The Summer Program starts next week! We are very excited to see you all! Reminder of times: Extended Program is from 7:30-5:30pm and the Basic Program is from 9:30-3:30pm.

Masks will not be required when outdoors however, they are recommended when indoors. If you would prefer to have your child wear a mask inside, then please send them with one.

Drop off Procedures
There is no parking! Please enter the park and follow the signs that will guide you to our check in location. We will be conducting temperature checks and a series of questions will be asked. Anyone with a temperature of 100.0 or above or shows any other signs of illness will not be permitted to enter the program. Please be patient and give yourself enough time to get to work. Once your child is cleared to stay in our program, they will join their group in a designated location.

All sick individuals are required to stay home. During the day, if a child exhibits signs of illness, they will be separated from the group and brought to a designated place of isolation where they will wait until they can be picked up. The family should consult their healthcare provider to determine if any testing or other medical care is indicated.

What to pack in a backpack.
Please pack a refillable water bottle, sunscreen, bathing suit and towel, an extra change of clothes, a hat, snacks and money for ice cream. Members may bring money with them to the program to purchase ice cream.

Please do not bring - stuffed animals, electronics (cell phones, interactive watches, chrome books), trading cards, toys.

Please note that the Concession Stand will be Closed however, breakfast and lunch will be provided, free of charge. This was made possible by the federal government and our program will be supplied with meals from the Blackstone-Millville School District. Menu options will be posted on weekly basis. Children may bring their own lunch which will be carried in their backpack. They will eat lunch with their group at a designated time. Only prepackaged ice cream will be available to purchase.

All medications must be administered at home unless specified by a physician. Medications that need to be dispensed during Club hours must be given directly to the supervisor along with the Club’s medication form that must be filled out by your child’s physician. All medications must be in a labeled original pharmacy container.

Pick up Procedures
Please enter the park and park your car. You will walk to our Welcome Center. Please be sure to have your ID ready. Once you are verified as an authorized pick up, your child will be called down to meet you. Again, we ask for your patience as the members and staff are adjusting to a new routine.

See you MONDAY!