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September, 2014
Dear Friend of JRC,

The summer has held lots of trips, interesting field days, and fun of all types for JRC students and clients. From a water slide field day to a trip to motorcycle races to fun at water parks and the pool, JRC residents have enjoyed rewards that have made for a memorable summer.

Field Days at JRC
Water Slide Days
Every Friday is "Field Day" at JRC. Students and clients who are passing their behavior contracts participate in a wide range of activities. This summer, water slide day was a favorite field day.

Gilly loved going down the slide, and climbed up over and over again to do it.
Special Outings
Motorcycle Races
A really great experience for two of our JRC students was attending a day of motorcycle races with staffer Patrice Cort, who is himself an avid racer.

After the day, Patrice posted on Facebook:
"Sometimes giving back could mean the world to someone else. Racer Will Drew, after seeing racer Eric Wood donate a trophy to a developmentally delayed young man at LRRS Round 4, donated a pair of racing gloves to another youth with similar challenges. Both students worked tirelessly to earn their field trip to LRRS Round 4 and are huge supporters of the sport. They were both encouraged, reinforced, and motivated by their interactions and observations. To Eric and Will, we salute you and I am grateful to share the track with you." 
Learning History
Students enjoyed trips to Plimoth Plantation and the Plimoth Grist Mill to learn a bit of Massachusetts history.
At Plimoth Plantation, a student talks with a native re-enactor.

A student listens as Grist Mill staff explains the Mill's history.

The class learns about native life.

Residential Activities
Relaxing in the Pool
At one of JRC's residences, the back yard pool has given students and clients the opportunity to relax and enjoy the water much of the summer.

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Information on admissions and referrals can be obtained Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern.


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