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Beth Paxson
The success of our online Spring Term enabled us to bring weekly practice to your home, providing support and relief from the pressure of the pandemic. It is very clear that continuity of practice enhances our ability to cope with uncertainty and stress.

In an attempt to maintain the support of our practice and keep our community healthy and safe, we will be launching our Summer Drop In classes on the Zoom platform.

Even as Multnomah County inches toward a Phase I re-opening, we are setting our sights on September to hold live classes.

Beth Paxson


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Summer drop in classes are starting Tuesday, June 9! As of now, we plan on all of these classes happening online. 

We will be using the Simplified Levels for the Summer classes as we have done in the past. 

We are offering a NEW pricing option: An Unlimited Pass! At $400, this is a great deal for students who plan to practice two or more times per week (about $14.30 per class at 2 times a week). If you have an active pass, we can put that on hold for you to use at a later time.

Payments are accepted by credit card on our website at or when you BOOK through the MindBody schedule on our website


Throughout the summer, we will be recording 4-5 classes a week: 1 Beginning, 2 Advanced Beginning, and 1-2 Intermediate. The classes will vary from week to week and are marked with a dot in the downloadable version of the summer calendar. 

Contact the office to request the classes you would like to purchase. You may use a class pass or purchase a drop in for the recording. You do not need to have attended a particular class to purchase the recording. We will email the link the following business day. Recordings will be available until September 12, 2020. 

Go to our website for information about registration and purchase. 

Next Up

We are working on our Fall Schedule! Also in the works is an update to Anatomy Week offerings and new faces at the studio.