We hope you are all enjoying your summer! We have some great things going on at the store! We have two upcoming classes planned and are working on more over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space so you can be among the first to know when we have more classes available. Also, at the shop, we have plenty of bird baths, baffles, and feeders for you as well as an excellent selection of binoculars. Jill has been working hard over these last months to get more brands and styles so that more people can enjoy birding. A new pair of binoculars can really help you view the birds in your yard or see more species during our class field trips!

Also, trying to keep up with feeders, fledglings, and yard maintenance during these hot, muggy months can be tiring as well as rewarding! So, for all your hard work, we are offering a coupon. Scroll to the bottom for details.

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Summer Feeding Tips
Throughout the summer months many birds are seen less frequently at feeders. This is for a few reasons, but importantly, there are abundant natural food resources like insects available (in yards that do not chemically treat) and also because it is too hot in the middle of the day to spend time at feeders.

During the hottest hours of the day lots of birds spend time in the shade of shrubs and trees. If you'd like to feed these birds and try some new viewing angles, we suggest sprinkling some seed on the ground at the base of shrubs and hedges. Birds like cardinals, wrens, and thrashers will take advantage of this easy to access food source! Likewise, if you'd like to try this, we suggest using our excellent shell-free medley (left)! It creates far less mess than shelled versions.

Come see and try out some binoculars today! We have a great selection of binoculars at many price points. Binoculars are not necessary to enjoy the outdoors, but they sure do help! A new pair can literally reveal previously unnoticed bird species or behaviors. Grab a pair to check out the fledglings in your neck of the woods before they grow up or to better enjoy some of our upcoming field trips!
Get your space in our upcoming classes!

Fall Migration Class: Come join Wild Bird & Garden’s guides and instructors Jill Peleuses and Marae Lindquist West for a fun class that will guide you through the species and migration strategies that will be on display in the skies this fall. One in-person lecture and two field trips will prepare you for all the migration birding you can handle! We’ll see a wide variety of birds out in the field, and you’ll have a great time becoming a migration expert!


Class 1: Saturday Sept. 4 | 8-9:30 am
Field Trip:Birding together at Burnt Mill Creek

Class 2: Tuesday Sept. 7 | 6:30-8 pm
Lecture: Fall Migration at the WBG Wilmington store location

Class 3: Saturday Sept. 11 |  8-9:30 am
Field Trip: Birding together at Greenfield Lake

Winter Birding Class: Join Jill Peleuses and Evan Buckland for a class on Winter birds this November! This class will include one lecture to be held in person (with a live online option available) and two field trips to great local birding spots! During the winter, some birds face very different conditions than they do in other seasons. In this class we will discuss birds’ overwinter survival, different strategies birds employ for surviving winter, energy requirements, behavior, and which species we can expect to see locally. During field trips we will enjoy two great field trips to local birding spots to see great winter birds, and observe their behavior and adaptations.


Class 1: Tuesday Nov 2| 6:30-8 pm
Lecture: at the WBG Wilmington store location. Winter Birds: Who is here, how they survive, and what they need

Class 2: Tuesday Nov. 9 | 8:30-10:30 am
Field Trip: Fort Fisher
Here we will see a variety of bird species utilizing coastal resources such as mud flats and the tidal zone through the winter.

Class 3: Tuesday November 16 | 8:30-10:30 am
Field Trip: Burnt Mill Creek
During this field trip we will see a mix of local songbirds taking advantage of shrubs, berries, and human-influenced environments.

Registration is $65 each. These will be really fun classes, so sign up ASAP! Swing by the store or give us call at 910-343-6001 or 910-457-9453 to register
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