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Greetings Happe friends and supporters!
The Summer rains bring new growth. The Happehatchee Eco Spiritual Center is growing our Environmental Education programs for children of all ages.  We have partnered with Super Science and Amazing Art to provide children with quality, hands on environmental education, art, film, engineering and much more!  
If you haven't been to Happehatchee in a while we encourage you to stop by during our open hours or yoga classes and enjoy some of our new growth and changes. You can try out our Yoga in Nature, Healing Circles or take a walk in the park and delight the new blooms! We have lots of goodies for you in this edition of Happe News so please read on and share!  

Happe Campers Summer Camp featuring the wonderful Super Science and Amazing Art folks!  

July 4-8th: Movie Making
July 11-15: Environmental Arts
July 18-22: Eco-Engineering 
July 25-29: Eco-Tourism 
Happehatchee offers a unique summer camp location and programming where students will learn in the Happehatchee Historic House and the breezy Peace Pavilion.  Not to mention, five acres of nature with bamboo stands, a butterfly garden and plant nursery all on the Estero River.  Kids love exploring nature in this safe space. Don't miss out on this wonderful summer experience! Space is limited.  Click here to read more...

Register today!   Allison@SuperScienceFL.com  or visit  SuperScienceFL.com   Call -  239-682-2780 

Yoga in itself is already such a beautiful practice, but take yoga out to nature and the experience is magnified. The environment that surrounds our fantastic studio allows the students to connect to that life force energy or prana that is always around us.  In class, it is quite common to be greeted by the chirping of birds and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees. 

When I first started coming to Happehatchee, I was able to connect to my practice and the Earth underneath me on a much deeper level and understanding than I had ever before. Happehatchee was the place that allowed me to return home after a stressful semester. Now in my classes, I tend to blend a mix of Vinyasa and Hatha together so that the muscle toning and deep stretching are both incorporated. In class, I focus on the breath and allow it to guide students through their practice.  Click here to full article...

Enjoy Yoga in Nature with Stephanie
Happe Wish List 

Happehatchee  needs your help in making this Wish List a Reality! 

There are a couple of things that we could use for the Happehatchee Historic House and the Happe grounds.  Below you will find a variety of gifts both large and small that would really help the Center. If you can, please click on the Donate Today button to the right or the Become a Member button and support us in our mission to service the community and preserve this sacred land.  Thank you for your continued support to the Happehatchee Eco Spiritual Center.

Long Lasting Impact Projects:
  • North Pond Restoration
  • Happehatchee Historic House Window Restoration
  • Happehatchee Historic House Kitchen Restoration
  • ADA Boardwalk to Dock
For the Happehatchee Historic House:
  • Automatic Electric Defibrillator Machine (AED)
  • Matching Patio Furniture with Weather Covers
For the Happe Plant Nursery:
  • Three Wheel Wheel Barrow
  • Large Ceramic planters
  • Planting compost and soil
  • Planting pots
  • Large limestone rocks
  • Hundreds of Plant Tags
  • Native/Butterfly/Edible plant cuttings and seeds
To read more and offer your support click here.

Kat Epple and Nathan Dyke at The Happehatchee Center

By: Southwest Florida Forks Blog 
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The Happehatchee Center  is a 5 acre preserve of land in Estero, FL. As you enter Happehatchee and learn more about the property it has an interesting history. It was acquired by the Girl Scouts in the middle of the 20th century until sold to a private individual in 1972. Over time, it became a property that was environmentally and spiritually friendly and became open to the public in a limited fashion in 2013.  Click here to read more...  
Third time is the charm, at least that is what I have heard
by Andrea Trank

On Sunday, may 1st, local high school students, one FGCU graduate student, one Happehatchee volunteer, my husband and I hit the jackpot- environmentally speaking. We headed out in canoes for our third  Estero River Monitoring Day, thanks to Happehatchee and the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program.   With their funding, this small group of committed high schoolers has been monitoring the river once a month since late February.  Click here to read more.

Happehatchee celebrated her Members with a wonderful event! 
Our first  Members Day in the Park  was a rocking success!  Happehatchee Members  had a fabulous afternoon together on Sunday March 20th. Members enjoyed a transformative Sacred Sound Healing Circle with Isy Yoga, walking both labyrinths, plant propagation with Erica Klopf from Florida Edible Landscaping, classes in the nursery and deep conversations in nature. Resident artist Ehren Fritz Gerhard gave away two plein air painting that were created and inspired by the Happehatchee Center during the special event. The day ended with joyful music and dancing with Peter Goldbitz's band Baker and Peters.   Click here to view more... 
Historic Estero - A Boomer Estate Tour

Last week  Julie Gerhard, Happehatchee Center's Executive Director, and I joined in a private tour of the  Boomer Estate  (fondly known as Marisol) on the Estero River.  We gathered with members of theEstero Historical Society  and the EHPCC group  (Estero Historic Preservation Citizens Committee), Estero Councilwoman Katy Errington, and Estero City Manager, Steven Sarkozy for this special tour.  Click here to view more... 

isters, daughters, nieces, aunts, mothers and grandmothers from diverse cultures, faiths and backgrounds are raising their voices and advocating for an Earth-respecting cultural narrative-one of "restore, respect and replenish"-to replace the narrative of domination, depletion and the destruction of nature. Globally, their voices are being heard as they speak for climate justice, the creation of climate solutions and a just and necessary transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. These words are snippets taken from the declaration and preamble for the Women's Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN), a solution-based alliance that works to foster resilient communities and promote a post-carbon energy future, while encouraging societal transformation.  Click here to view more...

With YOUR support we can provide special Programs and Events:
  • Happe Campers Summer Camp
  • The WISE Women Project
  • Happe Teen River Lab and Eco-Camp
  • Eco Demonstration Stations
  • Land Preservation Efforts
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Spiritual Studies
  • Happe Summer Eco-Camp for farm-worker children
  • Yoga in Nature
  • Sacred Circles
"YOU can make a difference by  supporting our mission!"  Click here to read more...

Experience the healing effects of Happehatchee classes in Nature! Visitors and Happehatchee regulars now have multiple opportunities to experience the healing effects of Yoga in Nature.  Our Yoga schedule has something for everyone...from those who want to rock out to those who are in need of a gentle rehabilitative practice.  Click here to read more...
Monthly - Ongoing Sacred Circles
Our Monthly Healing Circles are at the core of our Mission of being a Sanctuary for Peace and healing.  They include the Circles listed below as well as occasional healing Gatherings called Temple Artemisia, a tradition started by our founder Ellen Peterson herself.  $10-$15.00 suggested donation
1st Saturday every month 
4:00 - 5:30 pm Drum Circle. Bring your drums, shakers, open heart and dance!    
4th Friday every month
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm 
Healing the Healers-Reiki Healing Circle with Lenka Spiska.  All healers and Reiki practitioners on any level encouraged to come give and receive. 

Thanks again for your continued support.


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Honoring Ellen Peterson, Our Beloved Founder. 

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Photo by Nikki Butcher