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Kim Pentecost is gifted with the skill to empower you to stay authentic on your unique Spiritual path in business and in your personal life. She is an internationally known speaker, intuitive coach, and teacher. Her compassionate wisdom speaks right to the heart of complex issues. With this insight, she weaves healing, restructuring and direction of growth with gentle humor. Through WisdomDance, she offers workshops, retreats, business consulting and personal intuitive sessions.

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Summer Fun
The directive of every summer is  Fun ! This particular summer fun even shows up in astrology. We are supposed to have fun, experience fun, live fun - breathe fun. That got me to thinking about how we experience fun, what it does for us and how we define it.
When we were children, summer fun meant no school and playing outside until we were exhausted and grimy, eating ice cream and popsicles, laughing until we couldn't laugh anymore and using our creativity to make up game after game. Fun was complete freedom. We didn't have to think about it or plan - it simply was.
As we got older, our definition of fun, and how we experienced it, changed. As teenage girls, it was talking about boys, new swimsuits, sleepovers and secrets. As college arrived, we began to plan to have fun. We waited and longed for Friday nights - no studying, lengthy esoteric conversations over beer and pizza, and sleeping in.
Our perception of fun started to change again as we became adults and moved in a bigger world. With marriage and families, fun became paid bills, happy, healthy children and a few moments with our partners before we passed out.
At some point in our adult life, having fun returned to long esoteric conversations - but over great food and a fine wine. It was still laughing with our children, our friends and loved ones but it was somehow different. We seemed to need less or create less. What we once thought of as fun evolved into being satisfied and simply being happy.
We have been educated to believe that fun is a way to rest our minds, detach temporarily from our responsibilities and relieve stress. Those are certainly great results of having fun. But should fun have any intended purpose? Can't having fun be purpose enough?
The formal definition of fun from my online dictionary is
something that provides mirth, amusement, enjoyment or playfulness. I like that. I want that. And not just in the summer or on the weekends, but everyday for the rest of my life.
Do you want that for you? How do we create and live in more fun?
We do know that when we set an intention, that intent can be manifested without effort. Yet, with our busy lives, it is often difficult to remember to set an intention.
The second challenge seems to be recognizing when our intentions have been manifested. As an example, have you ever shared something truly funny with someone and they didn't get it, or didn't think it was funny? That person was likely distracted by responsibilities and therefore not present in the moment with you.
Let's use our connection with our own hearts and the Universe to set the intention to have fun every day. And then we will simply allow it to happen and take it in with gratitude when it does.
I'm sending you all a virtual sticky note for your computer screens, refrigerator doors or bathroom mirrors. It says, "I am having fun today!"
We all know that fun doesn't have to be every second. However, I read a quote recently that said,  One minute of anger weakens your immune system for 4 - 5 hours. One minute of laughter boosts your immune system for over 24 hours . I don't know if it is true, but is it a great reminder to laugh and have fun.
As I read back through this, I realized that as adults, having fun has become a five-step process:
  1. Allow ourselves to have fun. That means giving ourselves permission to enjoy our lives, our tasks, our interactions with others and to laugh. We are funny, funny beings. Witness stand up comedians!
  2. Understand what fun is. This is different for everyone. Know what fun is for you so you recognize it when it happens. Sometimes we are so focused that we forget to enjoy the moment.
  3. Set an intention that we experience fun. This is a daily reminder to be in the joy of living (see sticky note.)
  4. Allowing ourselves to take in the benefits of experiencing fun.  (See quote above.) Fun is healing for every part of us - Body, Emotions, Mind & Soul.
  5. Experience fun. (also known as being in the moment) Hopefully no instructions are needed. 
Oh my, it was much simpler when we were kids!
These steps are reminders to allow ourselves to naturally experience fun as we did when we were young.
May the rest of your summer and the rest of your life be filled with fun!

Happy Thunder Moon!


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