2020 Summer Session
IU13 Community Education English as a Second Language (ESL) and High School Equivalency (GED | HiSET) summer classes have enjoyed a successful four weeks so far! Students are tackling technology like pros, while teachers develop creative ways to build community. COVID-19 is not stopping our determined students from attaining their goals!
The Community Education Newsletter
August 3, 2020
Student Spotlight: Donna Zeigler
A Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Out-of-School Youth (OSY) participant since October 2019, Donna has overcome many challenges and is now standing victorious at her new job. 

Donna’s obstacles in high school included a learning disability and an eviction that resulted in being separated from her immediate family. Fortunately, Donna learned to adapt and had the opportunity to live with her grandmother.

Donna’s work ethic and flexibility resulted in a nearly three-year employment with Turkey Hill...

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Lebanon Youth Program
What We Offer at Lebanon Youth Program
The employment and training programs offer youth in Lebanon County an opportunity to learn, grow, and establish a career path. The goal of this program is to provide education, training, and skill development so these students' employment goals can be reached.

Summer Virtual Career Exploration Program
This year the Lebanon Youth Program did something different for the 2020 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Summer Program. Due to COVID-19, we were not able to take participants on paid work crews as we have done in the past, so we offered a Summer Virtual Career Exploration Program for two weeks in July. A total of 17 participants attended Zoom sessions with program staff. We covered a variety of career exploration topics such as job searching, networking, resume writing, interviewing skills, financial literacy, career planning, post-secondary education planning, and so much more. Participants also completed a CareerScope, as well as other assessments such as an interest, skills, and work importance profiler.

We would like to thank Harrisburg University (HU) for adding two more weeks to our virtual summer camp. HU offered our participants a variety of online camp experiences, including Video Game Development, Video Production, 3D Modeling, Environmental Design, and Coding on the Cloud. Upon successful completion of all components of the Summer Virtual Career Exploration Program, the participants received a stipend to reward them for all of their hard work and accomplishments!
Bright Side
What We Offer at Bright Side Opportunities Center
IU13 Community Education’s Lancaster daytime ESL classes are located at Bright Side Opportunities Center and are currently online. We have four levels of ESL and one Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) class. A structured curriculum provides a pathway for students to hone their English skills and transition to careers, workplace training, and post-secondary education opportunities. Students come from around the world and work hard to develop their English language skills. With the help of a dedicated student advisor and exceptional teaching staff, students achieve their personal and career goals while they progress through our ESL levels.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, students had the opportunity to network and participate in Bright Side’s student council, student assemblies, yoga, and a monthly learning lab. They also attended an advocacy field trip to the PA Capitol building. We are incredibly fortunate to learn and grow together with our amazing students.
Student Arzu.
Arzu and her family.
ESL Student Spotlight: Arzu
Arzu moved to Lancaster with her husband and two sons from Turkey in August 2019. She was amazed by life here: “It is not very crowded, so I like living here. Also, the weather is similar to Turkey; a lot of rain and there are a lot of trees.” Her biggest adjustment has been getting used to the speed of life, but she has met people who are very friendly and helpful. Arzu thinks that living in the U.S. will give her more opportunities for a better life, especially a better future for her children’s education. 

Ken's ESL class with seven other students
ESL Level 2
In our Level 2 ESL class, students participate in live Zoom classes and complete independent work on Schoology (a learning management system) to improve their language skills. Our theme this session is the Summer Season. In one of our lessons, we watched videos and read articles about saving money on air conditioning.
Refugee Center and Community School
Leap Into Language
Our Leap Into Language program, a program usually held as a summer camp for middle school-aged English language learners, was conducted a little differently this year. The program is coordinated with the School District of Lancaster, Millersville University, Eastern Mennonite Missions, and Migrant Education. Instead of meeting in person for several weeks with students, staff members completed well-being and language acquisition checkups either virtually or over the phone.

Loice Byler, one of our cultural navigators, explains how she met with Zawadi (not her real name), who has been in the American school system for less than a year.

“For our summer Leap into Language Program, I called Zawadi to find out how she was doing. I was impressed by how determined she was to learn the language! Zawadi learned how to cast English lessons from her device to her TV. She also sent me messages in very simple English on WhatsApp, and I could see how her English written and spoken skills greatly improved. Zawadi is not alone. I saw this determination and creativity with other students this summer, and what a thrill it was for me to be a witness to their successes even in these very difficult days.”
Bookshelf of cleaning supplies donated by Amazon.
Thank You!
We can all agree that the 2019-2020 school year will forever be one we all remember. Thank you to our friends at Amazon for their generous donation that will help us keep our students, families, and staff healthy. Amazon donated 2,000 face masks, Lysol disinfectant spray cans, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, two large barrels of cleaning solution, and spray bottles!

A special thank you to Zuleika Larue, Amanda Gleen, and Thomas Scheer for making this happen.

~Cate Gorham, Community School Director at Reynolds Middle School
Student Thanamas
Letter From Our July 2020 Grad: Thanamas Rugaber
Dear Mr. Shenk and Ms. Lovett,
My name is Thanamas Rugaber. I have been studying at the IU13/CareerLink GED program since last fall, and now I just passed all the tests. I would like to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to study at IU13/CareerLink. I was very happy to study with all the other GED students and working with the teachers and advisor helped me have a better understanding of American life and culture. 

I’m so impressed with the way the teachers there work very hard to help all the students. I especially enjoyed studying with teachers Michelle and Brad. They both are very smart and work hard to find the best way to help each student. They gave me many useful things to study on my own, which I used during the quarantine.

I really appreciate all the support IU13 has given me! 
Best Regards, 
Thanamas Rugaber
Testing 1...2...3
Most people tense when they hear the word “test” or “assessment.” Couple that stress with testing online during a Zoom with a proctor watching you -- an experience our High School Equivalency (HSE) students have conquered as they begin their summer class session.

Like all public educational agencies, Community Education is required to assess students’ skills at the start of a class session and again at the end of the session. These reading and math tests are beneficial to both the instructor and the student: the instructor gains valuable information about the student’s needs and the student has incentive to work hard to improve his/her skills.

Since Community Education is functioning virtually, students now complete these tests online. Sometimes there are technology problems, as to be expected, but rarely, if ever, does a student express frustration. Students are overwhelmingly patient, flexible, and willing to embrace all the new challenges and requests that come their way, which points to their incredible resilience and dedication to learning.

Thank you, students, for helping us to not only fulfill an important funding requirement but to also serve you better!
Tim Talk
IU13 Community Education Program Director
Tim Shenk's head shot
STEM for Adults, beakers with an experiment in background
IU13’s Community Education program has been awarded a mini-grant from the Lancaster STEM Alliance to provide professional development and ongoing professional learning community support for the 2020-21 program year. The project, called “Leveling the Field: STEM Skills for Adult Learners” (LTF), will be facilitated by IU13’s own Teaching and Learning Collaborative.

The goal of LTF is to help ensure that adult learners in Lancaster County are fully equipped to pursue technical and other high-demand jobs, whatever the future may bring. Many adults have not had the same STEM-education opportunities as those who have recently graduated from high school or college, which puts those adults at a disadvantage when seeking jobs that require STEM skills and/or mindsets.

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