July 19, 2018

Welcome Letter from Dr. Malika Carter, Ph.D, Chief Diversity Officer

The Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity has shared responsibility for coordination of all aspects of our Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity commitment, and regulatory compliance obligations. This includes working collaboratively with other campus partners as part of our mission. To achieve remarkable results, and to achieve our mission, an inclusive organization must be created and sustained. We're committed to an environment that is civil, respectful, fair, accessible, safe, and nurturing. We invite you to join us in creating that inclusive community and engage in a dialogue directly with my office, publicly or privately. Best of wishes to you in continued success here at ESF.

ID Cards and Photo Reminder - If you submitted your photo through Syracuse University, your ID card will be available during Orientation Check-In or at Centennial Hall’s Move-In. If you did not upload a photo for your ID Card, please visit here. Please also be sure to upload your photo additional to the MyESF portal for your records at ESF too.

Meal Plan Selection - Talk with your family about which meal plan option is best for you. You have until September 8 to make changes to your fall semester meal plan and billing. Adjustments after August 19 must be done in person in 206 Steele Hall. All ESF meal plans will be billed through SU. For further information, please contact SU Meal Plan Services at (315) 443-2721.
Oakie's Acorn-er!

Did you know ESF offers passport services?
Moon Library offers on-campus passport services! All the details here!

Looking for a new bank near campus?
Here is a map with nearby banking!

Check out ESF's Global Experience !
Student Safety
The University Police Department (UPD) is responsible for providing the ESF college community with a safe and healthful environment in which to work, live and learn. The duties of UPD include foot and mobile patrol, law enforcement, criminal investigations, medical emergency coordination, community relations, traffic/parking services and crime prevention.

UPD services include on-campus escorts, bicycle registrations, keys/access fobs, vehicle lockouts and jump starts, parking passes, speaking assignments, personal safety, crime prevention, RAD(Rape Aggression Defense), and temp service/work study communicators.

On Move-In Day, UPD will be registering bicycles out front and Centennial Hall will be selling “U-bolt” bike locks for $15.

Personal Safety and Crime Prevention Tips
When possible, travel with a friend or a group. Stay aware of your surroundings while walking. Limit use of headphones/smartphones as distractions.
If you feel unsafe, or someone/something is suspicious, report it to UPD.
Always lock your dorm/apt/car doors and don’t leave valuables out in the open.
Use a “U-Bolt” lock on your bike - attaching it to a bike rack not a railing/sign/post/tree.
Make smart, sensible decisions; don’t put yourself in “No-Win” situations. (Walking a new route at night by yourself, getting in a car with an intoxicated driver, not letting someone know where you will be…)

This is your campus and home, hopefully for the next 4+ years. Set the example for our community.
If you see/hear something you don’t feel comfortable about, speak-up, call UPD or tell someone.

ESF UPD can be reached at (315) 470-6666 or 6667 and be sure to save this in your cell phone so you have it if you should ever need it!
Finalizing Your Schedule/Textbook Preview
Final adjustments to your schedule will be taken care of during Orientation in consultation with your academic department. Please make sure that your final transcripts and other college credits are received. If you have any questions about your schedule or transcripts, please contact the Registrar Office at (315) 470-6655.

Once your class schedule is finalized, ESF operates a Virtual Bookstore in partnership with the Syracuse University Bookstore. You may order your textbooks online and have them delivered to the ESF Bookstore for pick-up with a charge of $4.95 per order.

More details can be found here!
Alumni and Fall Family Weekend
October 12-14th, 2018

All information regarding the weekend including lodging and past event photos, can be found here!

The Family Weekend tentative schedule can be found here.

All registration information including payment is now done online and can be found here!
Contact Us!
If you have any questions or need any assistance, please call the Division of Student Affairs
at (315) 470-6660 or email us here !
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