Dear Sarah's Science Family,

I deeply and passionately wanted your children to enjoy a Sarah's Science outdoor camp experience this summer. Camp is not just what I do, but it is also an integral part of who I am. The parents and children who have interacted with me each year at camp perhaps know me well enough to imagine and understand how badly I wanted our summer camp to happen this year. I have worked tirelessly since the start of this pandemic to make holding camp this summer a possibility; therefore, it is indescribably difficult to type these words, but for the first time in the 25 year history of Sarah's Science, I am not going to be able to operate camp this summer. Despite my very best efforts, the requirements instituted by the Health Department simply make it impossible. I already miss your children, I will desperately miss standing in the Redwoods each Monday morning welcoming returning and new parents, I'll miss witnessing the collective gratitude of over 100 campers sharing what they are thankful for in our "closing circle," and I will miss the shared experiences of new discoveries and memories being made.

I don't give up easily. I believe that this challenging time will eventually end. Scientific advances will play an important part in putting the pandemic behind us. When we come out on the other side, my goal is to have Sarah's Science there, ready and waiting to bring your kids the very best in science and nature programs. More than ever, it's important for our children to have outdoor experiences that inspire creativity and foster a love of nature, science, and learning.

As I mentioned in my last letter to you, the full amount of all monies paid for summer camp can be applied to any Sarah's Science program through at least December 31, 2021 and I hope to extend credit an additional year. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for the difficulty I know this has caused you. My commitment to you and your children remains strong and grows even stronger as we work to navigate these challenging times together.


Sarah Shaffer

Owner & Founder
Sarah's Science
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