Summer 2018



Recently, we were once again proud and honored to give the gift of education through the generosity of our scholarship funds . This year, the committee had to sort through 120 completed applications, all of which were very compelling.

We granted 32 scholarships totaling $83,500 to 29 students! In addition, Allied Arts joined our celebration and gave a $2000 scholarship to one additional student.

Listen to what one of the winners had to say: "My life has been a rollercoaster! To me this scholarship is not only vital aid, but rather a beacon of understanding and hope. It is a vote of belief in my story and potential. I am truly honored to receive the Harper Engineering Scholarship. ‘Asante Sana’(Swahili)! Thank you!”
-Alfred Mugho-

King-5 TV was also there to capture the moment. Click below and be inspired!

First Financial Northwest Foundation Fund seeks
Letters of Inquiry

Each year, the First Financial Northwest Foundation Fund solicits grant proposals from non-profits in our region. As a fund within RRCF, we partner with them to manage the process and distribute funds to do great things in the Puget Sound area.

The 2018 grant process
is now open.

For the online application
and more information go here.
W e are excited to start a new regular feature called “Faces of the Foundation.” RRCF is made up of incredible people with heartwarming stories about why they choose to invest in the community. Each month we will feature one of their stories. This month, we are featuring the First Financial Northwest Foundation Fund.

First, a little bit of background: The First Savings Bank of Renton (the predecessor to First Financial Northwest Bank) was founded in 1923 to provide loans to help build the community in and around the city of Renton. When they went public in 2007, the bank board decided they would donate a block of stock to form the independent, non-profit First Financial Northwest Foundation to give back to the community that helped grow the bank. 

Two funds were established within the Renton Regional Community Foundation; one was set up as an endowment fund to support agencies in Renton or within the geographic boundaries of the Renton School District, and the other was a donor-advised fund that would support agencies in the geographic regions of First Financial Northwest Bank.

 We asked the Foundation board members a few questions:
Q: What have been some of the most memorable/inspiring grants you’ve made?
A: Supporting several agencies that provide struggling children and teens with the resources to help them transition back into the mainstream school system and workforce has been very meaningful. In addition, our funding for the Meadow Crest Accessible Playground provided an all-inclusive community resource that is being utilized by all age groups - from infants to seniors. We have also committed to three years of funding for the Family First Community Center in the Cascade area to provide local youth a safe place for sports, homework, healthcare, mentoring and much more.
Q: What impact do you hope your giving has made on the region?
A: Making an impact on the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable children and seniors in areas of health, housing, food security, education and safety.
Q:  How has being connected to the Renton Regional Community Foundation helped you fulfill your mission?
A: Having funds with RRCF has alleviated the need to set up our own infrastructure that would normally be necessary to facilitate a robust grant program. RRCF helps us with the grant application process, agency verification, site visits and the funding notification and distribution process. They have also provided information on potential projects that support our mission statement.

RRCF extends our heartfelt thanks to the First Financial Northwest Foundation board for their continued partnership as we work together to make a positive difference in the community.
Save the Date – Celebrate! The Love of Community on
February 13, 2019

I t’s hard to believe, but 2019 marks the 20 th anniversary of RRCF!

We have much to celebrate.

Please mark your calendars for the evening of February 13 th and join us at the Renton Pavilion for a grand celebration. More information coming soon!

 If you are interested in being on the planning committee or being a table captain or sponsor, please contact LeAnne Moss at

What does the word “Cornerstone” mean to you? When you look up the definition, you will see words like bedrock, backbone, centerpiece, core, or heart. That’s what you are to us!

Our Cornerstone program recognizes those who give $100 or more to sustain the Foundation. This critical support helps us with outreach and general organizational commitments that come with running the foundation. You can participate with a one-time gift, or you can make monthly donations - $10/month adds up to $120 a year. When you go to our donation page , just put in the amount, and then under the drop down list of funds, click on the first one you see: RCF Programs and Services . Thank you very much!

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