warm Sonoma sun. Alessi Aceto Balsamic Raspberry Blush is a premium balsamic imported from Italy.
Berries & Chocolate
Berries and chocolate are a sublime combination. Here are three favorite bars for different palates or moods.

Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Creme is for those with a sweet tooth—fine, imported milk chocolate with a soft filling of yogurt & strawberry cream. For lovers of dark chocolate, we have Lake Champlain's Chocolates Raspberries and Dark Chocolate or Tcho Triple Berry—a combination of dark chocolate with mixed berries. Also, we love SF's own Feve Artisan Chocolatier's Chocolate Covered Strawberry Yogurt Almonds.
There is nothing like a home made berry pie, but sometimes we need a little help. The good news is that we carry some amazing fresh pies in the store. Get them while they are in stock!

Beckmann's Old World Bakery is our go-to pie source because they do them right. We love their The Berry Bomb, Strawberry Marionberry, and Boysenberry Pies.
To Drink
There are any number of tasty juices and beverages in our store that have berry flavor. So, here are a few that stand out!

If you are looking for a smoothie, Evolution Vital Berry Cold is a wonderful, cold-pressed fruit juice drink with a vibrant blend of mood-boosting berries, mango, apple, and orange. Le Sirop de Monin Raspberry Syrup is amazing added to your mixed drinks or sparkling water for sodas. And, both Brew Dr. Superberry Kombucha and Kevita Master Brew Kombucha with Blackberry and Hops or Raspberry and Lemon are great choices.

Something Stronger
We recommend two hard kombuchas. June Shine Hard Kombucha with Acai Berry and Strange Beast Hard Kombucha with Blueberry, Açaí Berry & Sweet Basil are worth a try. Wild Roots Cranberry Flavored Vodka is delicious over ice or in mixed drinks. And we love Mathilde Liqueur inf Framboise (Raspberry) or Cassis (Black Current). They are both lovely over ice cream or in mixed drinks.
July 4th Holiday Hours
News & Events

Be certain to come by the store to purchase everything you need for your celebration. Our holiday hours for July 4th are as follows…

We will be closed Sunday, July 4th so that our Piedmont Grocery family can spend the holiday celebrating with family, friends, and loved ones. We will resume normal business hours on Monday morning, July 5th at 9 AM.

Have a wonderful holiday!
From our blog, The Kitchen Table

Berry Different
When you ask most kids what their favorite ice cream flavor is, more often than not it will involve chocolate, and/or caramel, and some sort of add-in like marshmallows or Oreo cookies. My son always had a different answer. Don’t get me wrong, he would never refuse a scoop or three of something gooey and chocolatey. But, if you ask him was his favorite is, he will tell you it’s strawberry.

I like to do as much as possible with the summer produce that’s available. This includes making ice cream out of the best peak-of-ripeness fruits I can find. I am a peach lover. So, it goes without saying that I make peach ice cream at least once during the warm months. Sometimes I whip up a quart of cinnamon ice cream because it’s ridiculous melted on a warm slab peach pie.

Strawberry is the flavor I make most because I like to have it readily available in the freezer for craving emergencies. A “Rescue Ice Cream”, if you will. For the record, I use the phrase “rescue” a lot. I have a stash of “rescue” chocolate in my pantry for those times when nothing but chocolate will do. Alas, I have to constantly move my stash because others in my household freely “rescue’ themselves and they are like bloodhounds on the scent.

Most people think of strawberry ice cream as the sad, artificially-flavored third of the Neapolitan carton that only gets eaten because there are no other options. In fact, strawberry ice cream can be amazing if you use really good and ripe strawberries. Anything less will produce a lackluster finished product. This recipe for Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream is one of my favorites.

And, don’t be scared off by the addition of balsamic vinegar. You don’t really taste it in the ice cream. It’s purpose is to intensify the flavor of the strawberries for a fantastic summer treat.

A Staff Favorite

Sour Cream with Culture.
Cowgirl Creamery Creme Fraiche is an ultra-rich organic cream that is cultured slowly for hours. It develops a tangy, complex flavor and luscious texture. This spoonable delight is a Cowgirl secret for baking and finishing everything from soups to desserts. It takes just two ingredients, organic cream and cultures, to add a dollop of luxury to any dish.

Cowgirl Creamery Creme Fraiche is made with fresh, heavy cream that is cultured up to 24 hours. It is thick and rich with well-rounded, complex notes of sweet cream and lemon and a luxuriously spoonable texture

Dollop Cowgirl Creamery Creme Fraiche over seasonal sweet berries, cooked vegetables, slices of pie or cake, or steaming tumbles of pasta. It is wonderful in dressings & dips.

About Cowgirl Creamery
Cowgirl Creamery crafts premium farmstead cheeses that express the terroir of Marin County. The San Francisco Bay Area is fanatical about cheese, and so much of our local enthusiasm is owed to the two chefs who created Cowgirl Creamery, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith. At Piedmont Grocery, we are huge fans of this Petaluma-based Creamery. They were at the forefront of the American artisan cheese movement, and are still making award-winning cheeses in delicious variety, using milk from nearby dairies.

From our blog, The Kitchen Table

I have a reservation this weekend to go berry picking—and I am very excited. There is a chance that the berries: a.) won’t be ripe or b.) might be all gone by the time I get there.

I’m keeping a positive attitude while crossing my fingers.
U-pick is one of my favorite things about this time of year. It starts with berries and cherries and moves into peaches and nectarines. I look forward to this every year starting January first. Since I didn’t get to go last year for obvious reasons, the anticipation has been killin’ me. But, I know this time it will be that much sweeter. (See what I did there?)

The last u-pick haul I had was 10 pounds of blackberries. This sounds like a lot, but once you cook ‘em down for jam and make a pie, there’s not much left over. If the stars align, I am planning to get at least that much again and maybe a bit more. Because I really want to make this sauce for Memorial Day.

I love the combination of sweet fruits and pork and there is no better showcase than pork ribs. My Cherry Cola Ribs are a family favorite. And, they are a perfect example of what I am talking about. Juicy tender ribs covered in a spicy sweet glaze. It just doesn’t get much better. (Unless there’s cake or pie…all bets are off at that point!)

I have tried other rib sauces and glazes that had raspberry or blackberry in them and I have always loved the combination. So, I am going to set aside some of this weekends blackberry harvest and cook up some of this spicy berry awesomeness.

A Staff Favorite

A strawberry lover's dream come true!
Stonewall Kitchen Strawberry Jam tastes like home made. It is full of fruity chunks of sweet, sun-ripened strawberries, real sugar, and lemon juice. You can taste the rich strawberry and lemon flavor and it is just the right amount of sweetness.

We love Stonewall Kitchen because their products taste great every time we use them. And we carry a lot of their stuff!

In Maine, June is strawberry-picking season. Whole, sun-ripened, sweet strawberries make Stonewall Kitchen Strawberry Jam an exceptional American classic. This special jam turns a traditional PB&J into a delectable treat. Spoon it over ice cream, pound cake, shortbread or scones for a fantastic start to your day. Or try topping it on yogurt or ice cream. Try it mixed with your morning oatmeal or in the center of tarts and cookies.

This might just be the best strawberry jam you ever taste.

From our blog, The Kitchen Table

Baking Hot Summer
Today is the last day of school—and the official first day of summer if you ask any kid. The trials of distance learning via Zoom can now make way for better things like the Mr. Softee Ice Cream truck and days at the pool. For us, the last day of school also marks the beginning of the calorically perilous time known as Sophie Baking Season.

When there are no classes to attend or homework to be done, my daughter heads to the kitchen to fill her days. For her brothers, this means that there is a better than average chance that they will be eating something for lunch that is not a bowl of cereal. Biscuit sandwiches are one of her go-tos as are any Asian dumplings. But, while there are always exceptions, nine times out of ten, when Sophie is in the kitchen she’s baking something sweet. This makes this time of year a killer on your calorie count. Her weapon of choice? Cookies…

It would be bad enough if she was going with a classic chocolate chip. Because, how can you possibly pass up a chocolate chip cookie? But Soph likes a challenge. Her favorite things to make are French Macarons. And, she’s pretty much mastered them. A friend of the family has even commissioned a few dozen for their graduation party this weekend. (We’ve been in a constant state of taste testing for the past couple of weeks. I know. Oh, the humanity!) If macarons are her first love, meringues would be a very close second.

It makes sense if you think about it. Both desserts require a meringue to make them. The execution is just different. These lighter-than-air treats are so good that you may start with one…but before you know it you have eaten an entire handful. And, with the flavor possibilities being endless—and tested frequently—there’s always seems to be at least a handful available for consumption. (Along with an equal number of dirty dishes and bowls!)

To give the family a break, I have issued her a challenge. Instead of her usual espresso or vanilla flavored favorites, can she use the same meringue to make me some Mini Berry Meringue Cups that I can fill with fresh berries as a lovely and somewhat elegant end to a nice summer dinner? If you have ever eaten a Pavlova, this is essentially that, just made smaller with berries and whipped cream on top. Of course you could always just make the big one to make life a bit easier. And hey, if it breaks you just bust the rest of it up and make a meringue trifle…

News & Events

Delicious summer peaches have arrived in our produce department—juicy, sweet, and flavorful. We will even wipe the juice off our chins to sell you some.

This sweet, tangy and utterly delicious taste of summer can be enjoy in so many ways. We love them grilled, in salsas, salads, and simply eaten fresh.

Try one of our favorite recipes:

A Cookbook Recommendation
By Kristina Petersen Migoya

The Culinary Institute of America’s irresistible collection of gold-standard pie and tart recipes.

With easy-to-follow instructions, stunning photography, and more than 150 can’t-fail recipes, Pies and Tarts packs the expertise of America’s top cooking school into one comprehensive, must-have collection. Pies and Tarts features all the beloved classics you’ll want to make again and again—apple pie, lemon meringue pie, French-style fruit tarts, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. But don’t stop there—you’ll want to try every outstanding recipe, including crowd-pleasers like Fudgy Walnut Brownie Pie and sophisticated new twists like Roasted Ginger Plum Tart.

Mix and match the versatile crust recipes, and follow the suggested variations to play around with favorite ingredients or seasonal flavors. A chapter on savory dishes such as pot pies, empanadas, and quiches offers brilliant new options for entertaining or family dinners. Whether you’re an expert baker looking to perfect your craft or a novice seeking to master the basics, Pies and Tarts is sure to become one of your most treasured volumes.

Technically sound and refreshingly contemporary, this comprehensive collection can help motivated bakers produce superior pastries and dream up new creations.
—Library Journal

A solid, trustworthy title that is sure to come off the shelf even after the holiday baking rush.
—Publishers Weekly
From our blog, The Kitchen Table

My kids give me a hard time because I watch a lot of the History Channel. (Ummm…hello? History major?) To be fair, I do watch a lot of the History Channel. One of my favorite shows is The Food That Built America, which looks into the history behind the foods we eat. And, it’s perfect for me for obvious reasons. It combines my love of history with my other love, food. If you haven’t seen it, take a minute and search it out. The show is fascinating. Who knew Cheetos were invented because the U.S. government had too much powdered cheese left over after WWII? Or that Hershey's tastes the way it does because they actually burn the milk a little? Mind blown, people…

This curiosity about food can get me into trouble when I am surfing food blogs looking for interesting things. Case in point, this recipe for Strawberry Milk. I love the Smitten Kitchen blog almost as much as I love the cookbooks. And, while scrolling through the site one day I was drawn to this recipe at first because I was horrified. To me, strawberry milk means strawberry Nesquick—which is a memory from my childhood I would rather forget. So, like a bad accident on the highway, I couldn’t help but click on the link to gawk at it and see what this was all about.

I’m not sure what it was that made me uncomfortable about this recipe. Maybe it’s the idea of the acid in the strawberries reacting with the milk? I’m not totally sure but upon further inspection, I realized that this recipe in no way resembles the alarming neon pink beverage of my youth. If anything, this recipe reminds me of a more liquefied version of a smoothie or a Kefir.

Because of the addition of buttermilk, the strawberry milk is not super-sweet. And, since it has to sit overnight in the fridge, it’s not a bad option for a quick (not that one!) and tasty breakfast on the go. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical. (And, the kids were somewhat concerned.) But, I found after tasting it that I just kept going back for more. The good news is that it’s all natural, though there is a decent amount of sugar.

If you are a lover of all things strawberry and dairy (ice cream, milkshakes, yogurt, etc.), or are just looking for something different to brighten up your summer day, give this treat a try. I’m thinking of turning this into frozen popsicles. We’ll see how that goes.

From our blog, The Cocktail Post

Lynchburg, Tennessee is the hometown of the Jack Daniel's Distillery, and you can bet that a lot of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is consumed there. Lynchburg Lemonade mixes up smokey sweetness in a tangy, sparkling mixed drink that is perfect for summer months.

This just might become a seasonal favorite.

A Staff Favorite

Summer baking!
We love Dufour Puff Pastry because of its pronounced buttery flavor. It has a flaky texture, and easy-to-shatter crust. And, its the best quality pastry we can find. It is made using only butter. Their puff pastry is crisp, flaky, and especially light.

Dufour Puff Pastry is a time saver. This buttery pastry rises to about eight times its original height, revealing hundreds of thin, puffy, flaky layers.

Originating in France, Puff Pastry dough is often referred to as Pâte Feuilletée, or leafed pastry, because it has many leaves or layers. It is the finest of doughs—crisp, buttery, flaky and especially light.

Puff Pastry makes a perfect wrapping for an amazing variety of savory and sweet dishes. We use in all the traditional dishes. But, we also love to be inventive. Dufour Puff Pastry makes a fantastic pizza, pie or tart crust, and an amazingly light flatbread. You can try it in our recipes for Baked Brie, Fig, Ricotta, and Goat Cheese Tart, and Amy's Preferred Chicken Pot Pies. You can also substitute it for the crust in our French Fruit Tart.

News & Events

The Yerba Buena Gardens Festival presents 6 months of admission-free performances reflecting the rich cultures and creativity of the Bay Area. Programs are outdoors, family-friendly, and ADA accessible. Many of them happen during weekday lunch breaks at the Yerba Buena Gardens in SF.

Here is a list of some upcoming programs taking place in the next few weeks:

Outdoor Dance Classes with Rhythm & Motion
Tuesdays from 11 AM to 12 Noon in June and July

Kev Choice Ensemble
July 1st from 12:30 to 1:30 PM

Rebirth Canal
July 8th from 12:30 to 1:30 PM

Yerba Buena Gardens ChoreoFest
July 10th from 1 to 2:30 PM

Poetic Tuesday: Two Languages / One Community – Artists Against Violence and Hatred
July 13th from 12:30 to 1:30 PM

From our blog, The Kitchen Table

Salsa Berry
I admit I am not a big blueberry fan. I don’t dislike blueberries, but they are not my go-to for a berry snack. I have raspberries for that. That being said, we’re getting into blueberry season when they are really good.

When I eat blueberries, most of the time they are in something and cooked like a muffin or pie. And, almost always it is something sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of sweet blueberry treats. But, I have been on the hunt for a recipe that is as savory as you can be with a sweet berry—but also doesn't mess too much with the berry itself. I found salsa…

You can never go wrong with fresh tortilla chips and salsa, no matter what the salsa is made out of. Though some might disagree, a blueberry salsa really isn’t that crazy to me. After all I make salsa out of mangoes all the time. So, I know the sweet will work with the spicy.

There are plenty of versions of blueberry salsa out there if you are looking. A lot of them cook the tomatoes. I don’t. I prefer to dice everything up and keep the fresh flavor. But, it all depends on what flavors you like when eating salsa. It also depends on your tomatoes. If you have fresh tomatoes from your garden, just dice ‘em up. Those babies are gold…

Type of chili pepper is another point of personal preference. I like hot salsa but not super hot salsa. If it’s so hot that I can’t taste anything but the heat, what’s the point? I tend to go with jalapeños, or Fresnos if I want a tad more heat. I also add a little bell pepper because that’s what I do in my mango salsa and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Give this recipe a try next time you have some really great blueberries and want a snack, And, if you find this rolls into being your dinner, I won’t tell…

News & Events

Check out this years lineup for the Stern Grove Festival!
Featuring ten summer Sunday concerts, the 2021 Festival will not disappoint.

The Concerts
SF Symphony—July 4th
Theivery Corporation—July 11th
St. Paul & the Broken Bones—July 18th
X—July 25th
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts—August 1st
Thundercat—August 8th
Fitz & the Tantrums—August 15th
The Big Picnic: Tower of Power, Too Short—August 29th

From our blog, The Cocktail Post

Make this recipe for a delicious Strawberry Daiquiri.
The basic daiquiri is a 3-ingredient cocktail: rum, sugar, and lime juice. And, at the heart of a good daiquiri is top-notch ingredients. With this as a base, you can create an endless stream of riffs with delicious variations.

One of our favorites is the strawberry daiquiri—not the frozen type or one from a mix. But, this recipe is with with fresh, muddled strawberries. Here, we go a step further and add depth of flavor with a half ounce of dry sherry. Then we round it out with the smallest amount of salt and pepper for a finish.

Berry Recipes from Our Archives
From our blog, The Kitchen Table

Summer is time for berries, and we have a wonderful selection of recipes to whet your appetite and inspire you in the kitchen.

We all may know the feeling when those berries on the shrub are not yet ripe. The good news is that we can make jam year-round using both fresh and high-quality frozen berries.

Freezer jam is great and you can do it if you find a free hour. And, its especially delicious when you spoon it on warm, fresh (and really quick!) biscuits.

This recipe makes a fresh, spreadable, strawberry substance that could be just as well eaten with a spoon. It is great on breakfast toast, over ice cream, stirred into yogurt. Once you have the basics down, try it with different berries, and play with the flavors.
Homemade granola just tastes better. And in the summer months, it is delicious with the addition of freeze-dried berries for a bright flavor!

Claroutis is also delicious when made with seasonal berries—blueberries work really well. We like to make this recipe in a blender. It is incredibly easy and makes an elegant weekend breakfast!

Start these the night before for a fantastic morning treat. Set them to rise in the fridge overnight, and just pop them in a preheated oven in the morning.

While we can't easily get fresh olallieberreis in the Bay Area, our local berries do well in this recipe. Just make certain you use fresh and not frozen.
Soup and Salad
If you can’t find chanterelle mushrooms you can use cremini, but we recommend the chanterelles when you can get ‘em. 

This is the perfect hot weather dinner, especially alongside a crisp salad, or with any of your favorite tapas.
A delicious choice if you are looking for a lighter, fruitier dessert that is the perfect ending to a summer meal.

There is no better marriage of ingredients in the culinary world than strawberries and rhubarb. Like Forrest and Jenny, they go together like peas and carrots. I

This on the fly pie is darn tasty. It is perfect for when summer blackberries are in their full glory.

Finish the top with the ripest, most luscious seasonal fruit you can find. Summer berries are a delicious choice.

This recipe is intruiging because the rye flour adds wonderful flavor. Plus, it is simply gorgeous.

This recipe for Lemon Curd Trifle with Fresh Berries feeds a crowd, and utilizes the sweet and juicy summer berries that are at their peak right now.

We know that cherries aren't really berries…but this frozen yogurt is just wonderful.

Both tapioca flour and Instant ClearJel are good choices for thickening. They keep the fruit’s juice clear and the fruit flavor true. The resulting color and flavor is spectacular

You may never see a dessert disappear so fast. The colors are stunning and the flavors blended beautifully.

These are great in lunches and for an on-the-go breakfast treat. The brightness of the raspberry jam will make you smile and I think we could all use a few more smiles.

This is something like a cheesecake bar with the addition of salty pretzels. If you are curious, try it! You won't be disappointed.
Here is a nice long list of berry lovely cocktails!

The Cosmopolitan has as many origin stories as the beginning of the world. Regardless of who started it, the cocktail became trendy in the 1990s and downright famous by being continuously reference on the TV series Sex in the City. The combination of cranberry, lime, and triple sec is so yummy.

This fruity cocktail, The Berry Kiss, is a raspberry spin on a cosmopolitan. And, it’s perfectly pink! Instructions for making your own Raspberry Simple Syrup are included.

The May Rose. It’s light and sweet, with just bit of tartness from the citrus, and airy and floral from the gin and lavender. But, mostly it is fruity with a pink blush from the blueberries.

The Kir Royale is a champagne cocktail found on the menus of bistros and restaurants all over France as a before-dinner drink and it’s wonderful on its own.

This simple and elegant cocktail will be a big hit.

The El Diablo Cocktail is iconic, and often overlooked. It features tequila, crème de cassis, lime and ginger beer.

We like to make the lemonade by the pitcher, and then add a shot of vodka to each glass. That way you can adjust the amount of vodka for the individual.

Campari bitters and rich Jamaican rum mix with the fruity deliciousness of pineapple and strawberry in this recipe for a perfect brunch cocktail.

The Raspberry Gin Rickey was a regional favorite in New England where the combination of raspberries and limes give a fruity twist on the traditional gin rickey.

This is one of those recipes that you need to start infusing the rum a week ahead, but it is oh-so-worth the planning! And, having some strawberry-infused rum in the fridge does not sound like a bad thing.

Raspberries add a burst of color and flavor to this classic brunch cocktail. Our recipe is made with raspberry sorbet-which makes it so easy to mix. And, the flavor is outstanding.
Vendor of the Month

Straus Family Creamery is a local icon and at the forefront of sustainable farming. You can't find a sweeter bottle of fresh milk or cream, and their butter is to die for. Everything Strauss sells begins with certified organic milk from dairy cows that graze on green, coastal pastures at independently-owned farms, including Albert Straus’ own dairy, on the shores of Tomales Bay.

Every day, Strauss Family Creamery trucks fresh organic milk, butter, yogurt, and ice cream from Jersey, Holstein, and Jersey-Holstein dairy cows a short distance from the farms to Straus Family Creamery in Marshall. There it’s transformed into products like butter, yogurt, ice cream, and sour cream and brought to our store.

We carry practically their entire line at our store!

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