The Charlestown Coalition News: 
Issue 35
July 2019
Coalition working to significantly increase welfare benefits to 'lift kids out of deep poverty'
Coalition Director, Sarah Coughlin, testified at the scheduled hearing yesterday in support of Bill S36/H102," An Act to Lift Kids out of Deep Poverty".

She spoke about ways in which deep poverty affect health, education, child development, crime, and the overall health of communities and society. We believe where we are born or what circumstances we are born into should not shape our chances of upward mobility. All children deserve a chance to reach their full potential.

"Families living in deep poverty often struggle to afford basic needs on a regular basis," Coughlin said. "TAFDC may be the only cash income they have."

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Community Outreach Coordinator Assumes New Role 
Due to evolving needs of the Charlestown Community and growth and expansion within the Coalition, our previous Community Outreach Coordinator, Shannon Lundin, has been promoted to the Program Manager for Addiction and Recovery Services. In her new role, Shannon will be providing oversite of our addiction and recovery areas within our strategic plan, will be providing supervision to interns and residents seeking recovery coach certifications, and will be responsible for providing guidance and leadership as we work collectively as a community to deliver quality education, prevention, and treatment services. 

"I have the privilege of working with and been educated by some of the most brilliant and compassionate medical doctors at the most renowned hospital in the Country for which I am incredible grateful, however, I have learned the most about addiction and compassionate and effective care from Shannon. Her wisdom, compassion, grit, tenacity and passion are unparalleled. I look forward to watching her develop in this new role and continuing to learn from her." -Sarah Coughlin, Director of Charlestown Coalition

Charlestown Needs You!
Our new partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay to increase opportunities for one-on-one mentorships for local youth has kicked off!

For Mentors: We are seeking Charlestown residents and workers, at least 18 years of age, who have the availability and passion to mentor, guide and encourage Charlestown youth. It's only a couple of hours a month, but the time spent together will make a huge impact in the life of a teen, and on you!

For Youth: We are seeking Charlestown youth, ages 7-12 years old, who want someone to have fun with, learn from, and enjoy local activities with!

Please email, Michael Wright for more information!

Hidden in Plain Sight: An Interactive Mock Teen's Bedroom
One of the Charlestown Coalition's strategic areas of work is to increase education and support services for parents and guardians. We educate about current youth trends, risk factors and protective factors in order to improve parents' ability to effectively support their teens. 
On June 4th, Shannon Lundin, Program Manger of Addiction and Recovery Services, facilitated an educational exhibit called  Hidden in Plain Sight at the  Nazzaro Center in the North End.   Hidden in Plain Sight  is an interactive mock teenager's bedroom.
This exhibit enables adult participants to explore and discover ways that their teen may be engaging in risky behaviors such as drug use. The purpose for this display is not to scare parents and guardians, but to raise awareness and to provide knowledge and support during the teenage years.
For more information please contact:  Shannon Lundin

The Charlestown YMCA is hiring
The Charlestown YMCA is seeking a new Program Director of Youth, Family and Teen Programs.  Apply  here

Turn It Around :
Youth of the Month
Cristian R.S.
Cristian is our July Turn It Around Youth of the Month!

"Cristian is July's Turn It Around Youth of the Month for ONE reason. He's AWESOME!! He comes by the office everyday, even if its just to say 'Hi', give someone a hug, or tell us about his day. He loves to help out with anything, and everything, and always has a big smile on his face when he's around.
We're so lucky to have a kid like him represent our program, and the Charlestown Community ."

-Mswati Hanks (Youth Prevention 

Voices of Recovery
John Flaherty
John Flaherty  is sharing his journey in recovery with us this month.

Click below for the full interview.

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