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Virden Benefits offers a suite of products that can meet your business and individual needs. Contact us for a free consultation about Health Insurance, Supplemental Benefits, Life Insurance, Disability and more.
You are all set? Really?
Many people who have health insurance assume that they will be covered fully or nearly 100% when injury or sickness strike. The fact of the matter is medical debt is the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

High deductibles, co-pays & coinsurance, emergency room visits & hospital confinements are a few things that mean out-of-pocket expenses for many of us. Voluntary Products including Accident, Cancer & Critical Illness Protection and Hospital Indemnity are affordable options to help avoid financial troubles. Available direct to individuals and as à la carte options for your employees, these product are affordable, practical peace of mind. In today's tough hiring market, benefits can make the difference in attracting & retaining talent. Contact us to learn more.
Avoid the GoFundMe Route
This week I learned that an old high school friend was recently in a serious car accident. His injuries resulted in the loss of the lower half of one leg. My thoughts are with him and his family and wish him a speedy recovery.
A thoughtful friend of his set-up a GoFundMe page to help support the significant medical costs. Thank goodness for the generosity of close friends. For many, GoFundMe may not be an option or they may feel awkward taking money from friends and acquaintances. Prepare for potential accident or illness costs with affordable benefit products. In the case of my friend, an Accident Protection Plan would pay cash towards his treatment. A Hospital Indemnity Plan would pay cash towards his hospital confinement. Short Term Disability would keep his paycheck coming when he was unable to work. Virden Benefits can help you prepare with products for individuals and business entities starting with as few as one employee.
Voluntary Benefits Have Always Been Win-Win
With full credit to Mike Wilbert, writing for, read about
Life Insurance Quoter
A remarkably high percentage of Americans have too little or no Life Insurance at all. Sometimes the prospect of calling a life insurance agent never becomes a priority. Or the thought of a medical exam is a deterrent. Virden Benefits can quote you on any type of life insurance. Start here with this Quoter. Some policies have no health exam. Together we can find a Life Insurance solution that works best for you.
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3 Dads, 6 Kids Camping Extravaganza
Earlier this month, Virden Benefits Principal, David Virden, and his kids went on their annual camping trip. His brother Tyler and friend Bob, and the six kids between them, enjoyed a long weekend on Lake George in New York.

The weekend included lots of swimming, fishing, games, campfires and S'mores. Thankfully everyone avoided trips & falls or more serious injuries. But summer is a busy season and accidents can happen. Protect yourself and family with an affordable Accident Protection Plan, available to individuals & employees at your business. The plan will pay the insured directly to help offset out-of-pocket expenses including deductibles, co-pays & co-insurance.
Trusted Partners
I am very proud to know many great professionals who are tops in their fields. When you need a service, there is a strong chance I can recommend someone. Check out this list of Trusted Partners and just ask if you want an introduction.

Each month I am going to highlight one of my partners here. This month I want to feature my friend Melissa Stacey of Feeling Organized.

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your office, stacks of paper, filing system, electronic files, or office systems…Feeling Organized is a great resource to turn to. Melissa specializes in organization for your home office and small business. She works with each client to create a unique organizing system that is geared toward their specific needs, lifestyle and/or work style. 

Melissa also works with small businesses to organize their physical space, as well as help them create systems to run their business more efficiently, including Operation Manuals. Process are an important part of running a business, even for solopreneurs. Getting your day-to-day processes out of your head and documented in a manual creates systems, consistency and value in your business. A well-written manual also serves as a great training tool for new employees.

To help you achieve your organizing goals, Feeling Organized offers a range of professional organizing services including, filing systems, mail and paper management, electronic organizing, office organizing, workflow and business manuals. To learn more about how Melissa can help you feel organized, go to
Quote of the Month

Life Insurance is like a parachute; if you don't have it the first time you need it, there is no second chance.
-Luis A. Ortiz Haddock
Licensed in MA, RI, NH, ME, VT, NC, SC & VA

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