It's a fact: the way you love yourself has a profound impact on how others treat you. You see the more you love YOU the less bullcrap you will take from others.

This week's activity: Make a Self Love collage .

As women we often lose ourselves in the daily activities of life. We forget our inner most hopes, aspirations, and dreams. Reflect back to when you were a child and you envisioned what adult hood would look like. How did you see yourself as a woman living your life?

This week, I want you to remind yourself how freaking AMAZING you are by making a Self Love collage. BOOM!  

Grab a large piece of poster board, some magazines, and find pictures that represent YOU ! Your talents, abilities, goals, and aspirations.Use these images to make your collage. After you are done, hang it in a place that you can see it often. Don’t let that hardwork go to waste, show it off!

Thi s Self Love collage will help you remember who you are, and what you are capable of…because you are a Rockstar!

  Hey Boo I see you!