We've had a relatively mild winter and early spring thus the pansies are having one of their best years ever. However, summer is near and it is time to start our change out to summer flowers. It's sad to see the beautiful pansies go, but they will fade soon as the weather warms and we need to get the summer flowers in the ground and established so we can enjoy their color later this summer. We are beginning our summer flower change-out this week. 

Seasonal color is an area where we shine as our color combinations are always creative and our maintenance program ensures peak health and color. We are excited to begin and see our 2020 displays below develop as summer arrives. We will also again try some experimental planting schemes in our test bed at our office to continue to look for new and unique combinations. We hope you are as excited about summer as we are!
But before they are gone, let's celebrate the pansies!