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I have a list of upcoming events performed and/or produced by the creative talents that make up our remarkable San Francisco Bay Area community. It seems that I never get enough time to promote all the wonderful productions by local artists and producers that are dear to me. Nonetheless, I try.

Speaking of local productions, the first Cine Chileno in San Francisco va viento en popa . In other words, smooth sailing. As you may already know, I will feature Chilean film director Silvio Caiozzi at none other than the fabulous Castro Theater, on November 11, 2018. I can't say enough about how supportive and considerate the folks at the Castro Theater have been with me, considering that I'm a very small-scale operation. At the Castro Theater, they are truly about film as an art form.

I am also grateful to a dear customer, Paola Carvajal, for making a donation towards this endeavor. Truly touched.

As well, I am filled with sincere gratitude that Isabel Allende, despite her time-crunched schedule, took notice of my production and made a generous donation. Isabel Allende, prolific author and founder of the Isabel Allende Foundation, is Chile's international celebrity par excellence . Her philanthropic foundation supports programs in Chile and California that serve vulnerable women and girls. Among her numerous awards and honors, President Barack Obama awarded her the 2014 Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her novel, The House of the Spirits (1982), catapulted her from prominent journalist in the Chilean magazine Revista Paula to Best Selling international author. The House of the Spirits was made into a feature film directed by Billie August with a star-studded cast that included Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, and Jeremy Irons. I've read and loved many novels by Isabel Allende, however The House of the Spirits resonated profoundly because I recognized each character as a member of my own family. Many Chileans have told me the same. I'd like to add that in spite of Isabel Allende's fame, she's warm and approachable and if her schedule permits she makes time to welcome the Agep-V ladies, a group of women entrepreneurs from Chile associated with the Sausalito-Viña del Mar Sister Cities program. Apropos, breaking news relating to The House of the Spirits is that Hulu is developing an adaptation of the novel for a television series. How fantastic is that!

Before I move on to the list of upcoming events, I would like to thank another remarkable woman, Nina Serrano --poet, filmmaker, novelist, radio host--for featuring me in her radio program La Raza Chronicles. The interview will air on June 26th, at 7:00pm, on 94.1 KPFA. Once aired, the program is archived on the KPFA website for two weeks, and permanently on soundcloud/larazachronicles . ¡Muchas g racias Nina!

And of course, please remember to mark your calendar for Cine Chileno in San Francisco and get a chance to meet Chilean film director Silvio Caiozzi, at The Castro Theatre, on November 11, 2018. The all-day retrospective concludes with the U.S. premiere of Caiozzi's latest film ...Y de pronto el amancer ( ...And Suddenly the Dawn ), winner of the Grand Prix of the Americas (Best Film) at the 2017 Montreal World Film Festival. So save the date, tell your friends, or better yet get your tickets today. Please read on for more information on featured films and events pertaining to Cine Chileno in San Francisco.

Muchas gracias
Paula Tejeda

I am thankful for your support Isabel Allende.

La Peña Cultural Center Celebrates its 43rd Year Anniversary
Saturday, June 23
8:00 to 12:00
La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705

La Peña de Berkeley (as we old timers call it) is celebrating its 43rd year anniversary, tonight, Saturday, June 23rd, with the psychedelic-cumbia beat of La Chamba. La Chamba is bringing the party straight from Los Ángeles ... so put on your dancing shoes my friends and get ready to dance to the revival of the "60s & 70s psychedelic Peruvian surf-cumbia genre known as Chicha music."
Purchase Tickets here .

I love this photo. I took it at last year's Flower Piano.

Flower Piano lV: Twelve Days, Twelve Pianos
San Francisco Botanical Garden, July 5 - 16, 2018

Flower Piano is back this summer and going strong on its fourth year, quickly becoming one of San Francisco's annual gems. It's reassuring to know that San Francisco is still a city where poetic spirits can see enterprises of mythical proportions--take off. Mauro Ffortissimo, from Argentina, began placing pianos at various locations along Half Moon Bay. Soon enough filmmaker Dean Mermell started documenting this precarious musical affair taking place along the Bay's coastal ridges. One thing lead to another, they created Sunset Piano , produced a witty and fascinating documentary, and landed a partnership with the San Francisco Botanical Garden . Flower Piano is simply spectacular! Don't miss it. A shout out to my friend Paulo V Sultanum (Brazil) scheduled on three different occasions this time around. IN ADDITION, the legendary Cuban jazz pianist, Chuchito Valdés, has been invited to perform this year and I can tell you his playing is smokin. However, what makes Flower Piano so unique is simply taking a walk through the Botanical Garden to discover a piano tucked away behind the trees, as a pianist strokes away at the keys.

For more details here's an article published by the San Francisco Chronicle: Flower Piano returns for fourth season

And don't miss the chance to catch the film, Twelve Pianos, directed by Dean Mermell, at one of the following showings:
  • Tuesday, June 26, 7pm - FREE, Bernal Heights Outdoor Film Festival

  • Wednesday, June 27, 6pm - FREE, San Francisco Public Library, Koret Auditorium
  • Thursday, June 28, 7:15pm, Rafael Film Center, San Rafael

Central Works presents:
King of Cuba
A new comedy by Cristina García, adapted from her novel of the same title.

Directed by Gary Graves.
I am so looking forward to this play written by Cristina García, my former creative writing teacher at Mills College. ¡Brava Profe!
"...a hilarious take on Cuba's legendary leader, El Comandante"
Cristina García (second-to-last) with the creative Central Works' team. Marga Gomez (first-on-left).
The lead part is performed by Marga Gomez, one of the founding members of Culture Clash, a brilliant theater ensemble founded in the 80s, in San Francisco's Mission District.

Purchase Tickets here .
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429 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

The first Cine Chileno in San Francisco pays tribute to acclaimed film director Silvio Caiozzi, who will travel from Chile exclusively for the screenings.

The day-long retrospective features 3 films:
  • Julio comienza en julio (Julio Begins in July, 1979)
  • La luna en el espejo (The Moon in the Mirror, 1990)
  • …Y de pronto el amanecer (…And Suddenly the Dawn, 2017), last year's winner of the Grand Prix of the Americas (Best Film) at The Montreal World Film Festival.

Through out the day-long retrospective five episodes of Descorchando Chile (Cheers from Chile) will be shown.

Descorchando Chile is an award-winning, 12-part television series produced and directed by Silvio Caiozzi to commemorate Chile's bicentennial, celebrated in 2010.

You can purchase tickets to each individual show or you can acquire an All-Day Pass.
All Day Pass: $50 Ticket here

Limited tickets to pre-show cocktail reception with Silvio Caiozzi at The Castro Theatre’s mezzanine includes the All-Day Pass.
Cocktail reception: $60 Ticket here
Sponsor: Frísco Brandy , inspired by Pisco, made in San Francisco.
10:10am - doors open to ticket holders

10:30am– TV series Descorchando Chile (Cheers from Chile)
Part 2: Los Vinos del Desierto
Viña Casa Tamaya
Viñedos de Alcohuaz
Viña Cavas del Valle

11:05am – Julio comienza en julio (Julio Begins in July, 1979)

Julio comienza en julio
(Julio Begins in July, 1979)
1:30pm - doors open to ticket holders

1:45pm – TV Series Descorchando Chile (Cheers from Chile)
Part 4: Valles de Poesía
Viña Morandé

2:20pm – La luna en el espejo (The Moon in the Mirror, 1990)

La luna en el espejo
(The Moon in the Mirror, 1990)
6:15pm - doors open to ticket holders


7:00pm – …Y de pronto el amanecer (…And Suddenly the Dawn, 2017)

…Y de pronto el amanecer (…And Suddenly The Dawn, 2017)
PLOT SUMMARY: At the turn of the 20th century, the well known landowner, Mr. Julio García del Castaño, is convinced that the end always justifies the means. He's involved in a lawsuit with the Franciscan religious order, whose solution will stretch the limits of legality. At the same time, he orders the sexual initiation of his son and heir, Julio, in the typical fashion of the time. Julio, however, falls in love with the prostitute, Maria, and from then on has eyes only for her. This brings on the collapse of the empire forged by his family. B&W (Sepia)

«Quinzaine des Realizateurs» Selection – Cannes International Film Festival, France (1979)

Best Film, Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva, Spain (1979)

Critic Award, Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva, Spain (1979)

Best Chilean Film , CineUC Film Festival, Chile (1979)

Official Selection, International Film Festival of Bangalore, India (1980)

Official Selection, International Film Festival of Tashkent, URSS (1980)

Best Film of the 20th Century, popular audience selection through El Mercurio newspaper and Santiago City Hall (1999)
PLOT SUMMARY: In the mystical port of Valparaíso an old and sick marine, Don Arnaldo (Rafael Benavente), lives in close quarters with his son who’s nickname is Gordo (Ernesto Beadle). From his bed the father controls his son’s every move in the small apartment through mirrors that strategically hang on his bedroom walls. His son is submissive and obedient. He longs for his freedom as much as he fears it. Guilt keeps him from admitting that deep down inside he wants his father to die. Lucrecia (Gloria Münchmeyer), slightly older than Gordo, is their widowed neighbor. Gordo and Lucrecia have feelings for each other; they flirt and fool around behind Don Arnaldo’s back. Lucrecia seduces “Gordo” and manages to get him out for a day on the Valparaíso bay. After several of these “acts of rebellion” Don Arnaldo plays his last card to regain control over his son.

Nominated by Chilean Government for “Best Foreign Film”, OSCAR Awards, USA (1990)

Best Actress, International Film Festival of Venice, Italy (1990)

Best Film, International Film Festival of Trieste, Italy (1990)

Best Film, International Film Festival of La Habana, Cuba (1990)

Best Actor, International Film Festival La Habana, Cuba (1990)

Best Film Jury Special Award, International Film Festival of Valladolid, Spain (1990)

Best Film, Annual Award Show business Journalists, Chile (1990)

Best Director, Annual Award Show business Journalists, Chile (1990)

Best Director, International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia (1991)

Best International Film, International Film Festival of Montevideo, Uruguay (1991)

Best Latin-American Film, International Film Festival of Montevideo, Uruguay (1991)

Best Film, International Film Festival of Cuzco, Peru (1991)

Best Film OCIC Award, International Film Festival of Amiens, France (1990)

Glauber Rocha Award, International Film Festival of Portugal (1991)

Best Film, Colibrí Award, International Film Festival of Vitoria, Brazil (1991)
PLOT SUMMARY: Pancho Veloso (Julio Jung), an up in years celebrity-gossip journalist living in the capital city of Santiago, returns to his childhood town in southernmost Chile, Chiloé, after having fled there over 40 years earlier. There he begins to write commercial, profit-oriented chronicles about this region, commonly known as “the end of the world.” Upon facing his past he starts loosing his lifelong pretense.

Grand Prix of the Americas (Best Film), The Montreal World Film Festival (2017)
Descorchando Chile (Cheers from Chile, 2010)

Hosted by British wine expert and television personality Olly Smith , it spotlights Chile's exceptionally beautiful and diverse wine-producing regions, and chronicles each vineyard’s exceptional story.

Three episodes of TV series Descorchando Chile:

3:50pm - doors open to ticket holders
4:15pm - Descorchando Chile (Cheers from Chile, 2010) 
  • Part 5: Valles de Mar y Vino
Viña Veramontes
Viña Garcés Silva
Viña Casanueva

  • Part 7: El Valle Premiado
Viña Caliterra
Viña Montes

  • Part 8: Valle de Sorpresas
Viña Viu Manent
Viña Lapostole
Viña Los Nogales

© Andrea Films S.A
Olly Smith greets a huaso (cowboy) in Chile's beautiful countryside. ¡Viva Chile!

Tickets to pre-show cocktail reception with Silvio Caiozzi + ALL DAY PASS


Link your brand to Cine Chileno in San Francisco: request the sponsorship proposal or buy an ad in the magazine-style program. E-mail Paula Tejeda at

To make a tax deductible donation to Cine Chileno in San Francisco visit my fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas .

Checks payable to Cine Chileno in SF can be mailed to:
Chile Lindo
2944 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

...and above all, invite everyone you know and buy empanadas!

Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo
Kevin N. Hume/S.F. Examiner
San Francisco Examiner
By  Denise Sullivan   on May 27, 2018
“Twenty five years ago, I knew Chile was right around the corner in every sense: tourism, wine, the fruit exports,” said Tejeda. “I knew Chilean artists were beginning to come to the Bay Area and there was an opportunity for someone to make connections.”

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