September, 2021

Summer Delight

It's been an exciting summer getting back to the in-person routine at The Next Stop. In addition to our typical enjoyable days, we were thankful to have two Brenau occupational therapy students join us for 8 weeks; we were able to play a game once a week via Zoom with Next Stop members not yet attending; and, we even gained three new members.

Let's just say The Next Stop's tag line "A place to learn, a place to laugh and a place to shine", has been expressed tenfold this summer! Lots of learning, laughing and shining!

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Mystery Collaborative Art

The children's book "The Dot" is an inspirational story of encouragement, courage and personal growth. The message is expressed simply, but is a very powerful one. Likewise, encouraging our members to have the courage to experience new things and grow from having done so is a foundational goal of The Next Stop.

We look forward to revealing our expression of this positive message at The Next Stop's Golf, Dinner and Wine Event on October 4th.



3 Chances to Win!

1st Draw - $5,000

2nd Draw - $3,000

3rd Draw - $2,000

$25 per ticket

Drawing October 4, 2021

Purchase Cash Raffle Tickets

Last year without our members’ knowledge, a cash raffle ticket was purchased by an anonymous donor for each Next Stop member. How exciting it was to have one of those donated tickets drawn as the winner of the 2020 Cash Raffle!

Jackie and her family were very surprised and immediately knew where some of their winnings would be spent. They had recently moved their home AND lost their beloved miniature dachshund. She was a companion and responsibility for Jackie so was sorely missed. They were soon able to adopt a new miniature dachshund named Emma and put a fence in their new backyard for her.


$10 per ticket or 3 for $25

Drawing October 4, 2021

Purchase Spirits Raffle Tickets


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The Next Stop's fabulous SILENT AUCTION will open online on October 1st and will be on display October 4th.

Bidding can be done on your phone, Ipad/tablet or computer.

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