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Dear Readers,

June is a joyous month filled with meaningful summer celebration, relaxation, and exciting new reads. Sunday, June 19, 2022 we'll be celebrating both Father's Day and Juneteenth!

In honor of Father's Day, we would like to a talk a bit about our own father/daughter duo at Phoenix Books! Essex manager, Katie DeSanto, is also Phoenix Books' co-owner, Mike DeSanto's daughter. When we asked Mike what working with his daughter was like, he happily filled us in on how being in the book business together has only strengthened their bond--both in the professional world and on a personal level:

"No matter what the future brings me I will always treasure the years Katie and I have shared working together at Phoenix Books. As with any family business, we have had some low points but so many more high points. Talk about Bring Your Daughter To Work Day, eh? These days, Katie works more days than I do, and in the future it will be her advice and guidance which shapes the next years for Phoenix Books."

--Mike DeSanto

In honor of Juneteenth, our newest national holiday, peruse our reading recommendations below. Learn the specific history of Juneteenth, as well as how to honor the spirit of the day both through literature and within our communities. There are Juneteenth events near you in Essex, Burlington, and be sure to check out what the Rutland Area Branch of the NAACP is doing for the holiday!

With Gratitude,

Your Booksellers at Phoenix Books 
Congratulations to Phoenix Books' co-owners, Michael DeSanto & Renée Reiner for being chosen as joint recipients of the 2022 Bookstock Vermont Literary Inspiration Award for their “outstanding inspiration to the literary prosperity and traditions of Vermont.”

"Renée and I are surprised and delighted [to receive the award]. Surprised, because we've been at the business of selling books for a long time and consider our work a given. And then, someone recognizes you, and says, "hey there, you're doing a heckuva job". We feel this way when a customer says this to us or one of our team, and when an organization taps us on the collective shoulder and says the same thing.

We are touched in our hearts, and delighted that what we do and have done as booksellers has value to others. So much of Phoenix Books' success we attribute to our loyal team of booksellers. Our booksellers are great people, awesome team mates, and demonstrate unequaled loyalty to promoting the ideas and philosophy of Phoenix Books. Renée and I know and appreciate that our successes come with the hard work and skill of our booksellers."

--Mike DeSanto

Bookstock's award (introduced in 2019) aims to highlight the role of people and organizations which support the livelihood of authors residing in our state and bring joy to the reading public.

Michael and Renée will be presented their award on Friday, June 24, 2022 at 6 PM at Woodstock Town Hall Theater in Woodstock, VT.
Green Mountain Festival of Words
Bookstock showcases literary luminaries and cross-cultural voices, including Pulitzer Prize winners, Poets Laureate, National Book Award winners, plus debut and best-selling authors from Vermont and beyond.

Check out the 2022 schedule HERE!
A Brief History of Earth by Andrew Knoll
"A Brief History Of Earth by Andrew Knoll a book for the basic geologist who wants to know what we all are standing on! Subtitled "Four Billion Years In Eight Chapters" it is a basic read for those of us who avoided science in college and are fascinated by rocks and fossils. Nicely written, crisp, and not too technical."

--Mike DeSanto, Owner
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