Find Updates on our Four Pillars of Strength
The 4 Pillars of FTR
Look for updates on our "Four Pillars" each month:  Exercise, Nutrition, Community Service, and Artistic Expression. Using these elements, FTR members grow strong. Comments? Suggestions? Contact newsletter editor Sarah Kappos at 
Fitness:  Bootcamp Back at Sugarhouse Park

 "I wasn't going to come today, but when I saw the group gathered in that same spot on the grass, I was really glad I did."

~ Brian, FTR member

The most important thing:   Show up.  
After that, it's simple.  Listen to your body. Laugh. Get outside your Comfort Zone.  Say Hi to someone you don't know.  Encourage you partner.  Breath.  Work Hard. Circle up. Say Thank you.  Pray.

These are the skills we learn in one morning at FTR Bootcamp, and they translate to all areas of life.  It may seem simple, and that's because it is.  Fit to Recover is built on true principles, and this is why we have been gathering in the grass for 3 years running. Bootcamp is free and open to all.  Upon this simple activity, an entire community has grown.  Join us at SugarHouse Park Saturdays at 10 am 

Service:  FTR at PRIDE and Foodtruck Face Off

FTR showed up with all of our energy and passion to support the LGBT peeps in SLC. The yearly parade is a display of the vibrance and color in our growing population, and we had a blast!

"Being the service director at FTR, I see all different types of people come into the gym. Equality is crucial to ones recovery. Owning your identity. Feeling comfortable in your own skin. Everyone had smiles for miles. It was hot as we walked holding our sobriety signs next to USARA's float, dancing through the streets of downtown Salt Lake, feeling empowered, feeling proud.  We may lead different lives in some aspects but we all have one beating heart. Respecting and loving one another for who they are."  
~ Rachel Santizo, Community Service Director at FTR

Everyone's mouth waters over a good foodtruck.  In the spirit of community, many local non-profits are teaming up for this scrumptious event.  Pre-order tickets for $5 or buy at the event for $6 redeemable at the truck of your choice. Proceeds go towards, 4th Street, VOA, and YWCA.  FTR believes in supporting those organizations who are on our same "team."  

Foodtruck Face Off  Saturday June 10th 3-9 pm

Creative Arts: Kid's Turn Art/Yoga and Summer Events

Kids are welcome at FTR!

Kid's Turn Art/Yoga Workshop

It's the kid's turn in the gym! Saturday June 17th is the first of 3 workshops this summer.  Art and Yoga naturally compliment each other.  In this Parent/Child class spend a meaningful afternoon painting, and moving with your little one. 

River Reading July 1st 8:30 pm

The River Writers are at it again, join these brave poets for an evening of live poetry and prose and our River Reading.

One Night To Write June 11 6:15 pm

FTR has offerings for One Night of Writing throughout the summer!
Do you hear the call to write?  Have you been drawn to River Writing and felt curious?  Now's your chance!

Paint Nite June 19th 6:30 pm

"Showing my creative side to others is difficult and makes me nervous.  The atmosphere at Paint Nite was lively and welcoming enough for me to get a little palyful with teh sujet and let my creativity out."

~Brad Kappos

Nutrition/Food To Recover: Jump Start June

JUMPSTART JUNE is a 3-Week Commitment with Weekly Checklists to start off your Summer with Healthy Habits. It is NOT a weight loss challenge!
Slow down the spring madness and join other FTR members as you try out healthy habits that help you feel your best!
This committment is lead by your Food to Recover Registered Dietitians. Weekly checklists,strategies/resources, recipes, and peer support is provided. Participants will meet Weekly on Mondays at 6pm at FTR for a quick check in and motivation!  

Want to get start in cooking, but are now sure how?  Want to feel confident in slicing and dicing to prepare your meals efficiently?
Tessa Acker is offering an intro to Chopping and Cooking!  She will focus on basic knife skills and some basic cooking techniques like sauteeing, roasting, and pan frying.  No matter what level you are at, you will enjoy this class!  

Look for Tessa and Food to Recover at the Kid's Turn Art/Yoga on June 17th for some heart healthy treats.  

MISSION: FTR's mission is to help individuals maintain long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol through exercise, food and nutrition, creative arts, and community service in a safe, supportive, aspirational and positive environment.

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