Summer Camp Is Here!
NEW Summer Camp Programs!

What: Week-Long Summer Camps for Your Little Dog
It's a week of fun, playful days and relaxing, restful nights.
Where: Little Dogs Resort & Spa
When: Starting This Week
You can customize your dates!
Enrichment, Engagement, & Cuddles!
Dogs naturally want variety in their day. And since our dogs are quite intelligent, they also need mental stimulation and games.

Which Program Will Your Dog Get???
Zen Time
Playful Pooch
Action Hero
Fast Facts About Summer Camp
  • Hour by Hour Curriculum
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Treats
  • Basic Manners
  • Sit, Come, Threshold, and more...
  • Belly Rubs
  • Quiet Time
  • Artwork (yes it's totally a thing!)
  • Luxury Overnight Care

Let's Have Some FUN!

Jennifer & the Little Dogs Team
Little Dogs Resort
Space is Limited. Reserve Now!