Camp Registration Open

Happy Thursday, Allisonville!

I have an exciting announcement for y'all today! The Indiana Disciples church camp registration is open! The Region sent an email out yesterday.

Be sure to register before May 15 for the early bird discount. The cost for the 6-day camps is $440 per camper, the cost for 3-day camps is $250 per camper, and Allisonville will cover half the cost for every Allisonville member who registers for camp!

If you need additional support, please talk to me about it and we will make it work for you, I promise. The Region also offers scholarship support. Church camp is such an incredible experience and I can't wait to spend some time with y'all this summer at camp!

And, if you are interested in serving as a counselor, please let me know and I can put you in touch with the right people for the camp you are interested in.

This year is a little different, and I have mentioned this to many of y'all, but if you do not know- we are only doing camps at Camp Bedford this year. The Region has decided to end our partnership with the Geneva Center and to focus on Bedford. This is a GOOD thing. This means that all the middle schoolers at middle school camp will be in the same place, all the MADD campers at the same place, all the Explorers at the same place, and so on. And from a director's perspective, this makes recruiting counselors infinitely easier.

There is one new camp that will be hosted at Geist Christian Church's Promise Road campus, and you can read about that down below. It is called Mission as Justice Camp and focuses on putting justice into action.

Camp Bedford is just a lovely place and I am excited for y'all to experience it! I know that several of us went to the Geneva Center and I do know that change might be hard. I promise that camp will still be just as amazing at Bedford. Everyone who went to Geneva will just be going to Bedford now, so you'll still see your friends AND you will get to make new ones as you meet the campers who have gone to Bedford. This is gonna be a really cool and exciting summer for camp. If you have any questions about this change, please reach out to me.

Over the years, Allisonville has had a strong showing at camp, and I hope we can continue to grow that. If your kid has never bee nto camp before, now is the time to try it out!!

Below, you will find descriptions of ALL the camps that are happening this summer in Indiana as well as links to register for them. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me ANYTIME! I love camp, and I know you will too (if you don't already)! I will once again be directing the High School Camp.

If your child/grandchild/a kid you care about has never been to camp, I really do hope this is the summer they try it out. Definitely reach out to me about it and I am more than happy to talk to y'all about it! Our kids who go every summer likely would agree with me when I say that church camp is an amazing experience. Invite a friend and experience the magic of church camp!

Peace and blessings,


2024 Camps

Please click the link below for the camp you want to register for.

You and Me 1: June 10-12

Age 5+ and an adult

This camp is for our youngest of campers (plus a trusted adult who they love)! This fun, intergenerational camp is a way for loved ones of all ages to experience the wonders and joy of church camp together! The adult does not need to be a biological relative.


New Beginnings: June 12-14

Completed 1st - 3rd grade

New Beginnings is for our new campers who are going without a parent/guardian for the first time! This fun, three-day camp welcomes our younger ones to camp for some time of fun, fellowship, and faith development in a special place!


You and Me 2: June 12-14

Age 5+ and an adult

This camp is for our youngest of campers (plus a trusted adult who they love)! This fun, intergenerational camp is a way for loved ones of all ages to experience the wonders and joy of church camp together! The adult does not need to be a biological relative.


Explorers: June 24-29

Completed 4th - 5th grade

Explorers Camp is for our older elementary school kids as they transition to spending a longer time at church camp! It is a week full of fun, Bible study, activities, worship, and more with kids their age from all across Indiana!


C.R.O.S.S. Camp: June 26 - July 1

Completed 6th - 12th grade

Christian Recreation and Outdoor Sports Skills (C.R.O.S.S.) is for our most active of campers! It's a week full of sports, games, and all kinds of outdoor activities alongside other traditional camp experiences.


High School: July 1-6

Completed 9th - 12th grade

High school camp is a special, weeklong experience for our oldest students! It's a meaningful week where lifelong friends meet new friends to grow in faith and relationship with God and one another. For many of our seniors, this is their last time at church camp as a camper (but we are excited for them to be counselors one day)!

Josh is DIRECTING this one.


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Mission as Justice Camp: July 14-20

Hosted at Geist Christian Church, Promise Road

Ages 16-18

The Mission as Justice camp is an experienced-based, learning-focused camp experience. The camp will be for ages 16-18 due to the nature of the information and possibility of age restrictions for some of the activities planned. It will be limited to 20 youth and 5 adults. This year’s theme is exploring the intersection of food justice and racism. Along with the regional Reconciliation program, the Outdoor Ministries team will engage local food pantries, Gleaner’s Food Bank, Society of St. Andrew, Bread for the World, among others.


M.A.D. (Music, Art, & Drama) Camp: July 15-20

Completed 6th - 12th grade

Music, Arts, and Drama (M.A.D.) camp is made for youth with a love and passion for the arts! This camp is a way for campers to learn and practice the arts alongside traditional camp activities. The week ends with a farewell performance by the campers that families are invited to attend!

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