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THE WONDERFUL SUMMER OF 2016              
Summer learning & enrichment
Summer at the Northshore Education Consortium is a wonderful time for enrichment activities and the development of social, emotional and recreational skills.  This summer, our students enjoyed gardening, hiking, cooking, creating, exploring and more. They discovered new skills and talents, formed friendships and learned about their communities. 

KOG student Steve Calderone and paraprofessional Shannon Busa at KOG's Garden Party. See article below.
Every day I saw students heading out on field trips, participating in creative activities and experiencing the joy of learning. And I saw lots of smiles! The wonderful thing about our summer programs is that the students don't feel like they're in school. While they are playing, exploring and having fun, they are developing literacy and math skills, enhancing science and social studies achievement, and most of all, developing vitally important skills for successful social functioning.

While we are sad to see our summer programs come to an end, we look forward to the start of the new academic year.  Best wishes for a healthy, safe and fun-filled summer. -- Fran Rosenberg, Executive Director

KOG Dedicates Garden & Greenhouse

Kevin O'Grady School, 
how will your garden grow?
With a greenhouse and garden carts,
with fun time learning and joyful hearts,
herbs, vegetables and pots,
with window boxes lots!

The KOG community and friends gathered outside on a sunny day in July to dedicate their new garden and greenhouse in memory of Consortium founder and longtime director Kevin O'Grady. They named it "Kevin's Garden" after the beloved man who was known to be an avid gardener.

It was billed as a garden party and there were taco chips, veggies and salsa made by all of the classes. Kevin's widow Cynthia donated plants and herbs from her garden and took part in the ribbon cutting with Executive Director Fran Rosenberg, KOG Director Tom Miller and paraprofessional Joyce Pellegrino who spearheaded the garden project. A group of students held the ribbon and smiled as cheers went up from the crowd.

Many thanks to Monique Bourgeault of the maintenance staff who used her creativity to design and build two wheelchair accessible garden carts.

NSAL Olympic Fun & Field Trips 

The Northshore Academy Lower School  5th and 6th grade class studied the history of the Olympics and competed in two new "Olympic sports", one called Q-tip Javelin. Next, students created catapults to throw little plastic army men down the hall and measure how far they went. All students were awarded a yummy "gold" medal treat!  

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade group had a blast in and out of the classroom. They explored folk and fairy tales, building their reading and writing skills in the process. The popular story "The Three Little Pigs" inspired a STEM engineering project.Students worked in teams to a build home for each pig, as well as a bed for Goldilocks. 

RHS summer centered on mindfulness

This summer, students at the Northshore Recovery High School  explored ways to maintain sobriety, reach beyond their comfort zones and create pathways to mindfulness. Working with alternative practitioners, students learned coping strategies and relaxation methods such as yoga, meditation, Reiki and massage to quiet their minds and bodies. 

St udents hiked, learned to paddle board, honed their canoeing techniques and attended countless self-help meetings on the North Shore. They also learned about shipbuilding and enjoyed a beautiful sail in Gloucester Harbor on the Schooner Ardelle. 

Tech Campaign Update
Thanks to funds raised through the Tech Campaign, Northshore Academy Upper School and STEP students are now using Chromebooks in the classroom. 

We have surpassed the halfway mark of our $250,000 tech campaign for classroom technology!  To date, a whooping $141,000 has been raised through gifts from foundations, corporations, individuals and special events. As a result, we were able  to purchase computers, iPads, Smart Boards, Apple TVs, projectors and Chromebooks --- and all are enhancing classroom learning. But our challenge continues with $109,000 left to raise. 

Please consider making a donation to the Tech Campaign . $200 can buy a Chromebook, $69 an Apple TV. Thank you.

Students at the Northshore Academy Lower School are using iPads to enhance academics; this boy is working on a geography lesson. Recovery High students use iPads for math.

Lower academy and Embark students are engaged in learning through the use of interactive, touch screen SmartBoards. This Embark student is practicing his spelling.

Newsletter Edited by Deborah Gardner Walker

Meet KOG's  mascot!

What fun!  KOG
held a competition to design a mascot and the winner was -- a chameleon! Each class colored in a section of the little guy. Tee-shirts sorting the mascot were handed out on Fun Day in June.

Speaking of Fun Day, check out this great Letter to the Editor, written by Facilities Director Norman Roberts. thank Beverly Police and all who made it a special day for KOG students.

Kevin's Garden

Cynthia O'Grady (left), Joyce Pellegrino and Fran Rosenberg at the dedication of KOG's new garden and greenhouse.

Special education is like gardening. 


All the elements, soil, fertilizer, water and tender care need to come together for a garden to flourish and grow.... 


The Kevin O'Grady School is Kevin's garden. We the staff and students are the current gardeners and seeds. 


This planting and garden in Kevin's memory is a reminder to us all of our need to nurture and cherish our students and one another each day.


--Tom Miller, KOG Director at garden dedication in July


Recovery student art 
Since moving into the Consortium's  main building on Sohier Road last fall, Recovery High School students have graced the building's walls with beautiful art like the painting above.

Upper Academy
Launches Rocket 

Talk about creative ways to make academics fun! Students in the Fun with Science class at the  NS ACADEMY UPPER SCHOOL  built a rocket and launched it at Hurd Stadium in Beverly. 

Transition Program: 
Art, Music & Internships

Nick and Michael on the job at the country club.

SOAR and Embark students enhanced their job skills with summer internships at local businesses, including North Shore Dog, CVS, Marshall's, Family Dollar and Olde Salem Country Club. They also organized donations for their new thrift store.

Michael and Patrick stocking shelves 
Students enjoyed doing art with KOG Teacher Kathy Hardwick, as well as singing and dancing with Samantha from Special Stars.
Students took part in cooking, woodworking and social groups each week. To increase their independent living skills, students moved into Viking Residence Hall at Salem State University for two days.

Beach Time!

A day at the beach and glow in the dark bowling were among the many field trips taken by Lower Academy.

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