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February 2021              Camp Changes Lives!
2021 Summer Camp
ReConnect. ReCreate. ReNew.
Friendships, fun, games and new adventures! Singing, campfires, evenings under the stars! God is here! Getting outside in fresh air, among the trees and along the lake sounds like a slice of heaven after a long year. With all safety protocols in place, SUMMER CAMP 2021 is ready to welcome you! And when you help sign up a first-time camper, you both may be eligible for a rebate on your camp fee! See rebate offer.

Use the links below to register or learn more about each camp!

If you have questions or suggestions please contact me at or Registrar Judy Hazel,

Rev. David Berkey, Executive Director

Our camps follow guidelines developed by the American Camp Association, in relation with the Centers for Disease Control, to provide a safe experience for campers and staff. Read our January COVID Update.
Elementary Camps
Wesley Woods Camps
WoW Elementary 1, 6/20/2021 - 6/26/2021  WW21ELWoW1
WoW Elementary 2, 6/27/2021 - 7/2/2021  WW21ELWoW2
Elementary: Glow, 7/11/2021 - 7/17/2021 WW21ELGLOW
Elementary: Ignite, 7/18/2021 - 7/24/2021 WW21IGNITE
Elementary: Unstoppable, 7/25/2021 - 7/31/2021 WW21UNSTOP
WoW Elementary 3, 8/1/2021 - 8/6/2021 WW21ELWoW3
Youth Camps / Middle & High School
Lake Michigan Adventure Camps
High School Pictured Rocks Adventure Kayak, 7/11/2021 - 7/17/2021, LM21KAYAK
Tri-Water Middle School Backpacking Adventure, 7/18/2021 - 7/24/2021, LM21TRIWAT
Wesley Woods Camps
High School: Unbreakable, 6/13/2021 - 6/19/2021, WW21UNBREA
River Camp, 6/20/2021 - 6/26/2021, WW21RIVER, Grades 8-12
Middle School: Uncontainable, 6/27/2021 - 7/2/2021, WW21UNCONT
WoW Middle School 1, 7/11/2021 - 7/17/2021, WW21WoWMD1
WoW Middle School 2, 7/18/2021 - 7/24/2021, WW21WoWMD2
WoW Middle School 3, 8/1/2021 - 8/6/2021, WW21WoWMD3
Family & Adult Camps
Wesley Woods Camps
Family Camp, 08/20/2021-08/22/2021, WW21FAMILY
Lake Huron Retreat Center Events
R & R Retreat (March), 03/19/2021-03/21/2021
R & R Retreat (April), 04/09/2021-04/11/2021
R & R Family Weekend (May), 05/22/2021-05/24/2021, LH21MAYR&R
God’s Treasures Camp 1 (June), 06/22/2021-06/26/2021, LH21GT1 FULL
God’s Treasures Camp 2 (July), 07/13/2021-07/17/2021, LH21GT2 FULL
Lakeshore Interlude, 08/03/2021-08/05/2021, LH21SENIOR
R & R Family Weekend (Sept), 09/04/2021-09/06/2021, LH21SEPR&R
Joyful Noise Choir Retreat, 09/10/2021-09/11/2021, LH21CHOIR
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