Houmas House Plantation and  Gardens 
June 2018
Every Princess Needs a Crown

With the summer blooms all over the Houmas House gardens, a crown of flowers is an obvious choice.  But it takes skill to know how to assemble one of these and make it last all day.  That's where this fun event comes into play.

Bubbles & Blooms at Alice's Table is going on a field trip! Join us at Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, for an Insta-worthy flower crown workshop in the lush summer gardens! 

Enjoy the breeze off the nearby Mississippi River and unwind with a refreshing craft cocktail from The Turtle Bar!

If you want to take the 5PM tour of the historic Louisiana Plantation before the workshop, purchase tickets separately here.

The Carriage House Restaurant and Turtle Bar will be open during and following the event!  

Date:   Wednesday, July 11th
Time:  6:30 PM
Location: Houmas House Plantation and Gardens
Guests:  20 capacity 
Floral Arrangement: Flower Crown

Why Kids Love Houmas House

With summer in full swing, finding fun day trips with kids is sometimes challenging. Although Houmas House is commonly known as a world renowned tourist attraction, a place for beautiful weddings and its fine dining restaurants, many may not realize it's also a magical place for kids. Here's some of the top reasons to bring your kids to Houmas House for the day:

1.  The Secret Garden- tucked deep in the front gardens is a shaded path that winds around the oak trees and is dotted with curious garden gnomes, interesting sculptures and a wide array of flowers. It's a fun adventure for the curious kid.
2.   Koi Ponds- throughout the gardens are several ponds filled with water lilies and large Koi. Everyday at 11 AM a bell is rung letting these fish know it's feeding time. Children love watching them race to the top and open their mouths to grab the food as it hits the water.
3.  Wildlife- for the outdoor enthusiast, the gardens offer a plethora of animals to watch for.  From lizards basking in the sun to the chickens and peacocks strutting through the gardens, to the swans and ducks swimming in the pond, kids never run out of fun animals to find.
4.  Princess Maggie- On most days Princess Maggie is out and about and always up for a game of fetch with her tennis ball. If you see her while visiting the gardens, give her a sweet pat on the head and take a few minutes for a brief game of fetch.
5.  Picnic in the Gardens- Whether you pack a lunch or order from our Cafe, the front lawn offers splendid views and perfect shade to enjoy an outdoor picnic.
6. Gift Shop- What better way to remember your visit to Houmas House than to bring home a souvenir. From children's books to locally made sweets to magnets and postcards, there are plenty of ways to bring home a piece of Houmas House.

Explore Houmas House and Gardens

Our new grounds map has been updated and now includes the newest garden feature introduced last Fall. The reflection pond has quickly become one of the most photographed items at Houmas House. This map is given to each guest to guide them through the self-guided garden tour and to show everything Houmas House has to offer.


Stay Connected with Houmas House

There are so many ways to visit and stay connected with Houmas House!  We offer several options for tours and easy links to book tickets online are right here:

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Sunday Brunch: 11AM-3PM
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