Monthly Newsletter | June 2022 | Issue VII

Summer is about to Heat Up at ASRC!

Summer is officially here and ASRC is turning up the heat.  We have LIVE Facebook talks with our ASRC Team & Autism Professional, amazing Social-Recreation Programming for our Teens and Adults and an updated Events Calendar, just waiting to be filled with au-some activities for summer 2022.

We are already planning some great Fall programs and social groups too, so contact us today for more information and to get involved.  Finally, if you have not already UPDATED your contact information, please click the this link: Update your Contact Info> so we can keep you up to date with all the fantastic things ASRC has planned. Have a SPARKLING July and a Sun-sational Summer!

Thank You again, 

The Team @ Autism Services & Resources CT

July 2, 2022

Watch the talk with ASRC's very own Sara Taussik (Director of Programs and Training) and Francesca Logan (Recreation Therapist) as they discuss this summer's social and recreation activities for teens - adults this summer . 

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Click Here to Watch the LIVE Recording>>>

July 6, 2022

Watch the ASRC & Yale Child Study Center FB live talk on about their current study of Comprehensive Therapy for Irritability in Autism (for teens ages 12-19). This therapy targets irritability, anger outbursts, meltdowns, low frustration tolerance, and related challenging behaviors that many autistic teens and their families struggle with.

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LifeNet is a private pay, independent living support program for adults with Asperger's or similar autism spectrum profiles.

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Information for Drivers with ASD & their Families

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ASRC sometimes gets questions about the "Blue Envelope" program in the state of Connecticut. This is a statewide program that local police departments should be aware of, but in some cases may not be.

Please note the location of the information on the State of Connecticut DMV website (link is found below). ASRC is happy to answer questions of local PD's should they arise. Blue envelopes are available from the State DMV offices. If you have difficulty please contact the ASRC office today.

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College Autism Spectrum

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ASRC is thrilled to partner with Dr. Jane Thierfeild Brown to offer college consultations for your teen and family.

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While Autism Services & Resources CT cannot guarantee job placement or an employment contract, this information can help ASRC guide individuals on their path to finding gainful employment and develop additional resources for you in Connecticut.

How Autistic Individuals Can Offer Special Skills To Your Business

While not widely known, the autism community is an untapped resource for diverse talent...

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A free, online community for parents of children with disabilities to receive emotional and practical support from their peers. We do this through:  interactive content , weekly accountability, monthly Office Hours,  a resource database, curated introductions to parents across the US who "get it"

You can request to join at The founder, Sarah Spear, is Mom to two fun-loving, energetic kids, the eldest of whom has a disability. She founded Empowered Together to center the needs of parents, making it accessible to all parents, everywhere via a private community.

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