July 2019
Summer Greetings!

I hope this newsletter finds you doing well and enjoying all your favorite summer activities.

In this issue, I'll give you a preview of a new section I'll soon be adding to my website, share some news on recent cookbook and magazine features for some of my recipes, and also suggest a recipe that puts a new twist on abundant summer produce.

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Savor the flavors!

  Photo Gallery Coming Soon

It was brought to my attention that some of you miss the photo gallery section that was on the website prior to the redesign. I've been working diligently, scanning pictures, reminiscing and finding photos I didn't even know I had. 

Whenever I read a biography or autobiography, I always like when they include a section of photos. Well, I'm not writing a book, but I thought it would be fun, in addition to adding the pictures, to also share the memories that go along with them. Below are a couple entries from the upcoming gallery.

Taste of Home June/July 2019

It's always a pleasant surprise when TOH features one of my recipes. In the current issue of the magazine, they published my recipe for Grilled Bruschetta on page 83. I find it quite interesting that the picture of the recipe actually appears four different times in the issue. If you are a subscriber, see if you can find all four. The recipe is also available in the recipe section of my website under Appetizers.

Christmas in July

It was a few months ago that I went to get the mail and found this cookbook from Taste of Home. With TOH, for the most part, you don't find out that they are going to publish your recipe until you receive a copy of the cookbook or magazine in the mail. 

This cookbook is full or great recipes for holiday entertaining. There is a section for "Spirited Sweets" - recipes that contain some sort of liqueur or spirit. They published my recipe for Chambord Cream. Chambord is a raspberry liqueur that I add to this dip to be served with fresh fruit.

Savor the Flavors on YouTube

I've noticed that the most popular recipes on my YouTube channel are those that offer a new idea for preparing vegetables. It was about this time of year when fresh tomatoes and green beans are in season that I came up with this recipe. It has over 10,000 views on YouTube. I've included the video for you to enjoy.

Oven Roasted Italian Green Beans And Tomatoes-Savor The Flavor-Brittany Allyn
Oven Roasted Italian Green Beans And Tomatoes-Savor The Flavor-Brittany Allyn