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Summer Catering is Underway
Coho Restaurant's team is gearing up for another busy season
Experience Pacific Northwest Cuisine with a Mediterranean Flair.

Join us this Spring!
April Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 5-9pm
From an owner's perspective
What was once a triple tiered white cake is now ice cream sundaes and pie bars. How catering is changing...
Our approach in the kitchen
We are dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients and using every part of them! Learn more about Root to Leaf...
Chef's "meatloaf sammie"
Mentioned in the video above! Make your own food truck meatloaf sammie with beet ketchup. Get Chef Ryan's recipe...
Join us for Kitchen Boot Camp: two more sessions
Master seafood with Chef Ryan or meatless cooking with Chef Jessica. Or both! Learn to work the kitchen...
Sure to be a beautiful evening of food & wine
Ten days away! Join us as we welcome our friends from Kontos Cellars for a decadent night to remember. Event details and reservations online...
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