Kids Love Grain Berry!
Kids across America show love for the Grain Berry Radio Jingle   

Our new Grain Berry ONYX cereals do a lot for your entire family!

Grain Berry with ONYX uses the "grown-in" fiber in the ONYX plant itself. It's believed that intrinsic fiber works better to fight diabetes, pre-diabetes, digestive problems and heart disease as well as COPD than "borrowed" or added fiber from other sources. What fabulous benefits!

Not to mention, that it's easy and fast to prepare, it's full of taste, AND it's healthy.

Now see how it's sparking performances from talented kiddos across the U.S.! 

Check out the Grain Berry ONYX cereal these stars are singing about today!


The benefits of Grain Berry ONYX Cereals, Baking and Cookie Mixes, and additives include:
Double the natural antioxidants (tannins and 3-deoxyanthocyanins (3DOA) which has been tested to neutralize (6) free radicals, a most newsworthy development.
University tests have shown that Grain Berry ONYX is very LOW in glycemic index and reduces response to glucose (and insulin). All whole grains contribute but the amazing Grain Berry ONYX seems to be superior.

Have you heard the original Grain Berry ONYX jingle rocking airwaves now? If not, take a listen to see what inspired such great performances! 
Send us your fan videos, and let us know why you love Grain Berry!
Silver Palate Low Sodium Marinara--a lot more than for pasta.
Low Sodium Marinara is the fastest growing variety in the Silver Palate line of San Marzano Pasta Sauces. It's not hard to figure out why.

Pasta sauce as a category is generally high in sodium so if you can get a good tasting sauce with low sodium content, it is naturally an attention-getter. Try it.

You'll find you taste the famous Silver Palate tomato blend of San Marzano's and 
California whole sauce tomatoes but not the salt.

There are so many advantages of the Silver Palate Low Sodium Marinara versus other sauces.

--You get the best of the whole tomato but not all the sodium.

--We use only whole tomatoes and no tomato paste.

--We don't need to add sugar, as other brands do because San Marzano tomatoes have not been genetically modified. The heirloom tomatoes like San Marzano grow with natural sugars into the fruit, not the leaves of the plant.

--Silver Palate uses steam to remove the skins, not lye or other chemicals.       

--Plus we have about 8 whole tomatoes in each jar so the taste is rich and like biting into a ripe whole tomato.  

--Hearty flavor and hearty texture!

Silver Palate is indeed a premium pasta sauce. Most will agree
. But did you know that's it's more than a sauce for pasta?

Use Silver Palate as a dinner sauce. Chicken and Salmon Marinara. Beef Basil. Lamb Stew Oreganata! You get the idea!

Use Silver Palate Pasta Sauce for more than pasta and enhance the taste and nutrition of so many dishes.


Mangia! Mangia!

Three Tablespoons a Day keeps the Ultra-Violet Away!
Take three tablespoons of Low Sodium Marinara each and every day to get the natural lycopene skin protection from the inside out.

Watch the this for some more information, and start your protection ASAP! 

Rotate Your Morning!
It is a great idea to rotate breakfasts with Silver Palate Thick & Rough Oatmeal one day and Grain Berry ONYX cold cereal the next.

"The combined healthy impact is huge," says, Bob Harris, Chairman of Silver Palate Kitchens.

Summer, fall, spring or winter, the health benefits of Thick & Rough Oatmeal and Grain Berry ONYX cereals is unique. 

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