July 17, 2019
Happy Summer! I want to take the time to let everyone know about the changes coming to Thomas Orchards in the next couple weeks. It has been difficult to find the words to tell everyone that I am leaving Thomas Orchards at the end of July to pursue other adventures and continue my education.

In early February of 2008, I was introduced to Jerry and Paula by a mutual friend. The very next week I began my adventure with Thomas Orchards. It has been an amazing time of laughter, hard work, fun and learning with a mutual love of all things GREEN (and food related, of course)! I have had the privilege of making many friends during this time both as customers and as suppliers of our beautiful plants.

Thank you for the wonderful memories I will be taking with me!

Until we meet again,

Tami Black
Nursery Manager, Thomas Orchards
Thomas Orchards 6091 Macon Hwy., Bishop, GA 30621 (706)769-5011