May 29, 2019
Dear Mighty Oaks!
On behalf of my colleagues in the Division of Student Affairs and across campus, I am thrilled to formally welcome you to the College of Environmental Science and Forestry community! We are busy getting things ready for your arrival in August. I hope you are looking as forward to that day as we are.
You likely chose ESF because you know you will get an excellent education here. You will take classes from outstanding faculty members who are highly regarded in their fields. And you may participate in research projects with these faculty members. In addition to an excellent academic experience, a hallmark of an ESF education is the learning and experience you will have outside the classroom.
In the Division of Student Affairs, our mission is "to advance individual student learning, well-being, and success by intentionally designing involvement and engagement opportunities to promote contributions to the College community and greater society" . We do this by planning programs and service projects, by helping you prepare for your internship and job searches, by coordinating tutoring programs, by assisting you with any challenges you may face, by helping you to get connected and involved on campus, and in many other ways. You will learn more about our office and other offices on campus during your upcoming Orientation.
Enjoy the remainder of your summer. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Dean Lombard
Anne E. Lombard, Ph.D.
Vice Provost and Dean for Student Affairs
First-Year Orientation begins Monday, August 19th!
Pre-Arrival Reminders
You should have received a letter from the Division of Student Affairs to let you know the New Student Checklist  on the MyESF Portal is live and waiting for you!

  • Activate your NetID so you can start using your College e-mail address! (Our e-mail service is through Syracuse University, hence @SYR.EDU). You can also upload your ID photo using your SUID Number and Net ID (Under Student ID Card Photo Details).

The MyESF Portal includes: emergency contact information, photo upload (Two places! One for ESF and one for SUID), policies acknowledgement, FERPA waiver (for billing and academic purposes), student health insurance (waive out or opt in), your student bill, and much more..
Did You Know..?

Once classes start, students will receive a fun, weekly email with information about all the awesome events happening on campus. There is something great going on almost every single day here at ESF! These emails are titled " Oakie's Opps ", referring to opportunities for our students to grow in many ways. Whether it's a guest speaker, workshop, Morning Munch, campus announcement, or tie dye event, we love building our students by creating a sense of community!
Office Spotlight: Student Involvement and Leadership
Student Involvement and Leadership is staffed by Director Laura Crandall and Coordinator Sarah Houck.
Student Involvement and Leadership assists with:
·      All ESF student organizations, student government called the Undergraduate Student Association, and special interest groups
·      Leadership opportunities including Emerging Leaders and a Leadership Certificate program
·      Community Service initiatives including Alternative Spring Break and Campus Days of Service
·      Insomniacs events held nearly every Friday night starting at 10pm in Nifkin Lounge
·      Student-run events (see the Student Planner!), such as Morning Munches, Ice Cream Socials, TGIFs, Earth Week events, and December Soiree/Spring Banquet (awards and semi-formal dance)
·      Campus-wide events including Orientation, Family Weekend, and Commencement
Get involved! Check your e-mail regularly for our weekly updates!
L ocated in 14 Bray Hall, be sure to meet our welcoming staff members. For more information, visit our website here !
Math Placement
You will receive an email from Admissions about this task!
Due July 1
Required of ALL First-Year Students and transfer students who have not yet fulfilled the minimum math requirement for their major.
Administered Online 50 Questions (Takes about an hour)
To access the exam, log in to your MyESF Portal . (Under the New Student Checklist, go to Syracuse University Required Tasks.)
Centennial Hall Overview
Housing Contracts are due June 16
 The contract includes access to RoomSync, the official method for meeting other students and requesting a specific roommate. If you do not select a roommate using RoomSync, Centennial Hall staff will use your housing application to assign you a roommate. The last day to request a roommate is June 30.
For any questions or concerns, please contact Centennial Hall directly! Their contact information can be found here !
Health Immunization Assignment
Due August 19 - NO EXCEPTIONS
Students will receive an email from Magnus Health with a link to register and upload the required immunization records online. All ESF students are required to have the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) and must verify if they have or have not received the meningococcal (meningitis) vaccine. New students moving into Centennial Hall or the Ranger School will not be permitted to move in until immunization records (or an exemption request) have been received and approved by ESF Student Health Services.
Student Health Insurance
Waive Out Deadline is September 30
All full-time ESF students are required to have health insurance. The cost of the ESF Student Health Insurance plan is $2,007. This cost is automatically added to your student bill every fall semester. The ESF Student Health Insurance plan is NOT added to the bills of international students or Ranger School students.

If you have health insurance through another source (such as a parent/guardian/spouse or employment), you can waive out of the ESF student health insurance plan. The deadline to waive out is September 30, 2019. Please allow 24-48 hours for this to be removed from your student bill.

Failure to take action by the deadline will result in your being responsible for the full cost of the plan. To waive out or obtain more information, visit your MyESF portal or visit our Student Health Insurance page. *Please note the ESF Student Health Insurance Plan is separate from the ESF Health Fee. The ESF Health Fee is a mandatory fee that all students must pay.
Save The Dates!
Move-In Day (Centennial Hall First-Year Residents Only)
First-Year Orientation Begins (Goes all week for first-year students!)
Family Day for Orientation

Transfer Orientation Day
*If you would like to attend Orientation as a first-year student,
please email us at

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF)
Division of Student Affairs
1 Forestry Drive, 14 Bray Hall
Syracuse, New York 13210