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This year's 2020 Boston Marathon team met its goal of $101,439 in support of Sole Train and TEEP. The 10 members (Taylor Best, Katonya Burke, Elizabeth Conner, Jason Grode, Christian Habermann, Abby Lebovitz, Hunter Levitan, Garett Levy, Rochelle Solomon, and Graham Youtsey) and two affiliate runners (Hannah Hall and Richard Webster) were relentless in pursuit of their team and personal goals. We are proud of each and every one of them for overcoming the many unprecedented challenges and disappointments along the way. They formed a true community in motivating one another to pull through in support of our city's youth.

Thank you Team Trinity Marathoners- you are TBC’s front line fundraising heroes!
Last Saturday, 33 Rodman Ride participants including staff and Board members completed their ride and adventure, exceeding their initial fundraising goal! Participation took place throughout the state and across the country from Arizona, to Arkansas, Maine, New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts, to the Cape. Congratulations Rodman Ride Team Trinity -- you rocked it!

More good news! A generous donor has issued a matching gift challenge: every additional dollar raised will be matched up to $2,500. A full match will bring the fundraising to 20% over our original goal, qualifying us for an additional $5,000 gift from the Rodman Ride for Kids organization. 

You can help us meet our match challenge with a donation before November 1st -- thank you!
On September 4th TBC had a sendoff celebration for Priscilla Andrade who led the TEEP program for many years. Previous to her directorship at TEEP, Priscilla was a Professor at Emerson College and part of the faculty of the TEEP Summer program for several years. Priscilla's legacy of leadership, commitment, and passion for TEEP is indelible. Her impact will live on through former students like Keesha Pina who is currently the Associate Director of TEEP. She had the following to say about Priscilla:
Priscilla was first my English teacher in my primary years at TEEP. She then became my colleague, quickly after that, my mentor and now, my sister for life. I had no idea my relationship with her would grow to be so impactful. In the few English lessons at summer ‘camp’, she taught me how to appreciate the magical way that words could be put together to form sense, in what felt like a non-sensible world as a teenager.

Priscilla continued to teach me important lessons through my adolescence. As I grew in the program, she introduced me to the tools I had no idea lived within me, due to the constant pressures imposed onto me because of my POC identity. She taught young people like me to look deeper, beyond the surface value of all things like the value that a pencil and paper truly holds. She helped me notice, identify and unlearn the problematic norms of a systematic society. She encouraged me and other young people to make new paths because our existence is valid and enough to matter.

Priscilla was often my only cheerleader. She allowed us, young people, to live, freely. Holding that kind of knowledge when you are young opens up new realms of perspective and can make you feel powerful. Priscilla did that for us often. She reminded us of our power and leadership.
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