Peace Hums with Life, and Learning All Summer!
Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

We can hardly believe that there are only two more weeks of Summer Youth Services. True to Peace's tradition our youth have enjoyed a range of fun activities, workshops, and field trips this summer including:

  • A trip to Matthei Botanical Gardens to explore gardens.
  • A day at Kensington Park Petting Farm, where kids glimpsed the sight, sounds, and smells of a rural life on a farm.
  • A field trip to Greenfield Village to immerse themselves in 300 years of American life, history, and innovation.
  • A visit to the Ann Arbor Fire Department to take a turn in the driver's seat of a fire truck, learn what it takes to serve the community as a firefighter, and the importance of civic duty.
  • An out of state adventure to Toledo's Imagination Station, where kids enjoyed hours of hands-on science fun.
  • Multiple trips to local parks and of course the kids most anticipated and favorite day of the week- 'Lake Day' at Silver Lake.
  • Weekly nutrition and food prep workshops called Teen Cuisine and hosted in partnership with the MSU Food Extension Program.
  • Downtown adventures: including a Scavenger Hunt with clues covering noted U-M campus landmarks, and an Art Exploration day consisting of a visit to the world-famous Ann Arbor Art Fair.
  • A hands-on cartooning workshop hosted by noted illustrator and visual artist Jerzy Drozd, one of the contributing illustrators of the famous Warren Commission Report. 
  • And too many more trips, workshops, and activities to list!

Thank you to our community partners and donors, who make it all possible!
Summer Camps Celebration
Join Us at Peace Neighborhood Center on Monday, August 8th at 5:00 pm for our annual end of Summer Day Camp Celebration: Youth on the Move! It’s an outdoor celebration of summer, food, and fun! Peace campers will showcase what they worked on this summer, including a dance routine, spoken word recital, a push-up contest and more!
What Questions Would You Ask a Neuroscientist?
Spotlight: BrainRules!
Peace Leadership Development Camp had the opportunity to spend the day at the U-M School of Neuroscience for BrainRules! BrainRules! is a day-long event designed to teach middle school students about the brain through fun and interactive exhibits. They learned: how different parts of the brain develop, adjust and adapt to various stimuli, how our brain is connected to the body, and the basic components of the nervous system. Youth especially enjoyed experimenting with the vision distorting goggles and were surprised how quickly the brain adapts to visual impairments. The exhibits are created and run entirely by University of Michigan students. This year our host happened to be a young Black man which left quite an impression on our youth. Staff member Taylor was pleased that the youth were completely engaged all day and described the day as, "cool and very cool." Which is high praise coming from too cool for everything preteens.

Your support provides Peace kids with unique opportunities that expand their worldview and widen the possibilities they hold for themselves and people who look like them.
Do You Remember Your First Job?
2022 Teen Counselors who started their journey as Counselors In Training
Was it fun? Did it make a lifelong impression on you?

Our Counselors in Training (CITs), who are often referred to as Rising 9th Graders, and who will enter Peace's Ninth Grade Academy in the autumn have been doing a great job this summer being role models and Jr. Counselors for Peace's Summer Day Camp. For most CIT's it is their very first job and a key opportunity to increase their skill set, gain marketable experience, develop leadership qualities and earn their first paycheck. It's not all work, they also attend workshops designed to prepare them for their first year in high school.

Workshops cover topics including: how to advocate for yourself, what extracurriculars you can participate in, and why you should, how to deal with peer pressure, bullying and other high school challenges. More than just work and workshops, Peace makes sure that there is also time for play! CIT's accompany Summer Day Camp kids on field trips across the state and also have special field trips designed especially for them such as visits to local college campuses. Last week CIT's visited Eastern Michigan University where they role played being campus tour guides, which gave them the opportunity to learn about the campus in depth, practice their public speaking skills, and ability to respond extemporaneously to questions.