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January 24, 2023




Welcome to Summer Experience 2023! You are receiving this email because you are a current Columbus Academy family and are eligible for SE23 priority registration on Wednesday, February 1, from 9:00 a.m. to midnight. Please carefully review the following details and instructions.


Online Registration

Registration is available online only through our CampBrain system. If you have registered for programming with us before through this online system, you will use your current login credentials to sign in while new families will use the “New User Sign Up” to create an account. If you are a current Columbus Academy academic year family, you also have a Single Sign-On (SSO) option where you can use your Columbus Academy mySchoolApp login credentials. Please look for the “Login using Columbus Academy mySchoolApp” button on the CampBrain sign-in page. If you would prefer a separate login, you may use the new user sign-up option if you did not create one the previous year. Please note you will not be able to create an account until registration opens. If you are new to our online registration or would just like a refresher of what the process looks like, check out the video tutorial or step-by-step instructions below.


Click here to view Online Registration Tutorial Video


Click here to view Step-by-Step Registration Instructions


High Volume of Registrations

There will be a high volume of people registering on opening day. Please rest assured our CampBrain provider is prepared and experienced in this area and has a “Throttle” feature that will automatically be activated once the registration site reaches its maximum amount of simultaneous active users. This means you may see the message below when you arrive at the registration site, and you will be “waiting in line” so to speak before you are able to log in and begin the registration process.

Throttle Message

The Throttle guarantees that individuals who are currently working on their registrations will have a fast and error-free experience. Think of the registration site as a house, and the Throttle as the front door. The house has a finite amount of space, and there is a maximum amount of people who can be inside while still moving around comfortably. When the house is full, the front door closes and people have to wait outside. As people exit the house, the front door opens and new people are allowed in.

For more details and FAQs about the CampBrain Throttle, please read this document provided by CampBrain.

Waiting Lists

All programs have an enrollment maximum for safety and appropriate ratios. Once a program fills, a waitlist for that program begins through the online registration system. There is no course fee required to register for a waitlist. You will be notified via email if a space becomes available in your waitlisted class. You will have 24 hours to accept the open spot and make payment arrangements including the $20 registration fee if not already paid. Once the 24-hour window has expired, we will move to the next person on the waitlist. Waiting lists will close on May 15, and openings will not be filled beyond that date with the exception of extenuating circumstances.

Tips & Tricks

If you experience an issue where you cannot complete your submission (something is not working), try a different browser or a different device. For example, if one device is not allowing you to access the registration portal or the payment options, please switch to another device. We have received feedback that some people using a work-issued device are blocked access to certain actions.

If you are an existing account holder, you can test out your username and password and/or reset your password if needed, but you will not be able to view the SE23 application button and classes until February 1 at 9:00 a.m.

When Will I Receive the Priority Registration Link?

Please watch for another email that will be sent out the evening prior to registration opening. It will contain the unique link needed to access priority registration.

Thank you,

Summer Experience Team

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