Issue 61 | June 2021
  • QCHI Fun Fact: Did you know QCHI has partnered with two spunky strawberries (as part of our Be Healthy QC work)? Meet Skip and Scout HERE!
The start of this summer is exciting on many levels. We're seeing fewer COVID cases, more restrictions are lifting, and efforts continue to make COVID vaccines easily accessible.

This summer we also announce new leadership to the Quad City Health Initiative (QCHI) Board. Each of the four new members bring a unique perspective and years of experience. We trust they will help to continue our mission of creating a healthy community through QCHI’s core values of commitment, collaboration, and creativity. Those joining the board include representatives from business, government, and public health.

Join us in celebrating summer and welcoming the latest additions to our volunteer team!

Guilbert Ebune is the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Manager at Arconic. He has more than 12 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Ebune earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Buea in Cameroon, a Master’s in Environmental Science & Engineering from Youngstown State University in Ohio, and an MBA from St. Ambrose University.

Sangeetha Rayapati is Mayor for the City of Moline. She is also a Professor of Music at Augustana College. Her scholarly interests revolve around aging and singing, as well as music health and wellness. Dr. Rayapati earned two Bachelor degrees from Valparaiso University (in Nursing and Music), and a Master’s and Doctoral degree in Music from the University of Minnesota.

Amy Thoreson is Director of the Scott County Health Department. She has been with the Department for 22 years and led its effort to achieve national accreditation in 2018. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Wartburg College in Iowa and a Master’s in Public Health from Northern Illinois University.

Deborah A. Waymack is Global Occupational Health Manager at Deere & Company. She has been with John Deere since 1993. Previously, she served as a frontline nurse (in emergency care and occupational health) for more than 30 years. She earned a Diploma in Nursing from Franciscan School of Nursing in Rock Island and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Western Illinois University.
Board Stories
Revealing a personal side to our Board Members and why they're committed to QCHI and the health of our community
Ask many of our Board Members-- summer doesn't mean stopping one's focus on the health of our community and/or one's own health. Most will say the two are very much linked.

Learn more about Bob Erickson's philosophy and how the President & CEO of UnityPoint Health - Trinity finds balance in his own life. It's our next installment of "Board Stories"!

Read Erickson's full story HERE.
QC Trail Feature of the Month
Detailing the resource
The resource is making a splash, this summer, on the cover of Healthy Cells (a regional magazine focused on healthy living).

Check out the full article HERE and learn about new trails that have recently been added to the site, why moving more connects directly back to the health of a community, and how it truly takes a partnership to keep this FREE site relevant and accessible.

And don't forget to follow on Facebook (a great way to stay on top of local news and events that help you Move More).
Resource Corner
Showcasing national information for personal use +/or sharing
Summer is a great time to taste test new things that could become healthy snack habits! Many fruits and veggies are in abundance right now.

Find out what's in season and discover some sizzling summer recipes from this great USDA resource.
  • Get vaccinated as soon as you can
  • Stay home when you're sick
  • Wear a face covering if you have not been fully vaccinated
  • Keep 6' of physical distance from others if you have not been fully vaccinated
  • Wash hands frequently

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